If you know this, you really understand the willow cups …

If you know this, you really understand the willow cups …

  Original title: Knowing this, you really understand the willow cups … "There is no wind to the ground, and the wind is full.

Yuanqu is like snow, Mo is close to Mao. "The Tang poetry recited from a young age seemed to be a mystery, and the mystery was catkins. The spring day was all good, only catkins were annoyed. Recently, the pills are flying every day, which is really annoying. More than ten provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) in the north, which are commonly planted, have obvious seasonality and periodicness. When will the willow flael be blowing in the year? Willow catkins are so annoying, why are there so many poplar trees so many poplar trees? Willow trees? Will the willow wool be treated? Knowing this, you really understand the willow flael! The willow willow trees that will be floating are male and female, and the willow willow wool is the seed hair of the plant and female plant. Female plant.

Generally, it starts from April to May. This is the seeds of the Yangliu family that spread their seeds with the help of wind.

The poplar fluttering period is about 10 days earlier than the willow. At 10 o’clock-16 o’clock, the high incidence temperature, sufficient light, and dry air are conducive to the flutter of the willow willow.

Generally, at 10:00 to 16, the high incidence of flying flies should be avoided as much as possible to avoid going out during this time.

  The willow willow may induce allergic willow willows every time they fly. They will get into people’s eyes, nostrils, and ears. They may induce allergic or respiratory diseases. Symptoms such as itching of the skin, redness of the eyes, itching nose, and runny cough.

  Willow willow is flammable. Be careful not to look at the inconspicuous eyebrows, but it contains a large amount of oil, which is flammable, which is ignited in 2 seconds.

  Recently, there have been related alarms in many places across the country, and firefighters rushed to extinguish the fire. For example, in a park in Wuxi, Jiangsu recently, someone was thrown up after smoking, causing the catkins accumulated on the ground, causing the lawn to fire. Therefore, we must pay attention to prevention. Organize the willow of willow wool in time, and smokers should not throw cigarette butts anywhere. For those who are allergic to the willow wool, outdoor exercise should try to choose a period of less flying, such as early morning, night or after rain.

Remember to protect the full armed for all arms, wear masks, goggles, hats, long -sleeved jackets, and try not to wear jackets that are easy to adhere to flying flocculent materials, and minimize the exposure of the eyes, mouth, nose, and skin. Go home to clean the nasal cavity and change clothes. Do not dry your clothes outdoors to prevent the willow wool from being contaminated on the clothes. Why plant so many poplar willows in the north of the north of many places in the past, there are often wind and sand attacks in the past, to force the trees and strengthen urban greening in order to resist wind sand. The poplar and willow trees have strong adaptability, easy breeding, fast growth rate, and low maintenance costs. It has become the most important tree species in northern greening and is a hero of improving the ecological environment. For example, Beijing, the existing willow trees are mainly planted in the 1960s and 1970s. At that time, the greening of Chinese cities was still in its infancy, and there were relatively few optional tree species. In addition, the poplar trees are tall and upright, and have a good shading effect. The willow trees are graceful, leaf falls late in winter, germination early in spring, and have good landscape effects. At the same time, willow trees also have significant ecological functions such as interpretation of oxygen -solid carbon, cooling down and dampness, bacterial sterilization, and absorbing toxic and harmful substances.

  In order to reduce the impact of Yangliu Flying, some cities such as Beijing have attached great importance to the key areas that have attached importance to the influence on the influence of Yangliu Feixu.

Mainly these governance methods: 1. All chopped? Many people who are unrealistic feel that willow willow wool is too annoying, and it is better to cut it all.

However, the poplar willow tree is the hero of urban greening. Considering the ecological and cost, it is not realistic to simply and rudely cut the willow -lumin female plant. In the future, it can gradually eliminate aging and degraded willow trees to optimize the configuration tree species. 2. During the afforestation and greening, a variety of male plants and less female plant garden greening departments continue to carry out the willow -willow female plant resource inspection, identify the mark, and establish a female plant resource database. Because all the female plants are floating, in the future, in the construction of various gardens such as urban green space, parks, and new rural greening, a variety of male plants and few female plants are scientifically configured to create multiple tree species and varieties. The combined mixed forest model combined with Qiao Guancao increases the diversity of garden green tree species, improves the richness of species, and achieves high -quality development of garden greening. 3. Inhibit the development and maturity of female plant seeds through injection of chemical agents.

