Shanxi strives for 2025 new energy and cleaning energy installed capacity accounting for 50%

Shanxi strives for 2025 new energy and cleaning energy installed capacity accounting for 50%

  Xinhua Net Taiyuan October 29 (Reporter Wang Feifei) reporter learned from the twelfth party congress in Shanxi Province, this province struggled to the "fourteenth fifteen", new energy and clean energy installed capacity Reaching 50%, the amount of power generation reached 30%.

  In the past 5 years, Shanxi accelerates the development of cleaning energy and new energy such as photovoltaic, wind power, and promotes energy supply from a single direction, from black to green.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan", the annual growth of wind power installed machines increased by the average of the photovoltaic machine.

As of the end of 2020, new energy and renewable energy generated power loaders were 35.7 million kilowatts, accounting for the province’s total installed machine. In order to further promote energy green transformation, Shanxi put forward, will further intelligently, green, and coking industries such as coal, electric power, steel and coking, implement industrial base reconstruction and industrial chain improvement project, resolutely curb the "two high" projects Blind development. The coal industry should be based in the country, reasonably control the total amount, and resolutely take the bottom line, and vigorously promote smart green safety mining and clean efficient depth utilization, and promote consumer reduction replacement.

The power industry should improve wind power, photoelectric scale, speed up the coal gas increase, and promote the use of hydrogen energy, methanol, geothermal energy, and biomass energy. (over).

Qinghe Group Consultation Comprehensive Supervision Texture Texture

Qinghe Group Consultation Comprehensive Supervision Texture Texture

  Recently, the Xie Hui Town Discipline Inspection Commission in Qinghe County found that Zhang Mou, the original secretary of the party branch of Li Sizhuang Village, and the illegal collection of green subsidies, the town discipline committee will transfer the issue of the issue of the county discipline committee for the first supervision The examination room and the Ministry of Finance Bureau were disciplined. In the end, Zhang was revoked in the party’s position. In order to solve the problem of lack of law enforcement in the grassroots supervision, low levels, human interference, etc. Supervise the network.

The six towns and towns in the county are divided into three cases of cooperation areas, and the strength of township discipline committees in the collaborative area shall be supervised and inspected in different places, joint, intersection. The towns will be divided into 29 pieces of villages, divided into 58 groups, and carry out off-site supervision between different silens, and change the "single combat" as "collaborative operations." At the same time, the model of the "Leading Branch of the County Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission + Contact the Supervision and Inspection Room + Township Commission for Discipline Inspection", forms four comprehensive supervision groups, coordinating strength to carry out collaborative supervision, leveling, and opening up supervision barriers . In addition, the township discipline committee is implemented, and the 6 Town Town Discipline Commission has covered 322 rural discipline inspection members in the county, set 635 village-level low-quality supervisors in the county, through special training, participate in the village-level patrol, establish regular schedule And Workplace Institutions and other means, building a rural discipline inspection tissue leader. Since this year, the six township discipline committees of the county have set up 168 problems, accept 62 parts of the township party committee, rural party members and cadres, and 10 disciplined grassroots cadres are subject to party discipline.

(The correspondent Xu Jinting, Yu Huoxue Lu Xudong).

Russische raketten vernietigen een verlaten satelliet, de VS beschuldigd …

Russische raketten vernietigen een verlaten satelliet, de VS beschuldigd …

  Op 16 november zei de Russische minister van Defensie Shaogu dat Rusland het anti-satellietsysteem met succes heeft getest en een Russisch afval trof om de satelliet te verwijderen. De Raad van de Verenigde Staten zei dat dit gedrag van Rusland een ernstige bedreiging heeft voor het internationale ruimtestation en de track-satelliet. Amerikaanse beschuldigde Russische wapentest productieruimte Vuilnis 15 november, als gevolg van ruimtevorm in de buurt van het internationale ruimtestation, ging het International Space Station Astronaut de Russische spacecraft "League MS-19" om te vermijden na het ontvangen van de instructie.

