"Double Festival" is approaching! Guangdong Provincial Consumer Council: Rejecting over-packaging, advocating rational consumption

"Double Festival" is approaching! Guangdong Provincial Consumer Council: Rejecting over-packaging, advocating rational consumption

Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day "Double Festival" is approaching, shopping and catering travel will usher in peak. How to scientifically consume while celebrating the festive season? On the 16th, the Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day consumption tips for the Guangdong Consumer Commission! Mooncakes have a beautiful meaning of family reunion, and it is the preferred food for consumers Mid-Autumn Festival to eat and give gifts. However, in recent years, some merchants have more bestselled moon cakes, excessively paying attention to the "color value" of the goods, and transfer the cost to consumers, but not only increase the burden of consumers, but also produce a lot of garbage, increase waste treatment Cost, causing waste of social resources. On September 2, the State Market Supervision Administration issued the "restricted product excessive packaging requires food and cosmetics" mandatory national standards, which makes mandatory regulations on excessive packaging of food and cosmetics, and make clear requirements for moon cake packaging "slimming".

The Guangdong Provincial Consumer Council reminds consumers, buy moon cakes to establish green consumption concepts, enhance the consciousness of resource and protect the environment, and take the initiative to reject excessive packaging moon cakes. When purchasing, you can judge whether the moon cake is overwraping by watching the material, the number of moon cakes. Moon cakes belong to high fat, high-energy food, contain more grease, sucrose, should not exceed food, otherwise it will cause indigestion, gastrointestinal discomfort, especially diabetic patients, and elderly, children, etc., etc. It is advisable. At the same time, eating moon cake should not be used with a drink containing high soda or juice. At the same time, it is necessary to reduce the intake of rice and grease, it is best to match a cup of hot tea, drink while drinking, which can be well digestible. It is worth noting that now the "sugar-free moon cake" sold in the market is not a true sugar, but it does not add sucrose, and "no sugar moon cake" lotus seeds, beans, nut and moon cake skin Powder materials such as flour, can be converted into glucose in the body, and it will also be bloody after consumption, so diabetic patients and high blood sugar people still need to eat appropriately.

Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, is the peak period of catering shopping.

The Guangdong Provincial Consumers remind consumers, cherish food, everyone is responsible, consumers must establish a healthy diet, wasteful, saving, saving, regular diet, reasonable diet, should not overeating. At the same time, whether it is eating or cooking at home, it is necessary to order or buy ingredients, develop a good habit enough to eat, implement "CD Action", actively respond and consciously participate in the national advocacy " Save food "activities.

In addition, holiday merchants typically play various promotional privileges to attract consumers, consumers should persist in rational shopping, do not impulsive consumption because of promotional offers, making shopping behaviors that exceed consumption and consumption ability, resulting in unnecessary waste and loss.

Consumers want to travel in Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, must comply with national and local epidemic prevention regulations, determine the travel plan, before traveling, do not go to the high-risk area, to comply with local and scenic spots It is stipulated that consciously wearing a mask in public places, maintaining social distance, take the initiative to do quality temperature testing, check health code, etc. to ensure safety travel.

The Guangdong Provincial Consumer Council reminds consumers to choose travel agencies, choose high credibility, management specifications, sign a tourism contract and pay attention to the commitment, such as vehicle, trip, catering and accommodation standards.

Given that the tourism contract is easily affected by emergencies, it is recommended that consumers should try to unable to relieve conditions and refunds in their contracts. Consumers who choose from driving must arrange the distance reasonably, do not drive, consciously abide by traffic order, and civilized travel.

Finally, whether it is shopping, travel or dining, consumers want to ask the merchant to consume credentials, when the rights are infringed, can negotiate with the merchants, negotiation, consumers can call 12345, 12315 complaints, spending consumption disputes in Guangdong Consumers can also log in to the Guangdong Consumer Complaint Consultation Information Comprehensive Platform () to complain to the Consumer Council.