Some scientific research units are also exploring genetic improvements in the willow -lumin female plant, hoping to use gene silencing technology and gene editing technology to inhibit the development of female plant fiber hair, and cultivate less hair or hairless willow varieties.

  4. Rinse some cities with water will also use high -pressure water guns to rinse and sparse branches of the willow trees, which can avoid "secondary flutter" to a certain extent.

  Author: Wu Lirong Source: Xinhua News Agency, China Weather Network, People’s Daily, Science Popularization China WeChat public account, China Fire WeChat public account.

Macau new crown vaccination coverage 88.7%

Macau new crown vaccination coverage 88.7%

People’s Daily Online, Macau, May 19th (Reporter Fokumi) On the 19th, a press conference held a press conference on the new coronary virus infection and response coordination center.

According to Liang Yixiang, director of the Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Division of the Disease Prevention and Control Center of the Macau Special Administrative Region, introduced that as of 4 pm on the 19th, the coverage of the overall new crown vaccine in Macau was%.

Liang Yiyi said that as of May 19, Macau has not added local diagnosis cases for 222 consecutive days.

As of 4 pm on the 19th, a total of 1389526 doses of the new crown vaccine had been vaccinated, and 606,134 people had vaccinated at least 1 dose, of which 35,240 were inoculated only the first dose, 323,348 people have vaccinated the second dose, and 247546 people have vaccinated the third dose. The vaccination rates of each age layer are: 3 to 11 years old, 12 to 19 years old, 82%, 20 to 29 years old, 30 to 39 years old, 40 to 49 years old, 50 to 59 years old as%,%as%, and 59 years old, as percent 60 to 69 years old, 70 to 79 years old, 80 or above%.

Liang also announced that the 9600 doses of children’s mRNA vaccine arrived in Australia on the afternoon of the 19th, and the qualified 5 to 11 -year -old children could be vaccinated as soon as May 24. She reminded that after a child vaccination of the MRNA vaccine, it needs to be vaccinated 28 days apart; the child MRNA vaccine and other vaccines (such as influenza vaccine) must be at least 14 days apart.

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The difficulty of irrigation water here needs to be solved urgently

The difficulty of irrigation water here needs to be solved urgently

  We are villagers in Nanchangshou Village, Hongshan Town, Pingyao County, Shanxi Province. Nan Changshou Village is located east of the Fenhe River. In recent years, under the support of relevant departments, agricultural infrastructure is gradually improving.A few years ago, Nanchangshou Village has built high -standard farmland projects, but followed by irrigation water difficulties.

At the beginning of the project construction, high irrigation pumps were built nearby, but these pumps have not been formally put into use (see the figure), which leads to the 2980 acres of farmland in the village facing water shortage every year.It is understood that the reason for the problem is that the relevant departments have not been able to use the water permit; the second is that the lack of funding support, the higher -level department does not have funding support policies, and the village collective cannot raise enough funds.Several villages around are more or less difficult.It is hoped that relevant departments can help coordinate and solve the difficulty of irrigation water for farmland as soon as possible.Villagers of Nanchangshou Village, Hongshan Town, Pingyao County, Shanxi (netizen of the "Leadership Message Board").

The world’s first large -scale power positioning shallow water special exploration boat is launched

The world’s first large -scale power positioning shallow water special exploration boat is launched

The reporter learned from PetroChina that the world’s first large -scale power positioning shallow water special exploration ship "Oriental Instead of Innovation" was completed and launched in Dalian on the 27th. According to reports, the "Oriental Interest Innovation Institute" adopted a full power promotion system for the first time, realizing the digital management and intelligent control of the ship control system, and at the same time, it has integrated navigation, stimulating stimulation, node collection, data collection, and quality control. Operational ability. At the same time, the shallow operating water depth of the ship can reach 5 meters. It is currently the only special exploration ship in the world in the world. piece.