  Op dezelfde dag beschuldigde de Verenigde Staten "het is de anti-satellietraketest van Rusland om ruimteafval te cre?ren." De woordvoerder van de Amerikaanse staatsraad zei dat de anti-satellietraket gelanceerd door Rusland een Russische gepensioneerde satelliet heeft vernietigd, die meer dan 1.500 trackable track-puin produceerde, en honderdduizenden kleinere stukken, de VS zeiden dat dit een soort "gevaarlijk, onverantwoordelijk gedrag is ".

  Rusland zei dat het anti-satellietsysteem geen bedreiging heeft gemaakt voor de ruimte-activiteit, 16 november, de Russische minister van Defensie, zei dat Rusland inderdaad met succes anti-satellietsystemen heeft getest. In reactie op de VS en het Russische anti-satellietsysteem testen productie-ruimte afval, is het noodzakelijk om een ??risico te nemen op een vredig gebruik van de ruimte vormt een risico, en de Rus wordt benadrukt dat deze verklaring geen overeenkomstig feit heeft. Shaoi Gu zei dat het anti-satellietsysteem testwerk in Rusland is geslaagd. In de test vernietigde het anti-satellietsysteem met succes een afval-satelliet.

Shaoi wordt benadrukt dat fragmenten die in deze test worden geproduceerd, geen bedreiging vormen voor ruimteactiviteiten. De Russische defensie heeft gerelateerde video’s aangekondigd, het gebruik van open ruimte-gebaseerde ruimte visualisatie-softwaresystemen, gesimuleerde satellietfragmenten en andere ruimtelijke objecten en ruimtevaartuigen en internationale ruimtestations: videobeelden geven aan dat internationale ruimtes-stations en maagden -D -D-satellietresten langskomen verschillende plasmiden langs verschillende kantelhoeken. Bovendien is het internationale ruimtestation 40 tot 60 kilometer onder het satellietfragment, zodat satellietpuin geen bedreiging vormt voor het internationale ruimtestation.

  De Russische defensieve afdeling heeft ook een verklaring afgesproken dat de Russische partij met succes met succes uitgevoerd op de 15e, volgens de testtijd- en baanparameters, het gegenereerde puin geen bedreiging vormde voor het spoorwegstation, gerelateerde ruimtevaartuigen. "De Het Russische buitenruimte Monitoringsysteem zal satellietfragmenten die in deze test zijn gegenereerd volgen totdat er niet langer bestaat. Overeenkomstige feiten.

Shaanxi Xianyang unearthed the earliest gold copper Buddha statue in China

Shaanxi Xianyang unearthed the earliest gold copper Buddha statue in China

People’s Network Xi’an December 9 (Li Zhiqiang) On December 9 In May 201, Shaanxi Provincial Counseling Institute was found in the southeast of Cheng Yuncheng, Beicu Street, Xianyang City, Xianyang City, Shaanxi Province, and the cemetery is about a thousand meters from Han Chang’an City, and the southeast is about a kilometer. At the Eastern Han Dynasty, he belong to the right Fu Feng and Ling County in the army.

The 6 tombs in the family cemetery is similar, sitting in the west to the East, the southern partial distribution, 15-20 meters apart, all of the slope tomb cave chart.

One of the tomb is unearthed with a 2-respect for the brown Buddha statue. One is a Sakyamuni field, and the other is a trikraho, the meat, face, dressing method, clothing, etc. Status style.

Preliminary results of material analysis, 2 Buddha statues are copper tin lead alloys, and the production process is Fan cast. This batch of Eastern Han Tombs have also unearthed a Zhu Shuji pot, the above inscriptions are the "4th, 4th, 158th), which can be used as a ruler of this family cemetery. According to the archaeological personnel, Yan Yan is in the first year of Buddhism in China, it is still not enough for more than 100 years. It has never believed that there was a Buddhist image element in Southwest China and southeastern regions in Southwest China, but it was attached to the cash cow, building, etc. Decorative patterns and components, independent, reflecting the meaning of religious beliefs. After judging the experts, this 2 Buddha statue unearthed from the cemetery, and the earliest gold copper Buddha statue in the era of unearthed in China. According to the styling characteristics of the Buddha statue, the preliminary results of the production process analysis and metal component detection can be determined that the localized gold copper Buddha statue made of the Larody style.

This 2-respect for the foundation of the Buddha statue is an important research value for the introduction of Buddhist culture and China. (Editor: Li Zhiqiang, Wu Yue) Sharing let more people see.

