The difficulty of irrigation water here needs to be solved urgently

The difficulty of irrigation water here needs to be solved urgently

  We are villagers in Nanchangshou Village, Hongshan Town, Pingyao County, Shanxi Province. Nan Changshou Village is located east of the Fenhe River. In recent years, under the support of relevant departments, agricultural infrastructure is gradually improving.A few years ago, Nanchangshou Village has built high -standard farmland projects, but followed by irrigation water difficulties.

At the beginning of the project construction, high irrigation pumps were built nearby, but these pumps have not been formally put into use (see the figure), which leads to the 2980 acres of farmland in the village facing water shortage every year.It is understood that the reason for the problem is that the relevant departments have not been able to use the water permit; the second is that the lack of funding support, the higher -level department does not have funding support policies, and the village collective cannot raise enough funds.Several villages around are more or less difficult.It is hoped that relevant departments can help coordinate and solve the difficulty of irrigation water for farmland as soon as possible.Villagers of Nanchangshou Village, Hongshan Town, Pingyao County, Shanxi (netizen of the "Leadership Message Board").

The world’s first large -scale power positioning shallow water special exploration boat is launched

The world’s first large -scale power positioning shallow water special exploration boat is launched

The reporter learned from PetroChina that the world’s first large -scale power positioning shallow water special exploration ship "Oriental Instead of Innovation" was completed and launched in Dalian on the 27th. According to reports, the "Oriental Interest Innovation Institute" adopted a full power promotion system for the first time, realizing the digital management and intelligent control of the ship control system, and at the same time, it has integrated navigation, stimulating stimulation, node collection, data collection, and quality control. Operational ability. At the same time, the shallow operating water depth of the ship can reach 5 meters. It is currently the only special exploration ship in the world in the world. piece.

Industry insiders believe that underwater node exploration, as a new high -precision earthquake collection technology in the global physics industry in recent years, compared to traditional trailers and submarine cable explorations, with its high coverage, high signal -to -noise ratio, large offset distance, and bias distance and bias distance and bias distance and bias distance and offset distance and offset distance and bias distance and offset distance and offset distance and offset distance and offset distance and offset distance and offset distance and bias distance and offset distance and bias distance and offset distance and bias distance and bias distance and offset distance and bias distance and bias distance and offset distance. The characteristics of all -round exploration have improved the accuracy of the formation under the geological conditions of complex submarine.

"The smooth launch of the" Oriental Instead of Institute "provides new equipment and technical means to accelerate the promotion of high -precision earthquake exploration in my country’s coastal areas, and provides guarantees for ensuring national energy security." The relevant person in charge of PetroChina said.

[Evaluation Line] "Smoke -free Environment" helps to move towards a better life

[Evaluation Line] "Smoke -free Environment" helps to move towards a better life

  May 31, 2022 is the 35th World of Tobacco, with the theme "Tobacco Threat Environment".

The World Smokeless Day was founded by the World Health Organization in 1987. The last day of May each year is set as a world smokeless day.

The significance of the World Tobacco -free day is to preach the concept of non -smoking. Since its establishment, there is a central theme every year. It states that it is particularly worthy of attention in terms of tobacco and non -smoking, and organizes different types of publicity activities around the theme.

  Tobacco harm is one of the most serious public health issues in the world today. The number of smokers in my country exceeds 300 million, and the number of deaths caused by smoking -related diseases exceeds 1 million each year. There is sufficient evidence that smoking can cause respiratory tract, malignant tumors, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and other diseases. In addition, the results of the World Health Organization’s research show that among the people affected by the new crown virus, smokers have developed to be severe and risk of death.

It can be said that smoking and smoking control off the health of each of us and jointly building a smoke -free environment can make our lives healthier and beautiful. Strengthen publicity and advocate the concept of smokeless life.

At present, the public’s understanding of the exposure of smoking and second -hand smoke is seriously insufficient. According to relevant data, Chinese people above 3/4 cannot fully understand the harm of smoking to health. Chinese people who are 2/3 or more do not understand the harm of second -hand smoke exposure. Essence

Insufficient awareness of the public about smoking harm is one of the important factors that hinder our country’s control of smoking.

On the one hand, vigorously carry out regular publicity and node publicity, promote a smoke -free culture, and raise awareness of public smokelessness. Using banner, publicity and reporting, electronic screens, etc., call for staying away from traditional tobacco products and electronic cigarettes, advocating a good health concept and civilized lifestyle, striving to create a smoke -free working environment, and firmly establish "everyone is the first person in charge of his health. "The concept. On the other hand, the popular science propaganda of tobacco hazards is carried out, starting from the bit by bit around us, starting from the small things around us.

Encourage the "Guardian" who are forbidden to smoke, so that the concept of smoking is harmful to health, and then advocate the concept of smokeless life, and build a civilized city together.

  The public participates in the public, so that the smoke control is "not discounted." Healthy breathing is the right of everyone.

Smoking in public places is not only endangered and others’ health, it is a very uncivilized behavior, but also incompatible with the construction of a better life.

At present, my country has fully implemented smoke control and smoke in public places. It has enhanced the environmental awareness of smokers through the labeling of smoking ban in public places and equipped with outdoor smoking areas. However, these measures have not curbed public places smoking. The reason is that on the one hand, it is caused by the poor self -control ability of the smokers and lack of awareness of smoking.

On the other hand, it is also related to the failed to persuade the merchants. These reasons cause smoking forbidden smoking in public places only in the sign and slogan.