Industry insiders believe that underwater node exploration, as a new high -precision earthquake collection technology in the global physics industry in recent years, compared to traditional trailers and submarine cable explorations, with its high coverage, high signal -to -noise ratio, large offset distance, and bias distance and bias distance and bias distance and bias distance and offset distance and offset distance and bias distance and offset distance and offset distance and offset distance and offset distance and offset distance and offset distance and bias distance and offset distance and bias distance and offset distance and bias distance and bias distance and offset distance and bias distance and bias distance and offset distance. The characteristics of all -round exploration have improved the accuracy of the formation under the geological conditions of complex submarine.

"The smooth launch of the" Oriental Instead of Institute "provides new equipment and technical means to accelerate the promotion of high -precision earthquake exploration in my country’s coastal areas, and provides guarantees for ensuring national energy security." The relevant person in charge of PetroChina said.

The State Council joint prevention and control mechanism: receivable and granular return of the State Council, successfully ensure the collection of summer grain machines under the current situation o

The State Council joint prevention and control mechanism: receivable and granular return of the State Council, successfully ensure the collection of summer grain machines under the current situation of epidemic prevention

  Guangming.com (Reporter Li Danshi Mu Shulin) On June 2, the press conference of the State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism was held. At the meeting, Wang Jiayun, deputy director of the Agricultural Mechanization Management Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry of Agricultural Mechanization, responded to how to ensure the impact of the epidemic.

  Wang Jiayun said that the current situation of the epidemic prevention and control is still severe. In order to ensure the smooth harvest of summer food, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Ministry and the main wheat producing area have adopted ultra -conventional measures to compact responsibilities, open up the blocking point, improve the plan, and strengthen services. Do a good job of wheat machine. Specifically summarized as "three guarantees". 1. Ensure that agricultural machinery transfers can be unobstructed.

Guide the provinces to timely open up the blocking points and card points that affect the return of agricultural machinery to home, cross -zone transfer, and agricultural machinery accessories to ensure the smooth flow of wheat and machinery, and the transportation and distribution of agricultural machinery accessories is efficient and orderly.

Urges all localities to include agricultural machinery and spare parts into the scope of key supplies transportation guarantee, and open the "green channel" of agricultural machinery to ensure that the operating machinery is checked and released; Make sure that the 48 -hour kernel testing negative proof, health code green code, and normal body temperature cross -regional agricultural machinery hand can work normally, and the service vehicles with parts carrying parts are equally treated.

The driver of agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery, and agricultural machinery vehicles and accessories that exceed the results of nucleic acid testing for more than 48 hours, and implement the management of nucleic acid antigen test "that is, pursuit of chase" to ensure that wheat harvesting is not stopped. 2. Ensure that the agricultural machinery enters the village is smooth.

For counties with wheat collection tasks, cross -regional operation reception service stations and cross -regional operating machinery are set up to concentrate on stopping points, providing the necessary conditions for epidemic prevention, life, refueling, and maintenance.

The mobile nucleic acid detection vehicle is "sent to the field" to organize agricultural machinery production and marketing companies to follow the random collection team to carry out accessories maintenance mobile services to ensure that there is a replacement. The provinces and counties of the main producing area of ??the wheat collection should announce the problem of receiving the hotline of wheat machine collection, implement 24 -hour special classes on duty, and solve the difficulties and problems encountered by the operation of the machine. Third, ensure that the harvest of the epidemic area is sure.

The main producing area of ??the wheat should set up an emergency harvesting team covering each township. In the epidemic sealing and control zone, the effective practice of promoting local exploration of "the masses without leaving home, closed -loop management, and grass -roots cadres participated in the help of intergenerational management", and the harvesting operation "one field, one video" was sent to farmers and food pockets. " "One household and one mark" transported home, so that the farmers who could not return to their hometowns in other places, did not worry about no one who accepted the wheat.

  Wang Jiayun added that in order to urge all localities to implement relevant measures, starting from May 29, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs successively sent nine working groups to relevant provinces to sink the front line to carry out special guidance for wheat collection. Go deep into the fields, coordinate and solve difficult problems, ensure that wheat harvests in various places are not affected by the epidemic, do not leak a piece of land, no house wheat, and realize the acceptance of acceptance and granular returns.

