Vanaf 16 november lanceerde de Shanghai Su Tong Railway officieel een regelmatig basisticket.

Vanaf 16 november lanceerde de Shanghai Su Tong Railway officieel een regelmatig basisticket.

Originele titel: rijden met relatief flexibel! Vanaf 16 november lanceerde de Shanghai Su Tong Railway officieel regelmatig op 16 november en de Shanghai Sudong-spoorweg lanceerde officieel een nieuw ticketsysteem. Inclusief regelmatige tickets en 20 counseling tickets voor 30 dagen, handige Shanghai, Suzhou, Nantong Business Travel and Commuter Passagiers zijn handig.

De verslaggever merkte op dat de nieuwe producten ten opzichte van gewone tickets niet alleen een bepaalde korting hebben in het tarief, maar ook veranderingen in de ritmethode. [Regelmatige ticketprijs heeft een preferentienummer van kortingen in de tweede dag] op de ochtend van de 16e, de reporter ingelogd bij de Offici?le Website van de spoorweg 12306, klik op het gewone ticket in de ticketoptie, de twee producten gelanceerd door de Shanghai Sudong Railway wordt geplaatst als hete producten. De eerste plaats, inclusief gewone tickets en 20 keer tickets gedurende 30 dagen.

Het 30-daagse reguliere ticket betekent dat de passagiers tot 60 treinen duren die in 30 dagen op de post specificeren; 20 telefonische tickets zijn passagiers om de trein in 90 dagen de trein op te geven. Nemen van Shanghai naar Nantong als een voorbeeld, de huidige prijs van gewone ticketproducten op de 30e is 2860 yuan, en de eersteklas prijs is 4532 yuan.

Als de passagier van 60 keer vol is, is de gemiddelde prijs secundair elke keer, de eersteklas stoel is yuan. Op dit moment is Shanghai naar Nantong Secame-Class Originele tarief tussen 58 yuan en 77 yuan, en het gewone tarief ligt tussen 93 en 123. De tweede klas Prijs van de Shanghai Sudong Railway is 1340 yuan, en de prijs van één klasse is 2100 yuan. De gemiddelde prijs per keer is 67 yuan en 105 yuan, respectievelijk relatief algemene stemmen, de prijs is matig.

[Een manier berijden om elke boeking problemen op te slaan] Bovendien, of het nu een gewone ticket of een ticket is, er is een bepaald voordeel ten opzichte van een ritticket.

Omdat gewone tickets van tevoren moeten worden geboekt, rijd op tijd, terwijl gewone tickets, de kortingsbon kan per dag tot 10 plaatsen in de trein reserveren. Bovendien, zolang de trein een ticket heeft, hoeven passagiers geen afspraak te maken, borstel de identiteitskaart direct. Het moet eraan worden herinnerd dat de aankoop van een normaal ticket gedurende 30 dagen, na 20 tickets, passagiers nodig hebben om te rijden binnen 30 dagen. Als u binnen 30 dagen geen auto heeft, wordt het nieuwe ticketproduct automatisch ongeldig en restituties.

Daarnaast heeft het station van het nieuwe ticketproduct Shanghai, Shanghai West, Shanghai Hongqiao, Antingxi, Taicang South, Taicang, Changshu, Zhangjiagang, Nantong West, Nantong. (Qian Jin Yang Rong gemeld) (dit nieuws Copyright hoort bij Jiangsu Radio en tv-station, gereproduceerd geef de bron aan) (Editor: Xiao Wei, Tang Wei) Delen Laat meer mensen zien.

Shandong Provincial General Assembly conveyed the study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping to Zhengzhou Circular Group Staff

Shandong Provincial General Assembly conveyed the study and implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping to Zhengzhou Circular Group Staff

After Xi Jinping, General Secretary Xi Jinping gave Zhengzhou Ranfang Group’s employee, the Shandong Provincial Federation of Federations arranged for the first time, earnestly grasping a good job of learning and propaganda, and promoting the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping to form a vivid practice in the province’s trade union system with practical actions. Zhang Jiangtin, member of the Standing Committee of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee, and Chairman of the Provincial General Federation of Trade Union, made the requirements for the study of General Secretary Xi Jinping, He pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping gave the regular letter of Zhengzhou Round Fangtong Group, fully reflecting the true secret of General Secretary Xi Jinping In order to the people’s feelings and the people’s supreme governance, the general secretary and the party’s central government’s care for the majority of labor masses is a huge encouragement of the majority of employees. Quickly organize the province’s trade union system and the majority of employees in-depth study, understanding and implementing the general secretary’s reply spirit, and transfers the enthusiasm of learning and exciting to translate into the initial mission, based on the duties, and make extraordinary results in ordinary positions. In order to help the new era of modernizing strong province construction, realize the "two-year hundred years" struggle, realizing all the Chinese dream contributing the great revival of the Chinese nation.