The tenth aid work meeting of the Ministry of Water Resources is held in Lhasa

The tenth aid work meeting of the Ministry of Water Resources is held in Lhasa

  A few days ago, the Water Resources held the tenth amendment work meeting in Lhasa, arranged to deploy the "14th Five-Year Plan" Water Conservancy Association. Wu Yingjie, Secretary of the District Party Committee, Party Secretary, Minister Li Guoying, Minister of Water Resources.

This is the meeting site. This reporter Dan Zeng Xinde Report Lhasa September 14 (Reporter Changchuan Jiang Cuilian Feng Xi) Recently, the Ministry of Water Resources held the 10th Tibetan Work Conference in Lhasa and arranged to deploy the "14th Five-Year" water conservancy. Wu Yingjie, Secretary of the District Party Committee, Party Secretary, Minister Li Guoying, Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee, resolved in Qizara, Zhu Zara, deputy secretary of the District Party Committee, Regional Party Committee, Secretary-General Liu Jiang attended, the deputy director of the Water Resources, Liu Weiping . Wu Yingjie pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to Tibet work, visiting Tibet in the 70th anniversary of the peaceful liberation of Tibet, visiting the people of all nationalities, celebrating the peaceful liberation of Tibet, personally inscribed "building beautiful and happy Tibet It reflects the special care of Tibet, the special care of Tibet, the special care of Tibet, the party center of Tibet.

  Wu Yingjie fully affirmed the huge results made by water conservancy, pointed out that the Ministry of Water Resources and the National Water Resources System has been in depth, and they have always put aid work as a major political task and political responsibility, and constantly improve water conservancy. Tibet policy, innovation aid work mechanism, deepen the connotation of the aid, and give special tilt in policies, funds, talents, etc., providing huge support for the development of Tibet water contributions, greatly improves water infrastructure conditions, so many farmed husbandry The people of the people have achieved the progress of the water pipe from the water tub to the water pipe, from the oil lamp to the electric lamp, fully played the role of water conservancy in improving people’s livelihood, condense the hearts of the people, and winning the consciousness of the Chinese nation, and winning the poverty for the poverty for Tibet, building a well-off society, Building a national ecological security barrier, promoting Changzhi Di’an and high-quality development have made a positive contribution.

  Wu Yingjie emphasized that Tibet is an important national security barrier and ecological safety barrier, doing a good job in Tibet water conservancy development and construction, relations with Tibet’s stable development of ecological strong edges, relations related national water security, ecological security and energy security. At present, the whole district is being carefully studied, and the General Secretary’s "July" important speech and inspect the spirit of the important speech of Tibet, implement the important discussion of General Secretary Tibet Work, S. The grand blueprint depicted by the work symposium, continuously creates a new situation in the new era of Tibet Changzhi and the new situation. We will effectively enhance the "four consciousness", strengthen "four confidence", to achieve "two maintenance", "two big", "two big political", the big "country", continuously improve political judgment, political understanding, Political execution, based on the new development stage, implement the new development concept, integrate into the new development pattern, put the water conservancy work, use a good environment, create a good environment, continue to create a new situation in Tibet water conservancy, struggle to build beautiful happiness Tibet, a total of great rejuvenation dreams. I sincerely hope that the Ministry of Water Resources and the National Water Resources should continue to support the development of Tibet’s water contributions, continue to increase project aid, technical aid, talent aid, intellectual aid, and promote high quality development of Tibet water conservancy. Li Guoying pointed out that the Water Conservancy Department conscientiously implemented the Party Central Committee, the Ministry of State Council decision-making deployment, and focused on building economic assistance, technical assistance, talent assistance, and counterpart aid, continued to increase the work of water conservancy At the party committee and government of the autonomous region attach great importance to the joint efforts of the whole district water conservancy department, the cadres and the masses, driving Tibet water contributions to achieve leap-forward development.

  Li Guoying emphasized that "the 14th Five-Year Plan Water Conservancy Assumption is a major political task and political responsibility of the Ministry of Water Resources.