Wangqiying Community Minsheng Small Performance "Dragon Boat Festival is strong in the Dragon Boat Festival · Volunteer Services Warm People’s Heart"

Wangqiying Community Minsheng Small Performance "Dragon Boat Festival is strong in the Dragon Boat Festival · Volunteer Services Warm People’s Heart"

Slims of leaf fragrance, thick Dragon Boat Festival.

As the annual Dragon Boat Festival is about to come, in order to make community residents such as families, special families, and lonely elderly people in the community feel the festive atmosphere, the Wangqiying community organized community resident volunteers to carry out the affection of the Dragon Boat Festival. People’s activities let them truly feel the warmth and care of the party and the government. At the same time, the volunteers are given in deep assistance and cultivation in the way of social workers, leading the volunteers, and leading residents to spontaneously and voluntarily participating in community volunteer services, empowering community volunteers, and improving their volunteer service capabilities. I. Love is people’s livelihood, home delivery warmth 2021, Panlong District people’s livelihood small practical work "Love Volunteer Alliance Love Bird Charity Help the Community Create Autonomous Volunteers Team" Essence A volunteer service team of more than 50 people has now been formed. Through a series of empowerment activities of the project, it enhances the volunteer service capabilities of resident volunteers, and for better allow volunteers to experience the value of volunteer services, stimulate their volunteer spirit spirit On the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, the Wangqiying Community Social Workers’ Station organized volunteers to carry out, the Dragon Boat Festival is strong and volunteer service warming people’s hearts, and the social workers lead volunteers to the way to condolences to the elderly in the jurisdiction. Consolation and blessings.

During the event, community staff, social workers, and volunteers sent them to the Dragon Boat Festival Gift Box for each elderly elderly for each household, and patiently learned about their physical health and difficulties and difficulties encountered in their lives with their family. Help solve it so that the elderly living alone in the community can really feel the community’s love for them. Social workers also encourage them to participate in the activities of community organizations and integrate them into community families.

The strong tenderness brought by this event allowed volunteers to deeply understand that the elderly need more care and help, more companionship and warmth.

The traditional virtues of respecting the elderly and loving the elderly. We thank the elders for their contributions to social development. At the same time, we call on the society to care more about the disadvantaged groups around them, dedicate love, and spread good deeds. Second, the love of the Dragon Boat Festival, the theme of the National Disabled Day National Disabled Day this year is to consolidate the results of poverty alleviation and improve the quality of life of the disabled. The lives of special groups are full of difficulties and difficulties. Growth requires more hardships and efforts, but they have never given up their pursuit of a better life, and never give up dreams that they need social help, care and support.

On May 31, 2022, on the occasion of the Dragon Boat Festival, the volunteers of the Wangqiying Community residents also understood and paid attention to this group of special friends, so they took the initiative to participate in the Wangqiying Community of Wangqiying, Fund of Panlong District, Panlong District Alliance Street, The hosted Dragon Boat Festival and love and disability activities provided the volunteer service that they could do with the ability of the disabled, so that they could feel the love and warmth of the festival.

On the eve of the event, the social workers organized volunteers to hold a mobilization meeting for the division of labor, and cooperated with the organizers to sort out the passage of the Dragon Boat Festival and the love of the disability and disability, and determine the number of volunteers and responsibilities required for each link in a voluntary registration.

As a volunteer, Aunt Su said: We hope to participate in more community collective activities. On the one hand, increasing neighborhood interaction can help the neighborhood harmony, and on the other hand, we also use our own strengths to add a light and heat to the community volunteer service Essence During the event, the volunteers guided the special group friends to seate in an orderly manner, helped them open the obstacles, and talked with them cordial conversations, greetings & hellip; & hellip; one of them had paraplegia on both legs. Community residents are both volunteers and his neighbors. They are guarded throughout the event and provide convenience for the elderly.

After the event, some volunteers helped the special personnel who needed to care for the special personnel who needed to go home as needed, and the volunteers of the other branch left to return the activity materials and organize environmental hygiene. Enthusiastic volunteer Aunt Tan said: I haven’t participated in this before, and always feel that volunteers are far from me. Unexpectedly, today I have become a real volunteer, looking at their smiles, thank you for a sound, I am really moved & hellip; & hellip; I hope that the community volunteers and lovers from all walks of life can make Friends of community special groups feel the warmth of society. It also allows our volunteers to build the bridge of love, pass on love, and let more enthusiastic people care for the special groups, so that the bustling cities will no longer have a lonely corner.