To crack the current smoke -controlling embarrassment, the citizens, merchants, and law enforcers need to work together. Citizens must first smoke in public places and persuade people around them to ban smoking in public places. Secondly The most important thing is that smoking -proof law enforcement work must be carried out substantially, effectively implement management punishment work through manual and monitoring, and stop smoking and chaos in public places.

  Form a long -term mechanism and jointly build a beautiful home. Health is an inevitable requirement for promoting the comprehensive development of people, the basic condition of economic and social development, and the common wish of the people. However, it should be understood that tobacco control and smoking ban are not overnight. While purifying the environment of public places, the tobacco control operation needs to be further extended to form a joint force of handling tobacco control, and then promote the formation of a long -term mechanism.

On the one hand, the "Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China" was comprehensively implemented, and the illegal acts of publishing tobacco advertisements in public communication media, public places, public transportation, and outdoor tobacco advertisements were severely investigated. The merchants and businesses that violate relevant laws and regulations to sell tobacco to minors, and publish tobacco advertisements illegally include the "blacklist" of the social integrity system, and implement joint disciplinary in accordance with laws and regulations.

On the other hand, increase the enforcement of tobacco control supervision.

Focus on key places such as catering, entertainment venues, business buildings, etc., regularly carry out special law enforcement and centralized law enforcement, improve the frequency of joint law enforcement, guide citizens to develop the habit of smoking without smoking, form a good atmosphere of public opinion in the whole society, and help build a full coverage Service Network.

  The air without smoke will be more fresh, and the life without tobacco will be more gorgeous. Let us build a smoke -free barrier together, create a better world, actively practice civilized, healthy green environmental protection lifestyle, and build a beautiful life together! Editor of Sun Cimi:.

"Double Olympic Designer" Li Xingang: Explaining Chinese culture through the Olympic venue

"Double Olympic Designer" Li Xingang: Explaining Chinese culture through the Olympic venue

Li Xinggang is in the Beijing Winter Olympics Yanqing Division. Reviewer, Li Xingang: Total Architects, China Architectural Design and Research Institute, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Yanqing Division, Total Planner and Design Union Designers, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Main Stadium "Bird’s Nest" China Chief Designer " Overlooking the magnificent pavilion in Xiangshan Wanchun Pavilion, the tears were tears to flow. The great traditional architecture is so touched, and people are unforgettable for life.

"The shock of the soul is always in the memory of Li Xinggang, so that he is believed that the eternal will not be annihilated in the traditional Chinese architectural culture.

From the "Bird’s Nest" of the Beijing Xiaohui National Stadium, go to the Beijing Winter Olympics Yanqing District, conveyed the traditional and innovative, natural and artificial interacting. At present, Li Xinggang is busy with the "Bird’s Nest" Winter Olympics, and the Winter Olympics Yanqing District venue is busy. He hopes to make Beijing Winter Olympics once again win the world. Behind the radioper, the "Bird’s Nest" is like a Jack Peak to look at the flag, board the Great Wall, and the "Bird’s Nest" … After the Beijing Olympic Games closed, "Bird’s Nest" became a foreign tourist to Beijing "must play card" attractions. "Bird’s Nest" also allows Li Xing Gang known as the world.

Behind the head of the "Bird’s Nest" designer, Li Xinggang suffers from huge pressure that is unimaginable.

In December 2002, the famous architect Herzog, Demelon seeks a partner who is familiar with Chinese culture and international field of view, and completed the main venue of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Li Xinggang stands out, and the "Bird’s Nest" will be completed. In Switzerland Basel, Li Xinggang listens to the design ideas of masters. He will give an idea from the perspective of Chinese architects.

Switzerland Beijing with a difference of seven hours, the time difference is his clever use: Every morning, Xing steel and Swiss colleagues to discuss, and then call to communicate with colleagues in Beijing, after sketching, after 12 hours the diagram returned home.

When colleagues in Beijing early in the morning to go to work, Xing steel sketches have greeted colleagues immediately drawn back to Switzerland electronic drawings, there turn the sun rises.

Xing steel long distance communication the day stretched to more than 30 hours, day and night of Chinese and foreign designers finally got paid off: In April 2003, a world standard also contains the stadium plan to win China’s culture from international competition, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Stadium smooth start construction.

How will "nest" international design concepts into China’s domestic construction technology, as China’s Xing steel engineering host of unprecedented challenges. He wanted to multilateral coordination, but also with more than a dozen professional designers, engineers in different countries to communicate, there are nearly 4000 construction drawings are required to sign Xing steel, pressure great responsibility in this 34-year-old young adults. "Every day I would wake up at two or three in the morning, this work is not yet complete, there is a risk that the links are still some technical problems still to be solved contents …… work come to mind, grew more and more excited, could not sleep, almost two on time is spent this way. "Xing Gang said.

After the Beijing Paralympics closing ceremony, "Bird’s Nest" finish outside the audience voices, Xing steel sitting alone in the stands, facing the empty stadium and the runway, there is a relaxed and relieved.

" ‘Bird’s Nest’ to complete its mission, held a session of exciting Olympic event, but also to pass the Chinese culture to the world.

For me, I climbed up a Mount Everest, the most difficult done, after feeling no matter what can be coped.

"Complete design" bird’s nest "of steel Xing establish full confidence artificial quietly dialogue with nature, spread Division Yanqing Yanqing landscape painting, ancient Xia Yang Chuan, too, said Gui Chuan, famous scenic mountains and water, pregnant with beauty. Summer Yanqing, a Bi hills, verdant everywhere.