It is necessary to fully implement the restrictions of the new era, accurately grasp the staged characteristics of Tibet work, from the four major events of stability, development, ecology, and strong, and find the entry point and power of the work of the water conservancy, resolutely put the central government. The decision-making deployment of Tibet work is good, and it is good. To promote the high quality development of Tibet water conservancy, further improve the flood control engineering system, accelerate the construction of backbone water conservancy projects, safeguard the healthy life of the rivers and lakes, promote the construction of wisdom water conservancy, establish and improve the system of water-saving system, strengthen the management of the system, and effectively improve the management of the system. Tibetan water-drought disaster defense capabilities, water resources intensive, water resources optimization configuration capacity, river lake ecological protection management ability, continuously enhance Tibet water conservancy modern management level and governance.

To effectively strengthen the organization leadership, clarify the work responsibility, refine the tasks, strengthen the supervision and assessment, and ensure that the planning target task is fully implemented, and the snowy plateau is long and the long-term treatment The new chapter of quality development contributes water.

  Zi Zara represents the party committee and government of the Autonomous Region, the Water Resources Department and the National Water Resources System have long gratefully grateful to the long-term assistance support to Tibet water conservancy work.

Qizara pointed out that the party committee and government of the autonomous region will fully implement the implementation, seriously formulate refinement initiatives, and use the live aid funds, build the management of each aid project, and truthfully care for every aid Cadres, fully use Tibet work, and return the cordial secretary of the actual actions and the party center, return the selfless assistance of the national water conservancy system.

  Vice Chairman of the Autonomous Region Jiang Bai attended the meeting. The relevant person in charge of the Water Conservancy Department, the relevant person in charge of the Autonomous Region, on the General Assembly, the Working Group, the Yangtze Water Conservancy Committee, the Yellow River Water Conservancy Committee, and the Ministry of Water Conservancy and Hydropower Planning and Design Tall. During the Tibet, Li Guoying visited the Water Conservancy Association Cadres, Tibet Water Conservancy Cadres, and investigated the construction of water conservancy projects, and investing in the construction of Water Conservancy project construction. (Editor: Dan Zhuo, Wu Yuren) Sharing let more people see.

Van overlevingsconsumptie tot ontwikkelingsverbruik, Peking Mensen zetten het geld dit ding "spelen" uit de nieuwe trick …

Van overlevingsconsumptie tot ontwikkelingsverbruik, Peking Mensen zetten het geld dit ding "spelen" uit de nieuwe trick …

Aanbevolen lezen in Hequ County, Shanxi Province, gelegen aan de oevers van de Gele rivier, heeft een rijke traditionele Chinese dorpsresource en een langdurige unieke folk-liedcultuur.

Om culturele hulpbronnen meer wetenschappelijk te beschermen en te ontwikkelen, voert het Comité van de Local Party de overheid uit, neemt u contact op met onbeleefde samenwerking met bijbehorende disciplinevoordelen, op dit moment, leraren en studenten van de Universiteit van Peking Jiaotong, China Music Academy is uitgenodigd en in De Local Area Listing heeft een co?peratieve basis opgezet.

2021-11-1209: 22 "100 miljoen!" Op de 11e kwam China’s Petroleum Southwest Oil Airfield Company goed nieuws – vanaf 16.00 uur op dezelfde dag, de 2021 aardgasproductie van het bedrijf overschrijdt 30 miljard kubieke luchtspiegeling 3 miljard kubieke meter van dezelfde periode vorig jaar.

Deze prestatie is 33 dagen eerder dan vorig jaar.

2021-11-1209: vóór de 21e, het nationale belangrijke laboratorium van het Zhujiang-ziekenhuis, de Chinese Academie van Wetenschappen, de onderzoeksresultaten van het nationale belangrijke laboratorium voor procesprojecten, Peking University, enz. Onderzoek "Totaal-gebaseerde Arsenic-targeting Soorten leukemie Het heeft een sterke anti-witte bloedbehandelingseffect, gepubliceerd in het Wetenschapsmagazine "Natural · Nanotechnology". 2021-11-1209: 19 Niet zo lang geleden, gaf het Chinese Manned Space Project Office een foto gemaakt in de baan en veel mensen merken een detail – er is een laag gloeiende grenzen buiten.

Is dit een sfeer? Waarom is het "helder" in de nachtelijke hemel? Wat is de hoogte van deze laag? Wat is het principe van gloed? 2021-11-1209: 16 Meteor-douche is de romantische kleurrijke lucht.