On May 6th, the first day of work, the Secretary of the Provincial General Administration Party Group, Zhang Guotang, presided over the party group meeting of the Provincial General Assembly, and the special secretary of the general secretary of Xi Jinping and the full notification requirements of the whole provincial trade union system. deploy. Require the province’s union cadres and staff people to strengthen learning and understanding, grasp the spiritual essence and significance of the reply, and truly enter the brain into the heart; to increase the propaganda, in-depth propaganda and interpretation of the reply spirit, create a strong The propaganda atmosphere; pay close attention to the effect, put the reply spirit as an important follow-up of the current trade union work, put the work of employees, the whole process of work through the work union work, so that the staff, especially ordinary first-line employees Get more happiness security.

The provincial general trade union issued the "Notice on Learning Propaganda and Implementing the General Secretary of Xi Jinping to Zhengzhou Circular Group", requiring all levels of trade unions to learn Xi Jinping’s Calling spirit as the current important political task, and effectively put the thoughts And the actions to unify the spirit of the reply, transform the distinctive people’s position of the reply, to implement the actual action of the party’s dependence, and the actual actions of the ideological and political leadership; transform the great struggle of the reply to mobilize the majority of employees The actual action of the new era; transforming the profound dialectical thinking of the reply into the construction reform of the industrial worker team, inspiring the majority of employees to write the actual actions of shiny life in a 10-year dream, and learn to promote the General Secretary of Xi Jinping to reply. Strong motivation, unity and mobilization of employees to better play the role of workers’ class main force in the development of the epidemic prevention and control and achieve economic and social development goals.

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Shang La, mayor of Ruili City, Yunnan Province: Ruili has no epidemic

Shang La, mayor of Ruili City, Yunnan Province: Ruili has no epidemic

People’s Daily November 17th (Fu) "The city’s major party members and cadres and all ethnic groups are all in the city, the heart of the immunity, hard work, firmly control the epidemic in front of the border, hold the case without death, the epidemic is not to the city The bottom line of the foreign spread provides a solid guarantee for the people’s lives and health of the city.

"On the afternoon of November 16, Mhang La, mayor of Ruili City, Yunnan Province, said to the media, in order to strictly carry out the various management measures of Ruili, Ruili set up 10 cities in the city, arranged 2000 The patrol team and the team of people are striking, and there is no example of epidemics.

Shang Lao revealed that since last year, Ruili has experienced four epidemic. Recently, Ruili City’s new crown pneumonia epidemic situation has been distributed, and the external prevention input pressure continues to increase, for scientific prevention and control, accurate disposal of epidemic, from 24 o’clock on November 8, will be adjusted as a sealing area, control area, Prevention area is prevention and control, and it has ended on November 15th, and the masses are actively supported.

Up to now, 39 cases of local cases, 30 cases of overseas inputs, in an orderly manner in the treatment, stable in patients.

Shangri said that in order to further simplify the rule of Rui, Ruili implements online approval, arranged for 24 hours to handle the procedures, shorten the waiting time, exempt the centralized isolation fee, nucleic acid testing, and approval to reduce hotel isolation Food fees and nucleic acid testing fees have exempt from accommodation fees, and the food cost is about 2.1 million yuan.

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Russia accelerates the modernization of nuclear power

Russia accelerates the modernization of nuclear power

As one of the world’s major nuclear powers, Russia has always used nuclear power as safeguarding national security, curbing aggression, balancing the US and NATO, and preventing the most reliable guarantee of war upgrade. In recent years, in the face of the US strategy and provocation, Russia will lead the development of strategic nuclear power as the priority direction of equipment development, and promote the modernization of "three integration" nuclear power, and plan to make modern nuclear weapons to exceed 88% by the end of 2021.