Small sea Tuo Peak, flowers, beautiful. Is different from the city to build a "nest" as the landmark venue, the Winter Olympics in Yanqing Division, the biggest landmark is this side of the mountains. "Walking in nature, feel better, it will be treated with care and enhanced in this beautiful design; feel the steep, it is necessary to predict the future implementation of the measures proposed to deal with the difficulties and challenges.

"Xing Gang said. 2,000 meters above sea small sea Tuo mountain, Xing steel trek, stop, looking, spread sketchbook drawing composition, recording thoughts and dreams.

Numerous field reconnaissance, countless sketches, a picture of Olympic venues nestled in among the mountains started slowly in front of Xing steel. Yanqing Division core area needs to concentrate on building two competition venues – the National Alpine Ski Center, the National Center for snowmobile skis, as well as two non-competition venues – Yanqing Winter Games Village, Mountain News, and the division is the native nature, good ecology of the forest , and how to build artificial interference with the natural environment to a minimum, Xing steel took out the key to unlock the contradictions – "attraction geometric" concept.

After the "Bird’s Nest" project, Xing steel summarizes think, again combined with the traditional culture of contemporary technology, resulting in a "scenic geometric" concept. Traditional Chinese culture emphasizes that people are not against nature, to the achievements of each other. Xing steel explained, "attraction geometry" Simply put, is the pursuit of "technical guidance artistic conception" and "human interactive nature" – that is, the pursuit of harmony with nature and manmade, reaching a beautiful symbiosis of state and context.

"Attraction geometric" concept used in Yanqing Division, turned into "mountain venues, ecology Winter Olympics," the overall planning and design concepts, technology and ingenuity, you can manually quietly dialogue with nature, the basis of meeting the requirements of the wonderful Olympic Games, and strive to build a financial natural green mountains Winter Olympics Division. Xing Gang said: "I want to fight a large stadium Yanqing field Landscape volume perspective, it is not a native of Forest Park, nor is it a large number of venues after the construction is over changed artificial nature, but an artificial and echo the natural landscape volumes. "Yanqing planning and design Division continued focus on maintaining local and unique geological heritage, historical and cultural resources and ecological environment. Winter Games Village, Yanqing whole "village" With layers of top of the hill, platforms and semi-open courtyard tour around the dialogue Yamagata water potential, forming a natural landscape, historical sites harmony China Yanqing beautiful mountain village picture. Winter Olympics village center is a small village of Caux village sites, "village site was discovered during reconnaissance we live, it is a 1940s war destroyed village, located in the mountain forests, never found before, there is no mark. I decided on the spot on the topographic map, the site should be retained to become a public space ‘Winter Games village’ in, which is a kind of Chinese traditional culture and heritage show. "Xing Gang said.

Repairs to save a small Village Branch Village Heritage Park, "indigenous people" in the West Village Branch Village, and the "new residents" of Yanqing Winter Olympics Village echoes, representing Yanqing village’s past, present and future, tradition and modernity each other between the sea Tuo landscape , athletes and officials from around the world in the game while you can experience the beauty of traditional Chinese landscape, cultural and historical monuments of the village. Rooted in the traditional world, the Olympic stage by passing Chinese culture is the culture of urban design, architectural design of the "root" and "soul." Xing Gang said: "China Building to embark on the world stage, there must be two things, first, to international standards in terms of modernization, and second, must have China’s own thing.

"This is his business for nearly 30 years of constant pursuit of the goal.

Liao Haiying, a representative of the National People’s Congress of Taiwan Province: Adhering to the integration of cross -strait integration of the people’s hearts is the foundation of the unity of t

Liao Haiying, a representative of the National People’s Congress of Taiwan Province: Adhering to the integration of cross -strait integration of the people’s hearts is the foundation of the unity of the country.

Liao Haiying, a representative of the National People’s Congress of Taiwan Province. The picture is provided by the National Taiwan Federation to provide Huaxia March 9th: (Reporter Li Xin) "Some people say that engage in ‘de -Chinaization’, which can separate Taiwan from China. I think this is unrealistic, not only against history It also violates the background of Chinese culture. The cross -strait unification in the morning and evening party will be realized. Therefore, cross -strait integration must always adhere to the communication of the people and insist on starting from the grassroots level. "Recently, Liao Haiying, representative of the Taiwan National People’s Congress, accepted the connection interview by reporters. Essence

  "Taiwan Group represents the voices and demands of folks on the island", as a representative of the National People’s Congress of the National People’s Congress, this year is the tenth year of Liao Haiying’s performance.

He said that although the Taiwan group representatives lived in the mainland because of the problems of cross -strait relations and political systems, the representatives of Taiwan who lived in the mainland, but the representatives of the Taiwanese groups had unanimously called for the welfare and demands of Taiwan’s folks. He said that compared with ten years ago, cross -strait exchanges have changed a lot. Previously, Taiwanese businessmen were the main changes. Now the biggest change is that the number of people studying in school has increased. Give them hope. "

The changes in cross -strait exchanges will also bring a lot of new needs and new problems. The obligation of the representatives is to listen to their voices and voices and transform them into suggestions.

Because of the suggestions of these representatives, various departments of the country will introduce a variety of policy -benefit Taiwan policy on this basis to provide greater convenience for their lives in the mainland.

  In addition, the hometown representatives of each Taiwan group are in Taiwan. For example, all my relatives are also in Taiwan, then all the demands of Taiwanese folks are also in our hearts. The expectation represents their hope and sustenance. "" The low tide of cross -strait exchanges will definitely pass ". In addition to focusing on issues such as people’s livelihood education, one of the suggestions he put forward is" Everyone is the integration of cross -strait integration for cross -strait integration Develop to work hard and make good correspondences.