Astronomische wetenschapsdeskundigen Introductie, Taurus North Flow Rain en Leo Meteor Douche zullen in 12 november en 18 november gebruiken.

Hoewel het verkeer niet groot is, als het geluk goed is, krijgen vrienden die van de meteoordouche houden van de mogelijkheid om de heldere fireflow-ster te zien. 2021-11-1209: 15 U hebt een probleem "Release-lijst", ik heb met deze kwestie "onthuld".

Op 4 november heeft de verslaggever geleerd van het Huizhou Wetenschap en Technology Bureau van de provincie Guangdong dat het Bureau "vrijgegeven" 8 "onthulde" projectlijst dit jaar heeft uitgebracht, en de "Public Zhang Bo" is open voor het hele land.

De totale investering van elk project ligt tussen 15 miljoen yuan tot 30 miljoen yuan.

2021-11-1209: 13 Onlangs de Shandong Provinciale Science and Technology-afdeling voorziet in de provinciale afdeling om gezamenlijk een chemisch beeldvormingsmateriaal en technisch staatslaboratorium te vestigen, en de provinciale afdeling van mijnbouw-rotsvorming intelligente controle en groen mijnbouw nationaal sleutel laboratorium Bouwtoepassing rapporteert het rapport. Dit betekent dat de twee laboratoria in Shandong de belangrijkste punten zijn geworden en de "acceleratieperiode" invoeren. 2021-11-1209: 12 "Nu is de verkeerscongestie van de stad ook heel gebruikelijk, hoe verkeersverontreiniging op te lossen? Een van hen is om de goederen naar de grond te vervoeren, het ondergrondse slimme logistiek en het transportsysteem van de stad te bouwen.

Als dit systeem is gebouwd, kopen mensen alle items die alleen op de muis moeten klikken en de gekochte goederen zijn als leidingwater. De automatische verzendkasten die in de ‘residenti?le gemeenschap door de ondergrondse pijp … "2021-11- 1209: 111.9, de vierde ingang van de expo.

Deze sessie van de nationale tentoonstelling van de Expo maakt gebruik van nieuwe technische middelen zoals virtual reality (VR), driedimensionale modellering, om een ??gestandaardiseerde digitale tentoonstellingszaal voor exposanten te bouwen, en interactieve functies zijn ook opgezet, het online display-effect verbeteren.

2021-11-1209: 10 Volgens de website van de Amerikaanse leuke wetenschap is het nieuwe model van Sino-Amerikaanse wetenschappers vastgesteld. Tijdens de nieuwe kroonepidemie, meer dan 28.000 ton verwant plastic afval, zoals maskers en handschoenen, die uiteindelijk naar binnen stroomt de oceaan. 2021-11-1209: 09 Een immunologische studie gepubliceerd op het 11e van het Verenigd Koninkrijk, wees erop dat de blootstelling van andere coronavirussen de snelheid van het lichaam kan verhogen om het nieuwe kroonvirus te wissen, omdat het immuunsysteem "geheugen" heeft, Kan het virusreplica’s onthouden met zeer geconserveerd virus in verschillende coronavirussen. 2021-11-1209: 08 Een taalonderzoek gepubliceerd op de 10e van de VK Preschool, inclusief de PAN – European – inclusief Japanse, Koreaanse, Tonggu, Mongoolse, Turkse – mogen allemaal afkomstig zijn van ongeveer 9000 China heeft zich verspreid in China en in China en in China ontwikkeling van de landbouw. Deze studie heeft geholpen een paragraaf in de geschiedenis van Oost-Europa te verduidelijken.

2021-11-1209: 07 door AI– wordt meestal aangedreven door het computerlerende algoritme zal ons op een steeds innovere manier helpen.

Slimme auto’s gebruiken bijvoorbeeld gezichtsherkenningsalgoritme om te detecteren of de bestuurder aandacht besteedt aan de wegconditie, en herinneringen te maken wanneer de bestuurder uitputting en vermoeidheid voelt; smartphone gebruikt het AI-algoritme om alles te doen, bijvoorbeeld om te helpen ons om betere foto’s te maken, enz..