At the same time, under the driving of "big country competition" and the scientific revolution, Russian nuclear power development also presents some new trends and new features. Motivation – The strategic situation is serious, weaponry needs to be updated in the United States and NATO continues to make tensions around Russia, the United States accelerates the development of anti-missile systems for the stability of Russia, the aging, Russian nuclear weapons aging, and Russia "new cut strategic weapons treaty "The restriction of the number of nuclear weapons is the main background of the Russian army accelerate nuclearwood update in recent years.

The potential threats of the United States and NATO have become increasingly severe.

In recent years, NATO’s NATO continues to implement strategic curb policies in Russia, and continuously strengthen the deployment of the force in Russia, continuously squeezing the Russian strategic space.

Not only that, the United States also accelerates the deployment of the global anti-guiding system in Europe, actively develops a fast-rapid combating system of the world, developing remote high supersonic weapons, and continuously promoting nuclear weapons modernization, miniaturization, practicalization, intelligence.

This series of moves make Russia aware that strategic balance between Russia has faced the trend of broken. Updating Nuclear Walls have become the inevitable choice of Russian peacekeeping countries in the United States and NATO effectively counter-balance. Susk old equipment approachable service life needs to be updated. After the founding of Russia, he inherited the most strategic nuclear weapons of the Soviet Union.

Multi-Intercontinental ballistic missiles, strategic nuclear submarines, and strategic bombers are all developed in the Soviet Union.

Over time, these old equipment has gradually approached the service year.

This forces the Russian army to be able to eliminate the old equipment or elimination as soon as possible, or develop new nuclear weapons to replace the old equipment to ensure that the strategic nuclear forces can properly undertake the task of war, and play a valid nuclear deterrent. The United States tries to suppress Russia strategic power.

According to the provisions of the US-Russian-related military control, the US Russia can deploy a decrease of about 4 quarters in the number of nuclear warheads, and the carrier tool is reduced. In the case where the number of nuclear weapons is reduced, the United States actively develops a global anti-missile system and tries to form a press to the Russian strategic strength. In order to ensure the balance of strategic balance, the Russian army pays attention to fundamentally raising the quality of nuclear weapons, and prioritizing the nuclear weapons that can break through the US missile defense system, and emphasize "high efficiency ratio", upgrade the old model with some prospects to achieve new and old The ankle of weapons is replaced. Features – Adhere to the unsmailing thoughts, pay attention to improving the survival capacity Russian army in promoting the modernization of "three integration" nuclear power, combined with its national conditions, in the development of nuclear weapons, improve nuclear weapons performance, adjusting nuclear power structure, etc. Notable features. Guide to the R & D New Types of Equipment with "Asymmetric". In the context of emerging military science and technology, the Russian army especially pays attention to the empowerment of high-tech towards asymmetric operations.

In high-tech strategic weapons, the Russian army continued to increase capital investment, continuously developing subversive technologies such as high supersonic, unmanned system and artificial intelligence, accelerating nuclear weapons and replacement, in order to obtain asymmetrical advantages. Russia-rated "Pioneer" strategic missile, flying speed is over 20 Mach, has a large motor capacity, can effectively avoid the detection of enemy anti-missile systems from any direction and different heights to achieve rapid concealed out-of-the-efficiency effects.

"Poseid Winter" unmanned dasse has excellent stealth performance, which can have autonomous deep water for a long time, can carry 2 million tons of equivalent nuclear battles, enough to destroy enemy large coastal cities, naval bases and aircraft carrier formations. Russian army "Ors" new intercontinental missile, using a derived multi-war technology, ballistic or rail technology, active electronic interference technology and infrared interference technique, etc., performance is very advanced. Poster to increase strategic nuclear power to the first place. In order to ensure effective nuclear deterrence capability, it is possible to implement effective to meet and fight in the country, and the Russian army is also increasing the performance of strategic nuclear power while promoting the modernization of nuclear weapons. These measures include increasing the deployment ratio of motorized intercontinental ballistic missiles, anti-nuclear and reinforcement of nuclear warheads, carrier and launching devices, implement hidden, decentralized deployment, and strengthening nuclear power to improve rapid response capabilities in the battlefield layout. "White Yang-M" "Ors" ballistic missile adopts a unique multi-layer structural housing technology, which can effectively shield the radiant energy of nuclear electromagnetic pulses. The Russian Navy is also built on the strategic nuclear submarine for strategic nuclear submarines in Wiliuzke, North Morsk.