"He believes that in order to truly understand the situation of the mainland, every Taiwan folks need to come to the mainland to walk and take a look. It is best to live for a while.

"But for some of the reasons, there are only a small part of Taiwanese folks who can come to the mainland, and more Taiwanese folks have no chance to come to the mainland.

"My loved ones came to the mainland and felt different every time.

Maybe this is the hope and confidence of our reform and opening up.

"So we need our cross -strait integration and development, and we should start from the grassroots level.

"" The integration of cross -strait integration needs to start from the grassroots level, starting from everyone. Let everyone feel the integration and development of the two sides of the strait, and the two sides of the strait are one. From cultural identity to the connection of people’s hearts, this is the foundation of the unity of the country.

"Liao Haiying believes that from a historical point of view, Taiwan has suffered aggression colonials in the Netherlands and Japan. It has a gap with the mainland in the long -term isolation.

Taiwan said that it has been separated from the mainland for too long. Although there were "big three links" on both sides of the strait, and now they have been communicating less and less. Due to the obstruction of political parties, a low tide for cross -strait exchanges has formed. This is a political issue, "I think this low tide is going to pass sooner or later."

  "The spring of the cross -strait deep integration will come sooner or later" "The two sides of the strait have been separated for a long time, but we can see that the language of Taiwan has not changed, the text has not changed, and the customs and habits have not changed. That is to say, the foundation of our Chinese culture has not changed.

"The separation of Taiwan from China not only violates history, but also abandoned the background of the Chinese national culture. The unity of cross -strait unification is the inevitable process of historical process, because the integrated development of cross -strait sides of the strait is to start with the integration of people’s hearts and exchanges." Medical workers, Liao Haiying said that some people prevent and control the epidemic and use the epidemic to hype. This is inappropriate. The anti -epidemic is scientifically dominated, not political leadership. Cross -strait medical exchanges have been ongoing. The background of cross -strait medical education has different backgrounds. There are different interpretation perspectives. It can exert its respective advantages to complement each other. It is only affected by human factors and interference. The training background and academic studies of Taiwanese doctors are very high. The higher advantage of doctors in mainland China is that there are a large number of medical data patients’ resources, which makes mainland doctors clinical experience. Mainland doctors have even seen clinical discussions that cross -strait medical exchanges are complementary and beneficial. "If you can build a better communication platform, I believe that the spring of deep integration on both sides of the strait will come soon.


Planting the soil in the city’s social governance soil stimulates the civil power

Planting the soil in the city’s social governance soil stimulates the civil power

Liaoning Benxi: Planting the city’s social governance soil to stimulate the civil force. Release time: 2022-05-0916: 26 Monday Source: rule of law Daily-Law of the rule of law □ rule of law daily reporter Zhang Guoqiang Dong Fanchao Provincial Benxi City will lead the political leadership throughout the city’s social governance, adhere to the people -centered development idea, and use politics to gather people’s hearts, warm the hearts, and build concentric, and the people’s sense of security continues to improve.

Politics leads to strengthen political leadership to strengthen political leadership, and it is necessary to clearly talk about politics. Since the launch of the pilot, Benxi has played the unique political advantage of the party’s leadership to ensure the correct political direction and the implementation of the political policy of the municipal social governance. In terms of overall layout, the municipal social governance modernization pilot is included in the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan", integrating departmental forces, centralized optimization of resources, and promoting key difficulties such as shantytowns’ transformation. In terms of giving play to the role of party branches, the establishment of the "Street Party Committee -Community Party Organization -Grid Party Branch -Lou Dong Party Group -Party Member Center Household" pattern to build a "street party organization -community party organization -party member center household" to achieve house maintenance, public security defense, sanitary cleaning, and beautifying greening. To do practical things for the masses.

In accordance with the principle of maximizing the participation of residents, improve the mechanism of residents’ reception day, party members actively participate, organize the negotiation meeting to listen to opinions, and solve problems such as road construction and infrastructure support. Political leadership enhances grass -roots governance to give the heartpower in order to give play to the political advantages of grass -roots party organizations and organizational advantages, and Benxi City condenses the "contract" co -construction of party organizations, functional departments, and social organizations in Benxi City to form a joint force. Implement the streets and community party committees, and select a part -time party committee member of the party organization of the district units.

Deepen the joint management of the functional departments, integrate the joint demolition construction of comprehensive law enforcement, public security and other departments.

Movement of the district units and non -public enterprises and social organizations solve the problem of garbage clearance. At the same time, adhere to the people’s own affairs, and make the masses a active participant in modernization of social governance in the city. Relying on the "Three Love Board", the two representatives and one member and residents negotiated to solve problems such as parking difficulties.

The red industry committee that establishes communities+industry committees+property companies to achieve self -service property management models with public security prevention and control, cleaning, greening, and property maintenance.

Public security activists and five veterans formed group defense teams such as "Little Red Riding Hoods". Through the mobile mediation rooms and village residents on the fingertips, they talked about the conflict and disputes in a timely manner.

Politics has stimulated the participation of the masses in recent years. In recent years, Benxi has actively constructed a variety of participation, common governance, and dynamic grass -roots governance system under the party leadership. ——Len reliance on prevention and control to improve satisfaction. We will improve the social security prevention and control system, carry out the business environment and series of safe establishment of the rule of law, and normalize the anti -crime struggle, continue to deepen the rectification of hidden dangers, risk prevention, and net environmental industries. —— Relying on service improvement recognition.