021-11-1209: 07 De nieuwste nummer van "Natural" magazine heeft een onderzoek uitgegeven, onthulde hoe palmitinezuur de mogelijkheid van kanker de proliferatie van kanker verandert.

Onderzoekers zeiden dat ze de therapie van dit proces hebben ontwikkeld en klinische proeven kunnen in de komende jaren worden gestart.

2021-11-1209: 06 Er zijn veel sprankelende verpakking, cosmetische flessen, fruitplaten, enz. In het leven, maar veel van hen zijn gemaakt van giftige en niet-duurzame materialen, die plastic vervuiling zullen veroorzaken.

2021-11-1209: 06 als de hoofddeskundige van de epidemiologie van de controle en preventie van China

2021-11-1209: 05 De eerste "woestijngrond" ecologische restauratietechnologie, in innerlijke Mongoli?, Xinjiang, Xisha Island Reef, etc., de mechanica van de proefoverdracht om de realiteit te zijn.

Dit team dat "Black Technology" gebruikt om te genezen, van Chongqing, geen woestijn, van Chongqing Jiaotong University, bekend als de brug. Na het schijnbaar "negeren" is het de verkenning van de schoolmeester en ecologische kruis-innovatie.

2021-11-1109: 42 De Raad van de Staat heeft onlangs het "2030 pre-carbon-piekactieplan" voorgesteld, gericht op de implementatie van energie groene koolstofarme overgangen, die energiebesparende en koolstofproducerende actie, enz. "Koolstof implementeren Piek tien actie ".

2021-11-1109: 41 Reporter geleerd van de Chinese Universiteit van Wetenschap en Technologie, de Life Science and Medical-afdeling van de school en het eerste aangesloten ziekenhuis Xiong Wei’s Topic Group, een belangrijke rol in dit neurochondium in deze zenuwcirkel in het reguleren van de rekrutering.

De onderzoeksresultaten werden gepubliceerd op 4 november in "Nature · Communicatie."

2021-11-1109: 39 Biologische stikstof als een potentieel nieuw type stikstofmeststofbron, is van groot belang voor de duurzame ontwikkeling van de landbouw.

In de biologische stikstof van Legumen hebben de inhoud en componenten van de bonenhemoglobine rechtstreeks invloed op de activiteit van het stikstofase in de stero?den en spelen ze een sleutelrol. Chinese Academie voor Sciences Molecular Plant Science Excellence Innovation Center Jeremy Dell Murri Research Group en Cooperation Team ontdekte eerst het moleculaire mechanisme van de expressie van boon hemoglobine-gen in tekens in de rootoom.


To Beijing, you need to check the official trick of Beijing Health Treasure.

To Beijing, you need to check the official trick of Beijing Health Treasure.

Original title: Solidning the health of the health treasure mobile phone number 14 days before, this newspaper (Reporter Li Zewei) The window of the capital released the news yesterday, recently, the epidemic risk and prevention and control of the capital continued to increase.

According to the latest entering and export of Beijing policies, the airports, railway stations and long-distance passenger stations across the country will check Beijing "Health Treasure" by one by one, and strike non-green code staff to board the car.

It is worth mentioning that if the user binds different mobile phone numbers in WeChat and Alipay, the two mobile phone numbers are bound, the two numbers need to complete the trip.

The window of the capital, if the user wants to solve the mobile phone number, you should operate more than 14 days in advance to avoid affecting the itinerary.

  It is understood that in order to return to Beijing, no Beijing "Health Bao" is installed, and the on-site download and check the code state. For the elderly, children, visual hearing disabled people, can take measures to be assured in the code or verify measures such as nucleic acid detection in 48 hours, conveniently not use or do not operate smartphone personnel.

If the user is in WeChat, Alipay two platform Beijing "health treasure" binds the mobile phone number, then the two mobile phone numbers need to complete the trip. Beiqing reporter learned that users can do mobile phone number in the "Health Bao" personal center, the bound mobile number needs to be changed in the platform of the original authorization binding the mobile phone number (ie, WeChat binding The mobile phone number needs to be tied to the WeChat end, the mobile phone number bound to the Alipay is required to change it in Alipay. The specific flip-tied method is as follows: WeChat users can click on the "Health Bao" "Personal Center" of the WeChat to click on the mobile phone number with "Edit" icon. The mobile phone number will appear in the interface. If the WeChat platform is bound mobile phone number is Your common mobile phone number, you can click "Allow"; if it is not your usual mobile phone number, please click "Use another mobile number" to add a common mobile phone number for authorization.