Create a good social atmosphere of respect for the elderly and help and share a better life in harmony.

Through this volunteer service activity, not only did the volunteers feel the value of volunteer services, but also enhanced the volunteer skills and enhanced the feelings between volunteers. What is important is to strengthen the cohesion of the volunteer team, show the friendship between friendship and mutual assistance and mutual assistance Team spirit. Disclaimer: The market is risky, you need to be cautious when choosing! This article is for reference only, and does not make a basis for buying and selling. Label:.

[Evaluation Line] "Smoke -free Environment" helps to move towards a better life

[Evaluation Line] "Smoke -free Environment" helps to move towards a better life

  May 31, 2022 is the 35th World of Tobacco, with the theme "Tobacco Threat Environment".

The World Smokeless Day was founded by the World Health Organization in 1987. The last day of May each year is set as a world smokeless day.

The significance of the World Tobacco -free day is to preach the concept of non -smoking. Since its establishment, there is a central theme every year. It states that it is particularly worthy of attention in terms of tobacco and non -smoking, and organizes different types of publicity activities around the theme.

  Tobacco harm is one of the most serious public health issues in the world today. The number of smokers in my country exceeds 300 million, and the number of deaths caused by smoking -related diseases exceeds 1 million each year. There is sufficient evidence that smoking can cause respiratory tract, malignant tumors, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and other diseases. In addition, the results of the World Health Organization’s research show that among the people affected by the new crown virus, smokers have developed to be severe and risk of death.

It can be said that smoking and smoking control off the health of each of us and jointly building a smoke -free environment can make our lives healthier and beautiful. Strengthen publicity and advocate the concept of smokeless life.

At present, the public’s understanding of the exposure of smoking and second -hand smoke is seriously insufficient. According to relevant data, Chinese people above 3/4 cannot fully understand the harm of smoking to health. Chinese people who are 2/3 or more do not understand the harm of second -hand smoke exposure. Essence

Insufficient awareness of the public about smoking harm is one of the important factors that hinder our country’s control of smoking.

On the one hand, vigorously carry out regular publicity and node publicity, promote a smoke -free culture, and raise awareness of public smokelessness. Using banner, publicity and reporting, electronic screens, etc., call for staying away from traditional tobacco products and electronic cigarettes, advocating a good health concept and civilized lifestyle, striving to create a smoke -free working environment, and firmly establish "everyone is the first person in charge of his health. "The concept. On the other hand, the popular science propaganda of tobacco hazards is carried out, starting from the bit by bit around us, starting from the small things around us.

Encourage the "Guardian" who are forbidden to smoke, so that the concept of smoking is harmful to health, and then advocate the concept of smokeless life, and build a civilized city together.

  The public participates in the public, so that the smoke control is "not discounted." Healthy breathing is the right of everyone.

Smoking in public places is not only endangered and others’ health, it is a very uncivilized behavior, but also incompatible with the construction of a better life.

At present, my country has fully implemented smoke control and smoke in public places. It has enhanced the environmental awareness of smokers through the labeling of smoking ban in public places and equipped with outdoor smoking areas. However, these measures have not curbed public places smoking. The reason is that on the one hand, it is caused by the poor self -control ability of the smokers and lack of awareness of smoking.

On the other hand, it is also related to the failed to persuade the merchants. These reasons cause smoking forbidden smoking in public places only in the sign and slogan.

To crack the current smoke -controlling embarrassment, the citizens, merchants, and law enforcers need to work together. Citizens must first smoke in public places and persuade people around them to ban smoking in public places. Secondly The most important thing is that smoking -proof law enforcement work must be carried out substantially, effectively implement management punishment work through manual and monitoring, and stop smoking and chaos in public places.