Carry out activities such as cultural stations, youth volunteers enter the community, and accurately assist special trapped groups and lonely and disabled, and provide community residents with high -quality services such as cultural education, medical care, and legal aid.

—— Relying on activities to enhance participation. Implement the "Party Member Points Management", set up a community interest activity team, carry out "outdoor scenario interactive party lessons", organize moral lectures, fitness and dance exhibitions, etc., and stimulate the enthusiasm of the masses.

Editor in charge: Zhang Meixin.

Help Hefei 168 Middle School Senior Senior Senior High School, and Qiaqie adds meals for candidates for nutrition

Help Hefei 168 Middle School Senior Senior Senior High School, and Qiaqie adds meals for candidates for nutrition

For a week, students in the third year of high school will usher in the most important test of life -the college entrance examination.

In the final stage of the preparation period, in addition to maintaining a good schedule, adjusting a stable and positive mentality, and ensuring the balance of dietary nutrition, it is also an important guarantee for candidates to achieve the best results.

On the morning of June 1st, Hefei 168 Middle School held a "Praise and Youth Senior Three Strong Walks" event. Nut experts Qiaqiaqi sent a nutritious and healthy for each senior candidate to send a nutritional and healthy small yellow bag daily nuts, and for the seniors of the senior high school, The balanced nutrition and nutrition during the preparation period is escorted and greeted the college entrance examination in the best state. "The college entrance examination is not only the test of knowledge and ability, but also a physical fitness competition." Zhang Yuan, the person in charge of the Nutty Product Center, said. Multi -nutrition such as saturated fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. I hope that while sprinting before the test, I hope that while sprinting before the test, we must also pay attention to the health of the body and the balance of nutrition. According to the "2020 Chinese Children and Children’s Nutrition and Health Report" compiled by Chinese students’ nutrition and health promotion meeting, more than 90%of the 28 million students in China have the problem of nutritional imbalance.

The Chinese Nutrition Society’s latest "Children’s Balanced Diet Pagoda" in 2022 clearly puts forward suggestions for intake of nuts. The above nuts.

"For candidates for candidates, it is a period of high nutritional consumption. Daily nuts that can be quantitatively intake in high-density nutrition daily, supplement Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids that are beneficial to the brain, anthocyanins that are beneficial to the eyes, vitamins and mines Essential nutrients such as material such as material help students enhance their physique and maintain a good state.

At this college entrance examination, he Qiaqia gave candidates to send heart -warming nuts nutrition and meals, and built a warm and scientific "examination gas station" for the students. The college entrance examination is right, and I also hope that all candidates can take the college entrance examination with a healthy attitude and body, and realize their dreams! Editor:.

"Kettingrevolutie" is aan de gang

"Kettingrevolutie" is aan de gang

  Wuhai Haibayi Industrial Park, een aantal ruwe veelvoud van pijpleidingen uitgerekt voor twee of drie kilometer, en "zelfs" van de twee stroomopwaartse en stroomafwaartse bedrijven. Elke dag passeert waterstof-rijke cokes-ovengas deze pijpleidingen, van een kolencokingbedrijf naar een andere smeltende gieten enterprise – Inner Mongolia SI XIPI Technology Co, Ltd, en vervolgens in ijzeren poeder, verpulvering, enz. In de gesmolten tankreactor , hoogzuiverend gegoten gietijzer wordt uiteindelijk geproduceerd, hetgeen een basismateriaal is vervaardigd door high-end apparatuur zoals hogesnelheidsrail, kernenergie, windenergie.

  "Het cokes-ovengas bevat 50% tot 60% waterstof, dat kan worden gebruikt als een reductiemiddel. We kiezen het Wuhai-rouncing-project om hier het voordeel van industri?le bijproductiebronnen te zien.

"De directeur van het technische O & O-kantoor van verandering zei.

Met ‘s werelds eerste technologie heeft het bedrijf een jaarlijkse productie van 300.000 ton waterstof-ondersteunde en verminderde hoogzuivere gegoten gietijzeren projecten, waarbij de traditionele "koolstofmetallurgie" realiseert op nieuwe "waterstofmetallurgie" prachtige bochten.

  Als nationale belangrijke kolencoke chemische basis bleef Wuhai City industrie?n bevorderen tot groene, diepe, high-end transformatie.

De overloop van dit project wordt in productie gesteld en is een ander levendig monster dat verdere uitbreiding in de traditionele keten van de chemische industrie in de kolencola.

  Wuhai, net in de innerlijke Mongoli? is in volle gang en streeft ernaar om de modernisering van de industri?le keten te verbeteren. Op 18 juni hield het Partijcommissie van de autonome regio de vijfde bijeenkomst om het gevoel van verantwoordelijkheid en urgentie te vergroten om de modernisering van de industri?le keten te bevorderen en nam het effectieve initiatief uit om deze grote strategische taak te nemen. Een hoogbouw van de basis van de industrie, de modernisering van de industri?le keten is actief! Dit is in de transformatie en upgraden, de innerlijke Mongoli?, gericht op het nieuwe ontwikkelingspatroon en realiseert de strategische keuze voor economische hoogwaardige ontwikkeling.