  Alipay users can click "My" in Alipay APP – "Settings" – "Account and Security" – "Mobile Number" – "Modify Phone" to change the mobile phone number. After replacing the Alipay platform mobile phone number, click "More (…)" "" Alipay’s Beijing "Health Bao" applet.

  It should be noted that within 14 days of the melting mobile phone number, if there is an entry (return) Beijing behavior, it still needs to perform itinerary and verification. The dried mobile phone number will be displayed in a gray style within 14 days and will be deleted after 14 days. In order not to affect your normal use of Beijing "Health Bao", be sure to change the mobile phone number 14 days in advance.

(Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

The core values of a hundred seventy-sixth Qi forum

The core values of a hundred seventy-sixth Qi forum

Professor Yuwen Li Peking University School of Marxism, doctoral tutor, vice minister of the Party Committee of Peking University teachers, Marxism, vice president, Institute of ideological and political education director, Center for Theoretical Study of socialism with Chinese characteristics researcher.

The Ministry of Education Outstanding Young people thought political education, ideological and political theory Ministry of Education influential figure model, theory talent Society and Science "people project" expert, state-level courses and national resource sharing "Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis" Moderator courses, main research directions for Marxist theory and ideological and political education, culture and political and philosophical education. Professor Owen Lee, University of California, Los Angeles PFI Visiting Fellow, University of New Siberia, Russia International Journal editorial board, many domestic universities adjunct professor. Complete national and provincial research projects 12. "Subject of Marxism and Ideological and Political Studies Course Teaching Reform" is now a major issue for the person in charge of sub-topics central Marxist theoretical research and construction projects, presided over the Ministry of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences key research base of major projects. In "Seeking Truth", "Peking University", "Marxism and Reality" and published more than 200 papers; published his monograph 3: "New Theory of Modern and Contemporary Development of Chinese national spirit", "Chinese people’s values" (in Chinese, English, Japanese), "modern political Education Curriculum theory"; personal translation 4, are: "Social theory and Education: Social and theoretical critique of cultural reproduction," "Introduction to Philosophy of Education", "public education"; participation English translation master Jerome utilitarianism of Bentham’s famous book "On the principles of morals and legislation"; proofreading famous British educator Basil Bernstein’s "education, symbolic control and identity"; editor, co-author books 12; won the Social sciences’ outstanding achievement prize Ministry of Education, Beijing outstanding teaching achievement award, Peking university Humanities and Social sciences outstanding achievement Award, Baosteel excellent teacher Award.

Shangji Fire Infading Jurisdiction Hospital launches fire safety special inspection work

Shangji Fire Infading Jurisdiction Hospital launches fire safety special inspection work

In order to strengthen the fire safety management of hospital staff, recently, the Shangchenggang City’s Shangj County Fire Rescue Brigade entered the county people’s hospital to carry out fire safety special inspections of the hospital area.

During the inspection, the brigade law enforcement supervisor focuses on whether the hospital fire safety management system is improving; whether to organize fire drills and fire safety education; whether to implement fire inspection, fire inspections, fire prevention inspections; whether the duty record is completed; indoor fire hydrant, emergency Lighting, fire extinguishers, etc.

In the inspection, it was found that the oxygen room has not been on the wall. The equipment identification is not clear, the fire pump house is mixed, and the high-pressure oxygen department lacks the safety hazards such as evacuation landmarks. At the same time, the person in charge of the hospital is required to attach great importance to fire safety work, strengthen measures, increase preventive strength, eliminate safety hazards, and ensure that all safety measures are in place, preventing the patient, providing patients with a safe, excellent diagnosis and treatment environment.

Through this inspection, some fire safety hazards were found in time, further improved the importance of the hospital’s attention to the importance of fire safety work, creating a good fire safety environment for the majority of medical patients.

(Horse Guanqi) (Editor: Liu Jia, Huang Wei Mei).