Pay attention to the nuclear power system of "landing sea, empty basis supplementation".

The Russian "Trinity" strategic nuclear power features a characteristic, complementary. Currently, the 52% of the Russian military is deployed on the Large Intercontinental ballistic missile, and about 35% of the nuclear bomb head is deployed on the nuclear submarine, and the remaining 13% are deployed on heavy bombs. In recent years, the Russian army has continuously enhanced the proportion of nuclear power based on the main advantages of the main body of the land base nuclei according to the extent of the external threat, and the main advantages of the land base nuclei, while maintaining the steady development of the air based.

According to reports, 2050 years ago, Russia may increase the specific gravity of the Haiji strategic nuclear force in its "three integration" strategic nuclear power to 70%. Trend – High-tech, promoting the "three-in-one" nuclear power, modernization, the Russian army will continue to promote the modernization process of "three" nuclear power, accelerate the proportion of new strategic nuclear weapons, so that all military routine campaign missiles have the ability to carry tactical nuclear warheads, At the same time, it actively promotes the use of artificial intelligence technology in nuclear weapons.

Accelerate the development of new nuclear weapons. The Russian army will continue to develop new nuclear weapons and use new nuclear weapons as the backbone of future nuclearwood. In terms of land, the newly developed "Salmat" heavy liquid intercontinental ballistic missile will replace "Governor" intercontinental missile, "Cedar" new strategic missile system development work has also started.

In the sea-based, the god-class strategic nuclear submarine is accelerating the column of naval fleet, and will become the main body of the Haiji strategic nuclear force.

In terms of empty groups, PAK-DA fifth generation strategy bomber will replace the -95ms and Figure -160 bomber, Russia also plans to develop a sixth generation strategy bomber in 2040. Active development of tactical nuclear weapons and nuclear dual-use weapons.

Tactical nuclear weapons explosion equivalents are relatively small, but flexible and light, high precision, and more practicality relative to strategic nuclear weapons. The United States actively develops micro-nuclear weapons, which has been developed deployed B61-12 Tianji tactical nuclear warhead and W76-2 low equivalent submerged missile nuclear warhead. In this context, the Russian army also attaches great importance to the development of tactical nuclear weapons, and promotes some nuclear weapons to the nuclear dual-purpose direction.

At present, Russia "缟 agate" "caliber" anti-ship missile, empty base "dagger" high supersonic missile, KH-101 cruise missile, Army "Is Cantle" 9M729 cruise missile has a tactical nuclear warhead ability. In the future, the scale of the Russian Battle Tactics can continue to expand. Promoting the use of artificial intelligence technology in nuclear weapons. In order to seize the intelligent highland of military fields, Russia issued policy documents such as "2025, Russian military unmanned system equipment", "developing status and application prospects in military fields", highly attached importance to artificial intelligence technology in strategic weapons use. To, Weapons, electromagnetic weapons, high supersonic missiles, etc.

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The same action is firm, the belief

The same action is firm, the belief

As a preparatory party member, after this round of epidemics, Wan Min is sinking with colleagues to the grassroots to carry out epidemic prevention and control work, and the community staff will wear the anti-epidemic "safety net" of Xining ancient city. Hesitant to reply "Not afraid" is because the duties of the party members are in the mission. At the same time, rushing in the anti-vloal, people who touch my shape daily, fear is instinctive, but Wanmin and colleagues have chosen to meet, "more and our first epidemic prevention personnel allocate their own ‘position’, Xining The epidemic prevention and control of preventive and control will definitely win.

"On November 6th, the temperature drop in Xining area, the snowflakes flew, the whole people in the main city were tested, and Wan Min was urgently transferred to the nucleic acid detection sampling point of the No. 35 Jinfei Binheyuan, Chengdong District, maintained order, and guided the scan two-dimensional Code, etc.

From Xining’s autumn, she adheres to Xining’s winter. From Xining ancient game, she has adhered to the nucleic acid detection sampling point of Jinfeng Binheyuan No. 35, and the change is the time, location, and the unchangement of this series of this series. Action, more convinced of Xining to win the belief.