  Het bekijken van de modernisering van de grootste modernisering van de grootste industrieketen in Wuhai-stad, een chemische en belangrijke energieverbruik industrie circulaire economie industrie chain grade recti rijst, tonen Wuhai stad om coking, staal, chloor-alkali, octale steen 4 met een lage koolstofcirkelvormige economie-industrie te bouwen Ketting en 10 grote industri?le clusters; Baotou City, de nieuw ge?ntroduceerde nationale hoogwaardige ontwikkeling "14e vijfjarenplan", wat aangeeft dat de prachtige visie van 19 strategische opkomende industri?le kettingen; Hohhot, de hoofdstad van de autonome regio, inclusief groen voedselverwerking , enz. De industri?le industri?le keten in de 9 belangrijkste sleutelindustrie is in schilderen.

Deze industri?le keten stroomopwaarts Panorama vertelt mensen dat een diepe industrie-revolutie klaar is om te gaan … Waarom de modernisering van industrie-ketens bevorderen? De industrie is de oprichting van ontwikkeling. Op dit moment is er een regionale, regionale economische concurrentie, op het oppervlak is de concurrentie tussen producten of ondernemingen, in wezen de concurrentie van industri?le keten en industrieel ecosysteem. Wiens industri?le keten is voordeliger, meer taaie, en stabieler, die het initiatief zal winnen in de felle concurrentie, dominant.

  "De belangrijkste tegenstrijdigheden waarmee de economische bediening van mijn land geconfronteerd wordt, zijn nog steeds aan de aanbodzijde, de industri?le kettingstoevoerketen is het belangrijkste concentratiepunt van levering en -vraag, deze tegenstrijdigheid is prominenter in de innerlijke Mongoli?.

Xing Zhizang, docent Zhizang, een docent in de Inner Mongolia Party-schooleconomie. Op dit moment zijn er meer dan 20 provincies in het land geweest om de industri?le keten van nieuwe kansen te begrijpen. Het introduceert relevante beleidsmaatregelen: Zhejiang neemt de leiding in het verlenen van een ketting Systeem in het land, elke sleutelindustrie keten gevestigd "Zeven een" mechanisme; Jiangsu Provincie ge?ntroduceerde industrie Sterke ketting Driejarig actieplan, gecultiveerd 50 sleutel industri?le kettingen; Guangxi gericht op 7 pijler industrie kettingen grijpen accurate investeringen en projectconstructie.

  De vijfde conferentie van de partij, de partij commissie, de partij commissie van de autonome regio, gewezen: "De huidige en toekomstige perioden, zullen we lopen met de nieuwe weg van de ecologische prioriteit, groene ontwikkeling gerichte ontwikkeling van hoogwaardige, niet in de industrie keten, geen verbetering van het niveau van de industri?le keten mag niet werken, is het onmogelijk om uit te gaan van de nieuwe weg. "Als een zeldzame persoon, de vluchtige machine. Nauw grijpen deze toets link naar de modernisering van de industrie keten te verbeteren, en het bevorderen van de economische ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit! Het kan worden gezegd dat de bouw van de industri?le keten van de binnenMongoli? industri?le keten niet kan worden herboren en modernisering van de industri?le keten op handen is, en het is niet gemakkelijk te rehabiliteren..

In de afgelopen jaren, hoewel Binnen-Mongoli? veel werk heeft gemaakt bij de verbetering van de industri?le keten, maar de eisen van de ontwikkeling van hoogwaardige, het probleem van de industri?le keten is niet sterk, instabiel en onveilige problemen zijn nog steeds uitstekend: voor bijvoorbeeld, de industri?le keten is niet genoeg, het merendeel van de industri?le producten te verblijven in het "originele" "first-character" niveau, de verwerking succespercentage van de dierlijke producten is lager dan het landelijk gemiddelde. Dit is een uitbreiding probleem. Bijvoorbeeld industri?le keten taaiheid niet sterk is, is er geen vorming van nauwe samenwerking in het midden en benedenloop hoge en middelgrote en middelgrote ondernemingen sterk ondersteund en zwakke risico vermogen. Dit is een sterke keten probleem.

  Bijvoorbeeld, industri?le keten configuratie onveilig is, een hoge zuiverheidsgraad van hoge kwaliteit en de belangrijkste mechanische apparatuur in de hoge zuiverheidsgraad van hoge zuiverheid in de chemische industrie, en de belangrijkste machines en apparatuur zijn voornamelijk ge?mporteerd in het buitenland. Dit is een keten probleem. Bijvoorbeeld, er zijn onafhankelijke industri?le keten stammen, en de interne homogeneration problemen hebben beschermd.

Meer dan 80% van de industri?le producten zijn voor algemene doeleinden producten, gebrek aan gespecialiseerde producten voor de toekomst segmenten.

Dit is een keten kwestie. Op industri?le industrie BinnenMongoli? – de energie-industrie, de ketting niet lang genoeg is, het niveau niet hoog is, is de structuur niet uitstekend, het product toegevoegde waarde laag, is nog niet gevormd stroomopwaarts ge?ntegreerde industriecluster effect.

Er zijn slechts 10% van de O & O-activiteiten boven de regionale schaal, en 49 in de top 100 van particuliere ondernemingen hebben geen onderzoek en ontwikkeling, investeringen, die niet moeilijk is om te begrijpen waarom de industri?le keten Binnen-Mongoli? is in low-end. Gebroken, zal het vuur wedergeboorte. Vind het probleem belemmeren het probleem van industri?le uitbreiding, sterke keten, vormen de keten en veeg de blokkerende punt moeilijk punt, pijn, splitspunt moet binnenMongoli? zijn voor elke industri?le keten. "Industrial ontwikkelingsachterstand, high-tech, een hoge toegevoegde waarde producten, industri?le gebrek aan kettingen, gebroken ketting verschijnselen, de ontwikkeling van strategische opkomende industrie?n heeft een gat, goed voor slechts de totale economische volume.