The people have to afford the business to win the business opportunity Liaocheng "home appliance consumption subsidy" to achieve a lot of

The people have to afford the business to win the business opportunity Liaocheng "home appliance consumption subsidy" to achieve a lot of

  It is also a year of double 11. At the same time in people continue to set off online shopping frenzy, the city has opened a unique version of Shandong Home Appliances Consumer Festival and Water Consumption Season. On November 11th, the Hongxing Mei Dilong East Pavilion in the Development Zone was crowded. Everyone chooses high quality and affordable intelligence and energy saving electrical appliances.

  On the same day, the Provincial Department of Commerce, the Municipal Government, the Provincial Consumers Association, the Provincial Home Appliance Industry Association, the Municipal Commercial Investment Promotion Bureau, the Development Zone Management Committee, the City Consumers Association, the Municipal Household Electrical Industry Association, the Co-organized by the Liaocheng Department Store 2021 Hui Shandong Consumer Year · Shandong Home Appliances Consumer Festival and the water city warm winter consumption season activities kicked off.

Liaocheng Baidia Sanlian joint factory and merchant, jointly striving for 10 million yuan of home appliance subsidies, guiding the masses to buy intelligence, energy saving appliances, promoting home appliances to go to the countryside, and advocates green energy-saving consumption concept.

  From November 11th to December 12th, in the county (city, district) all stores in the department store, customers who purchase energy-saving, smart commodities can obtain additional benefits on the basis of transaction price. Citizens Zhang Yan is affected by the activities.

I heard that I hold a home appliance consumption today, I will come over and want to buy a refrigerator.

Zhang Yan said that he found a circle and found that many of the prices of home appliances were cheaper.

  In the event, the masses felt the benefits and inspired consumption enthusiasm.

For merchants, this event has brought them a small business opportunity. In recent years, it has been influenced by many major factors at home and abroad, and there are some bottlenecks and short boards. The goods are effective in supply, and the consumer environment needs to be further optimized. Urban and rural consumption has not been excavated. This 2021 benefit Shandong Consumer Year · Shandong Home Appliances Consumer Festival and the water city warm winter consumption season activities, compliance with commercial changes and consumption upgrades, promotion of cross-border integration such as production and sales, can guide suppliers, channel, and retail parties Production enterprises, promote personalized design and flexible production, cultivate new models such as customary consumption, intelligent consumption, information consumption, fashion consumption and other business. Li Xuezhao, general manager of Hisense Group Jinan Marketing Center, said that today’s home appliance industry is facing a serious test, this activity undoubtedly playing a strong intensive agent for the home appliance market. For places, this is also a good display for a good opportunity. Taking the launching ceremony as an example, in recent years, with the overall economic environment, community environment, consumer scene transformation and upgrading, a large number of enterprises have settled, and the income level of residents has steadily improved, a higher level open city. The livable new district is presented in front of the world. In a wider dimension, the significance of this activity is far more than this.

  Jia Shilong, deputy director of the Market Operation and Consumption Department of the Provincial Department of Commerce, said that in recent years, with the development of my country’s industrialization and urbanization, household appliances have increased significantly, TV sets, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc. The increased growth. Take special subsidies, etc., establish effective incentive mechanisms, encourage the old replacement, not only promoting the steady growth of the home appliance industry, but also maintain the steady development of the economy, and can effectively promote the recycling of resources, reduce environmental pollution. This is a folk heart project. This event will enjoy consumption and a good life as the theme, take advantage of the Double eleven consumption season, from demand, will cause extensive attention from all walks of life.

Jeston said.

  This event is in-depth implementation of the national, provincial and municipal decision-making deployment, with preferential policies to promote the innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing sustainable development concept, and do six stable work, implement six guarantees, and strengthen trade The development of the circulation and service industry, pull the consumption lever, better meet the people’s good life needs, let the people have benefit, the business will win business opportunities, and help local economic development.

  In fact, this event is only part of the water city warm winter consumption season. Liu Qiang, deputy director of the Municipal Business Investment Promotion Bureau, said that during the Double 11 to Spring Festival, the city will hold a benefit of Shandong Consumeri, the water city warm winter consumption season. . (Text / Figure Zhao Zongfeng) [Responsible Editor: Li Taidou].