The publicity of the National Excellent County Party Committee Secretary

The publicity of the National Excellent County Party Committee Secretary

  Shandong Liu Shuji Dongying City Kenli District Party Committee Secretary Jiangshan Jinan City, Jiangshan Jinan City, Zhao Qingwenfa County, Zhang Yingfu County, Director, Director, Jinxiang County Party Committee, Secretary, Wangbao Yulin, Henan Province, Lu Weiwei, Sichuan County Committee Secretary Wu Haiyan (female) Secretary of the county party committee, Chen Tianfu, Zhang Tiuqiang (Hui), Zhang Shiwei, Xinzhan Hui District, Hubei, Zhang Shiwei, Secretary, Fukang County Party Committee, Standing Committee, Chibi Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Wuhan Huangqi District Party Committee Secretary Shen Yushang, Anhua County Committee, Shen Yugu, Changsha Municipal Committee, Changsha County Party Secretary, Changsha Economic and Technical Development Zone Party Committee Secretary Yan Changwen (Miao) Xiangxi Tujia Miao Autonomous Prefecture President, Fenghuang County Party Secretary Guangdong Liu Guangbin Huizhou Huicheng District Secretary Tao Yongxian, deputy mayor, Pingshan District Party Secretary (Yao) Pu North County Party Committee Secretary Qi Zhi Sanjiang Yi Autonomous County Party Committee Secretary Yan Hongling (female, Zhuang) Hechi Yizhou District Party Secretary Hainan Province Wang Yizheng Bao Ting Li Miao Autonomous County Party Secretary Chongqing Li Chunki Jiulongpo District Party Secretary Qian Jianchao Cheng Zhuyi, Jiangjin District Committee, Secretary, Li Rong (female), Sichuan, Li Rong (female), the secretary of the county party committee, Ziben (Tibetan), Vice Chairman of the Apa Tibetan Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Qikhi County Party Secretary Yao Yonghong, Mianyang Anzhou District Party Secretary Jintang County Party Committee Secretary Cai Bang Yongyuan Municipal Committee Standing Committee, Chaotian District Party Secretary, Wang Ji Songgang County Party Secretary Wang Zhenyi (Yi), Southeastern China Miao Yi Autonomous Prefecture Committee, Kaili Municipal Party Committee Secretary Tian Yan (female, Tujia) Tongren City CPPCC Vice Chairman, Wan Deputy Director, Secretary of the Mountain Party Committee, Yang Juan, a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, Dai Jinxing Committee Secretary Yang Chengxin (Bai) Lijiang Municipal Committee, Ningyi Autonomous County Party Secretary Nie Jinhui Jianchuan County Party Secretary Yan Yulong Dehong Dai Jinglu Autonomous Prefecture Committee, Ruili Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Ruili National Key Development and Open Test District Party Committee Deputy Secretary Tibet Autonomous Region Gandan Ping Mee (Tibetan) Linzhi City CPPCC Vice Chairman, Bayi District Party Secretary Zhang Zhenglais Members, Municipal Committee, Chengguan District Committee Secretary Zhao Tianwu Luoza County Party Committee Secretary Wang Qingfeng Xi’an Chang’an District Committee Secretary He Liling (female) Qianyang County Party Secretary Chen Wei, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of the People’s Congress of the Municipal People’s Congress, the Secretary of the Shui Shui County Party Committee, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the People’s Congress of the People, China, Zhenba County Party Committee Secretary Gansu Provincial Committee, Hui, Hui National Autonomous County Party Secretary, Liu Yun, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Committee, Cooperative Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Li Wanquan, Standing Committee of Wuwei Municipal Party Committee, Li Ting, Secretary Gumang County Party Committee Li Ting The vice chairman of the Junyi South CPPCC, the Secretary of the Kang County County Party Committee, Qinghai Province, Nairihai (Tui), Daxian County Party Committee, Niki (Tibetan) Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, said that Multi-county party committee secretary Zhang Fenghai San Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Committee, Republican Committee Secretary Wang Xuejun, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, deputy secretary, Xiji County Party Secretary, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Mashan County Committee, Director, Feng Wu annual Pishan County Party Committee, Secretary, Ningbu County Party Committee, Secretary, Shaya County Party Committee, Secretary, Shaya County Party Committee (responsible: Mao Siyuan, Shuai Wei).

Tianjin Political Consultative Conference held a special consultation will speak Sheng Maolin

Tianjin Political Consultative Conference held a special consultation will speak Sheng Maolin

  On April 27, the CPPC held a special consultation of "Strengthening the Construction of New Times Civilization Practice Center and Improve Social Civilization". The Chairman of the CPPCC Shengmao is attended and speaking. The Minister of the Municipal Party Committee, the Minister of Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee, Chen Zhejin, was invited to attend and introduce the relevant work, and respond to the concern.