"Baotou stad zet de industrie in de diepte in de hele industrie keten.

  Bij gebrek aan duidelijke korte-board zwakte, wordt de volledige keten investering modus ingeschakeld.

Op 6 mei, leg Baotou Stad Merchants zal worden gehouden in Shanghai, het ondertekenen van 159.700.000.000 yuan, op 24 juli, China’s productie sterk land forum liep de Baotou, een contract 34 projecten … Dit jaar heeft Baotou bedrijf 3243 Startpagina aangemeerd ondertekend , 229 nieuwe grond projecten richten zich op de richting van de industri?le uitbreiding keten, die de traditionele industri?le upgrading, de toename van de strategische opkomende industrie?n sterk rijdt. Indeling van ultra-conventionele all-round industrie?n in Binnen-Mongoli? vandaag, moeten dienen en te integreren in de nieuwe ontwikkeling patronen, en naar meer golf van prachtige economische kringen.

Volledig verbetering van de modernisering van de industri?le keten, die een belangrijke ondersteuning BinnenMongoli? integratie in de nieuwe ontwikkelingspatroon.

  "In het gezicht van de nieuwe taken van de industri?le keten modernisering, als we nog veel werk te doen op basis van inertie denken en routine te spelen, is het moeilijk om de verwachte resultaten te bereiken." De vijfde vergadering van de partij Comite van de Autonome Regio, de vijfde vergadering van het Comité van de partij van de autonome regio. Het bevorderen van de modernisering van de industrie, niet om duw de wederopbouw, noch een kleine reparatie, maar een systematische transformatie en uitgebreide optimalisatie van bestaande industri?le systemen en industri?le ecologie in Binnen-Mongoli?.

Een volledig gamma van industri?le revolutie is noodzakelijk! Grote mechanische gebrul, dit is de enige 10.000 ton grote zijden bundel koolstofvezel industrialisatie project in Binnen-Mongoli?. Een paar jaar geleden, Baotou stad vestigde een keten investering op lange termijn mechanisme om de belangrijkste industrie?n stimuleren verticaal in keten en dwars.

Vandaag de dag, koolstofvezel, fotovolta?sche, polymere materialen, nieuwe energie-apparatuur, 5 strategische opkomende industri?le ketens van digitale industrie?n, zijn begonnen met het vorm en sterke momentum te nemen.

  Het aanvallen van de modernisering van de industri?le keten, de eerste versterking van de bovenste verdieping design, hoge planning vooruitgang.

Binnen-Mongoli?, op basis van de bestaande ervaringen, actief leren van geavanceerde regionale praktijken, en beslag leggen op de ontwikkeling mechanisme van de keten en lange snijden, en nog veel meer "super normale" beleid initiatieven nemen om goed werk te verzekeren.

  Het aanvallen van de modernisering van de industri?le keten, maar ook om de armen te openen, te integreren in de binnenlandse internationale markt. Bij de verdeling van de industrie, BinnenMongoli? het algemeen in het stroomopwaartse stroomafwaarts uitstrekt en dient een bredere ruimte. Op 20 juli 2021 Nationale Federatie van Industrie en Handel van de voorzitter high-end top in Hohhot, 32 van de bij ‘s werelds top 500, China 500, private 500 Chinese bedrijven aanbestedende projecten. In de toekomst zullen er meer uitstekende projecten aan land, het niveau van de Binnen-Mongoli? industrie keten te verbeteren en nieuwe voordelen te cre?ren. Het aanvallen van de modernisering van de industri?le keten, maar ook een lange termijn het aanbod te maken, en de teelt is effectief.

Als grootste ge?ntegreerde energiebedrijven productie-apparaat in het land, zal Inner Mongolia technische uitrusting ondersteuning te versterken, voortdurend de consolidatie van de verbetering van de energie voordeel, en zet "longboard" voor meer. "Uitvoeringsplan van de R & D in Binnen-Mongoli? Autonome Regio" is vrijgegeven, en het is duidelijk dat de jaarlijkse gemiddelde jaarlijkse groei van de totale sociaal onderzoek fondsen in de komende vijf jaar, ingezet een innovatieve keten rond de industri?le keten, omliggende de oprichting van een innovatieve keten lay-industrie keten, Inner Mongolia volledige aanvulling voor innovatie "short board".

  "Het ding van de wereld, is er geen kwestie als u volgen, dan is dat omdat het is omdat het is.

"Industri?le reconversie is het vegen van het grasland, in de belangrijkste schakel van de modernisering van de industri?le keten, Binnen-Mongoli? is begonnen met kracht, verspreid over de nieuwe grote reis … (Reporter Xu Xiaoyu Gao Hui) (Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) delen Veel mensen zien aanbeveling lezen.

Different Children’s Day: Guarding "Full Sky Starlight" with love

Different Children’s Day: Guarding "Full Sky Starlight" with love

  On Children’s Day, when most children were immersed in the joy of festivals and the surprise of gifts, a group of special children longed for more understanding and care. They are autistic children and are also known as "children from the stars." In recent years, under the continuous care of relevant departments and all sectors of society, more and more power has joined the team of "Guardian Starlight".

They use love and warmth, goodwill and blessings to give autistic children a "special" holiday gift. On June 1, a social integration activity with the theme of "Star World · Star Hope -Our Golden Childhood" was held in the hall of Children’s Rehabilitation District, Dexin Hospital, Yancheng Hospital, Jiangsu Province. The event site also became the stage of the "Stars". The dance "Givenia Bird", gymnastic "Happy You", three and a half -sentence performances, etc., showed their innocence and cuteness in front of the audience.