  Form a long -term mechanism and jointly build a beautiful home. Health is an inevitable requirement for promoting the comprehensive development of people, the basic condition of economic and social development, and the common wish of the people. However, it should be understood that tobacco control and smoking ban are not overnight. While purifying the environment of public places, the tobacco control operation needs to be further extended to form a joint force of handling tobacco control, and then promote the formation of a long -term mechanism.

On the one hand, the "Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China" was comprehensively implemented, and the illegal acts of publishing tobacco advertisements in public communication media, public places, public transportation, and outdoor tobacco advertisements were severely investigated. The merchants and businesses that violate relevant laws and regulations to sell tobacco to minors, and publish tobacco advertisements illegally include the "blacklist" of the social integrity system, and implement joint disciplinary in accordance with laws and regulations.

On the other hand, increase the enforcement of tobacco control supervision.

Focus on key places such as catering, entertainment venues, business buildings, etc., regularly carry out special law enforcement and centralized law enforcement, improve the frequency of joint law enforcement, guide citizens to develop the habit of smoking without smoking, form a good atmosphere of public opinion in the whole society, and help build a full coverage Service Network.

  The air without smoke will be more fresh, and the life without tobacco will be more gorgeous. Let us build a smoke -free barrier together, create a better world, actively practice civilized, healthy green environmental protection lifestyle, and build a beautiful life together! Editor of Sun Cimi:.

"Een generatie van Tianjiao – Red Line Female" Documentary Imaging Opening tentoonstelling in Guangzhou Bibliotheek

"Een generatie van Tianjiao – Red Line Female" Documentary Imaging Opening tentoonstelling in Guangzhou Bibliotheek

  People’s Network, 19 oktober (Wang Xing) 17 oktober "Een generatie Tianjiao – Red Line Female" Documentary Image Exhibition Launch Ceremony en Exhibition Communicatie zal worden gehouden in Guangzhou Bibliotheek.

  Als een beroemde Kantonese opera kunst meester, de rode lijn vrouw is de banner van de Kantonese opera, de schat van Lingnan cultuur.

"Leef, live, meer levend, uitgegroeid tot de rode lijn van de werkende mensen", Chairman Mao’s aanmoediging, aansporing, de rode lijn, vrouwen het land altijd volgen, met de mensen, en resonantie. In 1959, de rode lijn vrouw officieel lid van de Communistische Partij van China. Onder leiding en verzorging van de partij, zal de Red Line vrouw te dragen naar de Kantonese opera cultuur, van een generatie van de beroemde, te groeien tot kunstenaars van mensen. Na de hervorming en openstelling, reageerde ze op de oproep, met unieke moed en vastberadenheid, baanbrekend en vernieuwend, niet bang voor moeilijk, en bevorderde de Kantonese opera cultuur aan de wereld, zodat de oude traditionele cultuur gloed nieuwe vitaliteit.

  Documentaire Imaging tentoonstelling omringd de tien afleveringen van de grootschalige artistieke documentaire "een generatie Tianjiao – Red Line", met documentaire foto’s en kostbare beelden, gecombineerd met Graphic tentoonstellingen, tonen het publiek om het publiek om de liefde van de mensen van de partij liefde . Documentaire "Een generatie Tianjiao – Red Line" wordt geleid door de Guangzhou gemeentelijke commissie Propaganda Department, het toezicht op de Guangzhou Cultural Radio, Televisie Bureau voor Toerisme, de rode lijn Female Art Center, bezochten bijna 150 deskundige familieleden en vrienden, multi-level panoramisch formule opgenomen de rode lijn van de uitstaande mensen kunstenaars vrouw.

Tentoonstelling Exchange Conference, de documentaire meester en het publiek deelde de opnames van de weg, documentaire experts uit de industrie bevestigde de historische waarde en de academische waarde van de film.

De Red Line Female Art Center gezamenlijk georganiseerd deze tentoonstelling in het Guangzhou Bibliotheek, niet alleen om nieuwe idee?n in de manier waarop de traditionele culturele bevordering van de communicatie te bevorderen, maar ook zorgen voor vers materiaal en ervaring ruimte voor de diepte-ontwikkeling van de partij geschiedenis, en laat de Chinese uitstekende traditionele cultuur. de patriottische denken, de humanistische geest toont de permanente charme en de tijden. Terwijl het leiden van het publiek om de rode lijn te begrijpen, de Kantonese opera cultuur, laat de grote publiek betrekkingen van de familie verder te verdiepen, het inzicht en begrip van de Kantonese opera cultuur en de cultuur van de Kantonese opera, verbetering van de Chinese nationale cultuur, en de oprichting van een niet aflatende mensen voor de mensen die worstelen, Ding oprechte toewijding. Deze tentoonstelling is vanaf 17 oktober, 202-18 18 februari 2022.

(Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yuzhu) Delen Laat meer mensen klantdownloads zien.

"Many children are gone" piercing the DPP epidemic prevention mask

"Many children are gone" piercing the DPP epidemic prevention mask

[Comprehensive Report of Huaxia Jingwei.com] Taiwanese artist Guo Yanjun issued a post on May 26 about "many children have gone", which caused a lot of storms. Then the person in charge of the administrative institution Su Zhenchang said that he would "investigate and deal with fake information. In addition, Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe supported Guo Yanjun and posted on the social platform "You don’t speak today, you can’t speak tomorrow", a series of speeches and messages accidentally caused many people in the Internet, folk, and politics. The incident is also constantly fermenting … Green Camp Wing "Siege" blocked the people’s mouth epidemic, which expanded and caused the virus to ravage the whole Taiwan. For the reason for the Cai authorities, there was no concept of preventing micro -Du Galania. One stall is rotten.

Taiwanese artist Guo Yanjun recently shared medical friends on social platforms that "seeing so many children, just walk like this", and was suppressed by the DPP politicians and the Green Campnet forces, forcing Guo Yan to apologize to delete the text. Su Zhenchang, head of the administrative agency of the Taiwan authorities, said on the 28th that "false rumors" would be responsible and investigated, which caused the outside world to criticize "not targeting any individual"; At the press conference, it was said that it would be investigated, the most important penalty for NT $ 3 million or in prison for less than 3 years.

Taiwan’s "United News Network" initiated "Guo Yan, an artist Guo Yan, said that many children have gone ‘, Su Zhenchang refers to the fact that unrealistic news must be investigated, do you support the government’s response?" 97%of netizens said that "do not support, public figures have not been able to care about the epidemic", only 3%are called "support, and the messy news during the epidemic may shake the people’s hearts."

Ironically, the Kuomintang pre -public opinion representative Cai Zhengyuan stated on the social platform on the 30th that Biden’s "hairy child" (love dog "champion") was gone. Many children ".

Taipei City Councilor Wang Hongwei criticized that the DPP’s network army was "the green army’s exemption, no grass is born"! Use the green army’s method of signing to block the mouth of the people; but now that the online army is not enough, it is also necessary to use the "governing machine" to chase and kill. Many netizens on the island forum PTT compare this to "green horror", saying that "the epidemic prevention can be so efficient!" One emotion caused all the mobilization of the DPP network of wings to the administrative institution, Su Zhenchang! Su Zhenchang also publicly stated twice publicly that he would "investigate and investigate" and "not to relax in the face of information war!" The question is, who is engaged in information warfare and cognitive operations? Guo Yanjun? Or the DPP authorities? The Taiwan "Investigation Bureau" stated that the source of suspicion of "false information" was a Twitter account that made many rumors.

However, Wu Zijia, the chairman of the "Beautiful Island Electronics News", believes that the DPP will buckle hats to the mainland as long as there is something. "This old trick!" Taiwanese media person Huang Yangming posted on May 29, pointing out on the social platform, pointing out that there is a side wings The relevant news that the online army said "many children are gone" first was the "Mainland Internet Army" posted on the afternoon of May 25th, and quoted relevant news reports to accuse Guo Yanjun that he only shared the same content on the evening of the 25th, but he pointed out that he pointed out that he pointed out Guo Yanjun’s correct post time was 2:34 am on the 25th. "No rest on April 5th now", "Save people in the ward every day", "children are getting worse", "the worst days since medicine", "I just leave when I see this child", I feel bad for medical staff, so I posted the relevant dialogue records and called on everyone to treat medical staff well. Second, the media quoted Guo Yanjun’s post, on the one hand, pointed out the hard work of medical staff, and on the other hand, many children died. Third, the Democratic Progressive Party’s network was dispatched madly, and Guo Yanjun’s post was a rumor, forcing Guo Yanjun to withdraw the text and apologize! Fourth, the DPP authorities stated that Guo Yanjun would scatter the news of fakes, fined 3 million, and responsible. Fifth, the general public, Internet celebrity, and blue camp leader posted to support Guo Yanjun.