Zhang Jinying, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC, presided over the meeting. At the meeting, 12 CPPCC members, experts scholars, and community cadres spoke, in order to strengthen grassroots civilized practice site construction, innovation community volunteer service form, promote the new era civilized practice activities in the center of the metropolis, and condense all parties to promote the new era civilization practice Suggestions on the construction of the center. The relevant departments of the Municipal Party Committee and the relevant departments of the municipal government were invited to listen to the suggestions and negotiated with everyone.

  Comrade the participation suggested that one should be held in the flag to cast the soul, closely combined with the actual situation of rural areas, organize a variety of civilized practice activities, and do the use of socialist culture, socialist ideological and morality, and strong occupation of rural ideological cultural positions. Thoughts, strong culture, strong spirit. Second, it is necessary to build a strong team to ensure that the party building leads, and conscientiously implement a team of party organizations at all levels, build a team of volunteers around the people, and do "the main heart", there is "main army", there is "main army". Third, to serve the masses to catch the effect, adhere to the masses, rely on the masses, unite the masses, and continuously improve the sense of gain, happiness, and safe feelings.

Fourth, to reform innovation and arrest, innovate the form, build a characteristic project, create a Tianjin brand, meet the spiritual cultural needs of the masses under the new situation. 5 must integrate resource grasp, in information resources, position resources, and institutional resources, do a good job in "integration". Sheng Maolin emphasized that the construction of a new era Civilization Practice Center is a major strategic deployment made from the CCP’s Central Committee of Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. It is an important in promoting the masses, educating the masses, cares for the masses, and serving the people "last kilometer". Message.

All levels of the CPPCC, the CPPCC participated in the unit and the Committee of the CPPCC, in accordance with the requirements of the central deployment and the requirements of the municipal party committee, play its own advantages, in-depth investigation and research, and actively recommend the statement.

To rely on the CPPCC Community Liaison Station, the Member Volunteer Service Team and other carriers, organize the majority of members to actively participate in the new era civilization practice, affecting the actual actions and driving more people to participate in the volunteer team, for the New Times Civilization Practice Center Develop more new energetic new motivation. Reporter Liu Ping.

Tianjin Hongqiao District Taxation Bureau Innovation Way Promotes WeChat Appointment Tax

Tianjin Hongqiao District Taxation Bureau Innovation Way Promotes WeChat Appointment Tax

In order to further optimize the tax payment experience, improve the WeChat appointment tax propaganda effect, recently, Tianjin Hongqiao District Taxation Bureau innovation method method, expand the publicity carrier, and design and produce publicity keychain as the theme design, continuous expansion of publicity Covering, step by step by step by step by step. The publicity keychain is beautifully designed and beautiful. It has "Tianjin Tax" WeChat public number QR code. It is convenient for taxpayers to scan the code anytime, anywhere to complete the WeChat appointment, guide taxpayers to form "first reservation, rear supply hall" tax habits; back It is printed with six WeChat appointments, guiding WeChat appointment to make specific operations to ensure that taxpayers pay the process, will operate. After the production of the publicity keychain, the Red Bridge District Taxation Bureau actively promoted the publicity position in the Tax Service Department, and the taxpayer’s pay provider will issue more than 3,000 keychains, and the new propaganda form is widely praised. The relevant person in charge of the Bureau, the next step, the Hongqiao District Taxation Bureau will continue to take a variety of forms to the WeChat appointment taxation, and further optimize the tax payment experience, and maximize the more convenient and fast service. Continuously improve the taxpayer’s payment.

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The COSCO provides regulatory requirements on the provision of financial funding in the early days of the Southern Property.

The COSCO provides regulatory requirements on the provision of financial funding in the early days of the Southern Property.

On November 15, the CCA filed regulatory requirements on the provision of financial funding in the early days of the Southern Property. It is reported that this time involves listed companies, directors, supervisors, and senior management.

The new media of the viewpoint is informed that on October 21, 2019, the Nandu Property Board of Directors adopted the "proposal to provide financial funding", based on the joint investment and construction headquarters of the Nandu Property and Cyaili Real Estate Group Co., Ltd., agree to the South Experience Hangzhou Lijie Real Estate Co., Ltd., which has been established in Cyaili Real Estate, provides no more than 10% of the RMB 100 million, and the annual interest rate is%, and the borrowing period has been completed from the date of the first loan.