A song "Looking up at the Starry Sky" by the teacher of the art group, which caused strong resonance. Jin Ling, director of the Children’s Rehabilitation Center of Yancheng Dexin Hospital, said: "The core content of the" Social Integration Education "of children with autism is to improve their social functions, improve their social adaptation ability, and make children become social people In the end, the integration of autism children and society.

"In Nanjing, the" Benevolence Youth "volunteer service team of the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital entered the rehabilitation center of the moss and rice children to understand the life and rehabilitation of children with self -closed children.

Volunteers brought the popular science lectures and healthy free clinics for the family of autistic children and the rehabilitation teachers. They also carried out succulent plant cultivation and dance activities with children with autism at the scene. Children’s Day gifts such as color mud, oil painting sticks, seals. In order to call on everyone to pay attention to, understand and help the "Stars" dream, on May 29, "Star’s God Painting -20122 Caring for Auto Children’s Art Public Welfare Exhibition" was held in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, and exhibited "Xing’er "Created artistic paintings. The organizer Kakou Company said that he hopes that everyone can see the children’s colorful world in their hearts and deeply appreciate their loneliness, sensitivity and artistic talents.

  On the wish wall next to the booth, there are countless blessings written by the "Stars", "I wish you healthy growth", "You are the brightest stars in the night sky" … a simple sentence, pass them on to them bona fide.

    Autism, also known as autism, is a type of developmental disorder. At present, children’s autism is still a world medicine problem. It is the misfortune of children and the pain of family and society.

According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 10 million patients with autism nationwide. In recent years, my country has introduced many policies in education, employment, and rehabilitation in the autism populations and gradually implemented. Although there is still room for development, it has achieved significant results. At present, "general education priority" has become a new concept and practice of special education in China. Among them, the quality of quality with quality is the most common form of promoting integration education.

This can have a positive effect on reducing the social obstacles of autistic children and laying the foundation for their future employment and life in the future.

  Since 2018, my country has gradually established a system of rehabilitation for children with disabilities. Basic rehabilitation training for autistic children has also been included in the scope of rescue, and families of autistic children have received different degrees of economic support. my country has also introduced multiple policy documents to guarantee and encourage people with disabled people, including autism, and illuminate the future growth path of children with autism.

In particular, the work of "employment counselors of the disabled" and "professional ability appraisal of the disabled" has been added. After employment counselors evaluate and train employment objects, they will conduct job development, matching and supervision in accordance with corporate needs, and provide follow -up support for follow -up support , Let their future life have more possibilities. Not only that, the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" plan and the long -view target outline of 2035 must be proposed to improve the protection and development capabilities of disabled people, improve the quality of special education, and improve the employment support system of disabled people.

The protection of children with autism during the new development stage will move towards higher steps. Caring for children with autism need to work together in all sectors of society. At present, people still have a lot of misunderstandings about autistic patients. The degree of acceptance of autism groups is generally at a lower level. It also needs to further gather the strength of all parties to create a better for autism groups and families Tomorrow.

    For a long time, Card You has been paying attention to the growth of the "Stars". As early as 2020, the Card Tour officially launched the "Warm Star Action" to donate one million yuan to the Shanghai Charity Foundation to support the "Caring for Blue Ribbon Lonely Family Support Project" carried out by the Shanghai Tourism Children’s Rehabilitation Training Center. Through multiple tissue asthma decompression activities, helping home -closed families leave the closed -end life model, encourage them to actively go out of the house, accompany children to grow in a better state, and feel the warmth from society.

  In Nanjing, the Flying Horse International Equestrian Club, located in Nanjing Valley, has gradually been well known to families with autism children in recent years.

"Through contact with Maer and their intervention training, the overall situation has improved significantly.

"Experts said that at present, the treatment of autism in China is basically based on various types of intervention training. Among them, sports training is considered one of the more effective means.

  In recent years, the Nanjing Institute of Physical Education Institute of Sports Training has also been committed to the rehabilitation of children with autism. They set up a team to try to use games such as paper aircraft, cushion jumping and throwing balls to coordinate aerobic activity, resistance training and neuromuscular muscle coordination Exercise and other contents are integrated into systemic autism children’s "sports intervention" schemes. … Moisturize loneliness with love, try to embrace every unique.

With the convergence of power, more people will see the light that "Stars" strive to emit.

(Sun Yanying).

Zibo City Natural Resources and Planning Bureau Zhangdian Branch Planning Technical Service Project change announcement announcement

Zibo City Natural Resources and Planning Bureau Zhangdian Branch Planning Technical Service Project change announcement announcement

Zibo City Natural Resources and Planning Bureau Zhangdian Branch Planning Technical Service Project Change Announcement Source: [] Announcement Summary: Announcement Information: Purchasing Project Name Zibo City Natural Resources and Planning Bureau Zhangdian Branch Planning Technical Service Project Procurement Unit Zibo Natural Resources Zibo City Natural ResourcesThe announcement time of Zibo City, the Administrative Area of the Zhangdian Branch of the Planning Bureau, at 12:57, March 13, 2022, 12:57, the first announcement date correction date contact information and contact information: For details of the project contact, please refer to the text of the announcement.For the address of the purchasing unit of the Zhangdian Branch of the Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, please refer to the text of the announcement of the announcement of the purchase unit.text.