Tianshui: Tax Garden Spring Wind and Warm Dominer Spring Flowing

Tianshui: Tax Garden Spring Wind and Warm Dominer Spring Flowing

At the time of the spring, the day of the summer, the spring plowing was prepared at the time.

The shock has passed, and the temperature has gradually risen, which is the key period of strengthening field management, carefully fertilizing and pruning cutting, and setting up a bumper rack. Tianshui Taxation Bureau closely focuses on "I do practical affairs for the taxpayer and the private tax spring breeze", and give full play to the role of taxation functions, focus on the difficulties and problems encountered in the development of agricultural enterprises, accurately docking, refined services accurately, refined services To ensure that the preferential tax policies are directly enjoyed, helping spring plowing for farming, and contributing tax forces to rural revitalization.

Fine service taxes and quality to help farmers. "Traditional Chinese medicinal material planting is a special planting industry in Pingnan Town. This season is a good time for seedling cultivation. Luo Xinxin, the head of the Haofeng breeding agricultural cooperative, said that as soon as the weather was warmer, they started to work in the ground.

Luo Xinxin is a peasant in Pingnan Town, Qinzhou District, Tianshui City. With the economic development of Pingnan Town, now he operates more than 100 acres of medicinal plant plantations and establishes a Haofeng breeding agricultural cooperative. The amount reaches 2.58 million yuan.

The breeding of Astragalus Miaozi is famous for Shili and Eight Township, and it is also famous in Qinzhou District. Let Luo Xinxin let go of the warm support of the Qinzhou District Taxation Bureau. "Now our lives are good, and the support of tax policies is really indispensable. Not only that, tax cadres often come to visit and need to visit. Once there is a preferential policy for agricultural taxes and fees, they can always explain for us as soon as possible. A lot of tax -related questions were solved for us, and the tax and fees for exemption were a real support for him.

"Luo Xinxin said cheerfully. Now, Luo Xinxin uses the" red envelope "sent by the country to him, expanded the planting area, also built the house to buy a car, live a rich life, watch the green and medicinal materials in the ground, his eyes There are joy in it. Precise counseling, spring plowing and increasing production of full -bodied spring, all things recovered, just a year of spring farming. Base, a fiery scene, more than 30 fruit farmers from Longwanggou Village, Dangchuan Town are trimming the leaves for the apple tree of the base and carefully taken care of.

"The apple tree of the base this year has gradually reached the fruiting period. We do it early and refine it. The goal is that Apple’s output must be on the large steps of 1 million pounds.

"Liao Sangai, a legal person in Tianshui Daqingshan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., told the small goal of this year to the tax personnel who came to counsel.

When the tax personnel solicited the tax problem that needed help, Liao San Dynasty said with a smile: "From land circulation, facility agriculture promotion, to listing and sales of products, the tax department follows up to carry out policy counseling and services throughout the process, and timely resolve existing problems in time The sales of seedlings and fruits produced last year exceeded 2 million yuan. We directly enjoyed tax -free discounts without running in one step. Now the national policy is really good. "" With the support of tax policies, we have begun to develop facility agriculture this year. It started with rain and hail sheds to minimize the impact of natural disasters on agricultural production. For a while, people coaxed people for one year. My main task is to seize the advantage of spring plowing production and maintain the orchard and nursery. Let the fruit trees and seedlings ‘"eat’, and strive to reach another new level this year.

"Liao San Dynasty said full of expectation and confidence.

Precision supervision, tax -related risks ingeniously resolving agricultural supply is the key to ensuring spring plowing production. In the warehouse of Tianshui Chun Agricultural Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd., which is located in Maiji Town Street Pavilion Market, Maiji District, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, pesticide, agricultural, agricultural, agricultural, agricultural, agricultural, agricultural, agricultural, agricultural, agricultural The agricultural production code such as membranes is neat and sufficient, and customers come to consult to buy.

"In the past, pesticide chemical fertilizers were mainly purchased by farmers. In recent years, the purchase volume of agricultural companies and planting bases is very large, and our votes have also increased. You can apply for taxation online, and the invoicing is more convenient. Electronic invoices can be transmitted to customers through WeChat and mailboxes. We can focus on production! "Tianshui Maiji District Taxation Bureau’s convenient and fast taxation service has obtained Tianshui Zhichun Agricultural Agriculture Yang Ziyan, head of comprehensive development Co., Ltd., likes. "Convenience is convenient, but we must pay attention to the prevention of tax -related ticket -related risks. Your operating projects are relatively complicated. There are both tax -free and taxables. We must strictly distinguish.

Recently, I found that the tax rate for the five fertilizer sales invoices you issued will be incorrectly discovered. "The cadres of the Ganquan Taxation Bureau of the Maiji District Taxation Bureau, which came to the door of the policy, immediately proposed the risk of votes involved in the enterprise found through the big data platform and conducted in -depth and meticulous guidance on the preferential tax policies of agricultural production." Now The service of the tax department is too timely. Through today’s counseling, I have a comprehensive understanding of the tax preferential tax policies related to agricultural sales, and I have a higher understanding of invoices. I have a good hand.

"Yang Ziyan, head of Tianshui Zhichun Agricultural Comprehensive Development Co., Ltd. said deeply. (Li Hongying Ding Xin).