It is understood that on September 30, 202, the Nandu Property Board adopted the "Suggestions on the Signed". It agreed to the cooperative relationship between the Nansu property to end with the office building of Cyila Real Estate. Financial funding and will recover financial funding principal and interest.

According to the view of the new media, the new media will be reported as of October 13, 202, and the Nandu Property received the Hangzhou Lifang Real Estate Co., Ltd. returned to borrowing billions, and the remaining borrowing will be completed before December 31, 2021.

At that time, the Nandu Property and Cyaili Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. signed the "Project Cooperation Agreement" joint investment and construction headquarters office building, the total investment of the project is expected to be approximately 600 million yuan, of which project land models and start-up funds are compared 50% by both parties. Provide financial funding to Hangzhou Lijie Real Estate, other funds required by the remaining operations, raised by the project company through financing.

In May 2020, Nandu Property and Sai Li Real Estate completed the payment of 100 million yuan to Hangzhou Lijie, and all financial subsidies were used for project land payment and launching funds, of which the land model billion.

Up to now, the project basically completed the pre-preparation work of the on-site temporary water supply, road construction, and the completion of the Earthmon excavation and the completion of the overall foundation and the overall foundation and the basement project were about 35%. It is reported that Southern Property issued an announcement on October 8, 2021, termination of cooperative relationship with Cyaili Real Estate joint investment and construction headquarters, and terminates financial funding to the Hangzhou Reserve and will recover financial funding principal and interest.

According to the Project Cooperation Agreement Termination Agreement, Sai Li Real Estate, Hangzhou Lijie Real Estate will pay the southern capital to the South. The tripartite agreed on October 15, 2021, returned to Nandu Property 100 million. [Editor:].

Tianjin Binhai New Area is recommended to establish a national minor protection demonstration area

Tianjin Binhai New Area is recommended to establish a national minor protection demonstration area

Original title: Binhai New Area is recommended to establish a national minor protection demonstration area to continuously establish a safeguard protection mechanism of minors in Tianjin Binhai New Area, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minors. Recently, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Binhai New Area took the lead in the coast. Under the new district minors protection work leading group, all the development districts and towns and towns, the leading group review of the Leading Group of Minors in Tianjin, the Binhai New Area was recommended to declare the creation of the country in April 2022. People’s Protection Demonstration Zone. The Binhai New District will take the opportunity to create a municipal minor protection pilot zone as an opportunity to give full play to the role of various functional departments in the whole district, and improve the construction of family protection, school protection, social protection, network protection, government protection, and judicial protection. One "minor protection work pattern, establish and improve the long-term mechanism of minor protection work, striving for the national minors protection demonstration zone. In recent years, the Binhai New District further improves the system construction, improves service system, and includes 34 related functional departments including public security, teaching, judicial, and health into minors’ protection working mechanism system; in-depth promotion of "Civil Code" "minors Protection law and other laws and regulations, the law, laws and regulations, the public, enter the campus, enter the community, enter the family; improve the protection of the information management mechanism of minors, through regularly discovery of special children’s group situation, timely update the social facts, no one, no one, the child, scattered orphans, Difficult Family Children and Rural Left-behind children’s information, according to one village one, one-person standard, establish a perfect children’s file to ensure clear data, accurate information; specialized in union social surveys, targeted various protection measures, Ensure that the legal rights and interests of minors are protected, 2021 have carried out 40 minors social surveys; formulating "Binhai New Area to promote the implementation plan of infant care service development system under 3 years old," 2020 to 202nd 522, establishing a minor community protection network, establishing a children’s service center in various villages (residential), carrying out traps, out of school, left-behind, left-behind flow, monitoring lacking children’s investigation and regular visit work, for demand Minors and their families provide temporary care, education counseling, psychological counseling guidance, policy consultation, pro-training, help, etc .; in-depth development of online science activities, organize public welfare network volunteers to go to the village (residence ), School promotion network usage, encourage and support the creation and communication of network content that is conducive to the healthy growth of minors, regularly carry out publicity and education of minors, guiding families, schools, and social organizations, and adopting science , Reasonable way to prevent and intervene in the neutralization of minors. (Reporter Liu Wei) (Editor: Li Dan, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.