From the time sequentially, it can be clearly discovered that the DPP’s side wings network besieged Guo Yanjun and forced him to delete the text and apologize first. Solidarity, fight against the "cognitive battle" and "information war" on the mainland! The most funny thing is that in the "Taiwan Internet celebrity" of the Cai authorities, it also includes the "curator" of the Cai authorities many times. Is it because they support Guo Yanjun, and they have also become the "wing" of the mainland? Then the "curator" has helped the Cai authorities to propagate many times, is it the "undercover" of the mainland? Back to the basic facts of this case, Guo Yanjun publicly posted the dialogue of medical staff. It was obviously based on the goodwill of the medical staff, but not that the child was killed because of the epidemic.

For Su Zhenchang, it is obvious that 7 or 10 children’s death is not worth mentioning, but for medical staff and family members who rescued on the front line, it is unbearable. Fake messages "and" rumors ", threatening to be fined 3 million, will it be too exaggerated? The "King’s New Clothing" was poked to the Democratic Progressive Party for two years. The DPP touted "Taiwan is the world’s epidemic prevention champion" all the way, but the facts are gaps, vaccines, medicines, lack of beds, and medical care! The epidemic in Taiwan depends on the blood and sacrifice of medical staff, and the self -relief of the people to this day! Guo Yanjun only broke the "king’s new clothes", which caused the DPP to be angry and was busy killing chickens and monkeys! The representative of the people’s opinion of the people said on May 30 that so many children have gone, not only viruses are also human disasters! The preparation, reactions and toughness of the Taiwan authorities’ preparation, reactions, and toughness of public health emergency incidents reflected the neglect and miscalculation of the "command center" to the direction of the epidemic.

The elderly and infant children became the victims under the "New Taiwan model" strategy of the Tsai authorities, and the sentence of the artist Guo Yanjun’s emotion: "Seeing that many children have gone like this", it has become the object of Su Zhenchang’s threatening to investigate the investigation. The DPP advises the DPP to chase Guo Yanjun with its administrative resources. It is better to spend more time to buy children’s vaccines and medicines. This is what you should have.

Then why Su Zhenchang, who is usually the old god, can’t hold it so much recently, may still be derived from the "Epidemic Prevention Command Center" with a pretty commander of the "Epidemic Prevention Command Center". In the face of the critical sound of the mountains and the sea, Chen Shizhong not only did not play the good officials and the people, Communicate the bridge, and from time to time, facing the media to ask questions about will vent.

In addition to the issue of the epidemic prevention team itself, the other reason is to see the stitches and pervasive online troops. They are like a gun -like bombardment anytime, anywhere, helping the packaging policy failure and covering up the need for equipment to extend the people, so that the green camp public opinion score.

However, in the urgent method of the chapter information, Guo Yanjun seriously misleaded Su Zhenchang in the case of the publicity. Black smoke, might be to fight against the Cai authorities.

Editor in charge: Zuo Qiuzi.

"Harden member" of retired life

"Harden member" of retired life

November 9 (Wen / Gao Ai Lian) Many old people retired after retirement, only to take the grandchildren, cook, play cards, neither reading the book reading, and do not care about the national events, and quickly become marginalized by society.

Criminals also quietly eyeped them, just make a call, send a WeChat to let them in the circle.Human health is not just a physical condition, more important is mental health.Healthy spirit must have spiritual food to maintain.

"Reference News" is an indispensable spiritual food for the people of the whole country. Regardless of the war age, it is accurately transmitted to the people of the people, domestic and external news.

Especially the dedication of the newspaper, it is a role model for us.It is not like other newspapers, and there will be some messy news."Reference News" is that the country is put in the Spring Festival holiday, it will not stop, clean, press time, press us, and send it to your hands.(The authors are Hubei Chibi City Readers).