Qinghai Haidong: New Life of Banyan Villagers

Qinghai Haidong: New Life of Banyan Villagers

  On December 31, the Ban Yancun embroidered Naughty sister made a disc embroidery in the Village on the Village.

  Ban Yun Village is a mountain village in the mutual aid of Mutual Autonomous County in Haidong City, Qinghai Province.

In 2016, 129 households were 484 people living in the mountains.The village has high sea level, the land barren, the incidence of poverty is 56%, the villagers face the difficult road, difficult to eat, difficult to go to school, and medical difficulties.In 2016, the local implementation of easy relocation engineering, the overall relocation of Banshou Village rely on the national intangible cultural heritage, absorbing more than 100 industrial development of the market embroidered industry. At the same time, the village has also opened the distillation wine Square, driveVillagers income.

In 2017, Banshou Village realized the poor in the whole village. In 2019, the per capita income of Banshou Village has exceeded 10,000 yuan.

Today, the villagers in Ban Yuncun are more and more convenient, and the days have crossed the fire.Xinhua News Agency reporter Wu Gang photo.

Support entity economic Liaoning Financial Industry "list combat"

Support entity economic Liaoning Financial Industry "list combat"

Original title: Support entity economy Liaoning Financial Industry "Column Battle" reporter learned from the Liaoning Silver Insurance Bureau on June 24 that in order to further support the steady development of the entity economy, create a more comprehensive and fast "silver enterprise" docking information channel, The Liaoning Silver Insurance Regulatory Bureau organized the bank insurance agency to implement the implementation of the epidemic prevention and control and support entity economic development financial policy product service list one by item, and announced to the public.

Product service list is 21 big items, nearly 600 products and services, from credit product innovation, service process support, interest rate reduction measures, insurance guarantee function strengthening, etc., all-round support for epidemic prevention and control and entity economic development. According to the list of product services, the Liaoning Silver Insurance Regulatory Authority requires financial institutions to work hard to improve the medium and long-term loans, "proliferative loan rate", credit loans, and give financial support for the medical materials production, medical institutions, research units. Financial support to the social people’s livelihood in the world wholesale and retail, transportation, accommodation and catering, cultural tourism, etc.; The repayment plan, payment method, etc. For the development of the epidemic, there is an enterprise that has a difficulty of paying attention to the development of the project; the project project with the development of macroeconomics and regional development is given financial support; actively meet the residents in the fields of large and durable consumer goods, new consumer goods. Reasonable financing needs; actively support the spring plowing spring, "three rural" fields, accurate poverty alleviation And other platforms; reasonable determination of preferential integrated small and micro enterprises loan interest rate, reduce comprehensive financing costs; reduce the cost burden of collateral assessment fees, registration fees, consulting fees, etc. of the preferential small micro enterprises; strengthen the loan, reapplying and policy Low-cost funds such as bank transmissions; optimize new crown pneumonia infections, isolation personnel, prevention and control staff and other financial services; through payment, moderate extension premium payment time, etc. Supporting the affected enterprise; Large corporate property insurance, safety production liability insurance, export credit insurance and other business development efforts.

(Editor: Li Jinyuan, Xiao Yu).

The new era is new as a new chapter | Building a good spirit of spiritual home – my country strengthens the achievement of network civilization construction

The new era is new as a new chapter | Building a good spirit of spiritual home – my country strengthens the achievement of network civilization construction

Network civilization is a new civilization form generated by the development of the Internet and is an important indicator of modern social civilization. Strengthen the construction of network civilization, become an important task accelerated to build a strong country, comprehensively build socialist modern countries. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of Xi Jinping, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important thinking of online strong countries, under the guidance of the important discussion on the construction of spiritual civilization, my country has plentifully promoted network civilization construction, and the positive energy of network space is more powerful, and the rule of law is more powerful. The ecological environment is more Qing dynasty, civilized fashion is more demonstrated, and the new pattern of the whole society to build a shared online beautiful spiritual home is being formed. Constantly consolidating network civilization, rule of law, fundamental network space is a common spirit of hundreds of millions of people. The cyberspace is clear, and the ecology is good, it is in line with the benefits of the people.

The network space is smoke, the ecology is deteriorating, and it does not meet the benefits of the people. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen network ethics, network civilization construction, play the role of moral education, and use the excellent results of human civilization to trifuce network space, and repair network ecology.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of my country The Party’s 19th Central Committee made an important deployment of "strengthening network civilization construction, development and healthy network culture", building a system framework for network civilization construction during the 14th Five-Year Plan; September 25, 2021 " The Light of the Internet "Exterior Expo. Xinhua News Agency, Huang Zongji, "Opinions on Strengthening Network Civilization" issued, further clarifying the overall requirements, work objectives, main tasks, security measures to strengthen network civilization, and provide strong guidance for the construction of network civilization in the new era; network security law Laws and regulations such as data security, personal information protection law, "network information content Ecological governance regulations" and other laws and regulations have been introduced to ensure that the Internet is healthy on the rule of law; Guidance of regulating management work "Internet Group Information Service Management Regulations" and other network governance series policies and regulations, promote the formation of a good network public opinion ecology, "Internet is not a legal land" concept deep into the hearts of people.

The online ecological environment is more clear in August 2018. After the Chinese Internet jointly rumors, it is widely concerned by netizens.

This multi-ministerial guidance, local and main website participation, authoritative experts support, the network linkage mechanism of the masses report supervision, became the main front of my country’s Internet, and has played an important role in the comprehensive governance network rumors and building Qinglan network space.

Adhere to the "positive energy is the total requirements, the tube is hard, it is really true", the relevant departments are closely matched, together, to implement the network content construction project, enrich the online content supply, condense in hundreds of millions of people Powerful spiritual power.

In-depth promotion of the new media communication project, continuously hold the "five one hundred" network positive energy boutique selection activities, and set off the positive energy in the network space, sing the wave of the main melody of the new era.

Launch "Write Youth Huazhang in the Motherland" network theme publicity and interactive guidance activities, driving more quality thinking resources to pass the young generation, and heaman dreams.

Introducing the "Sunshine Follow the Sunshine Announcement" Excellent Video Works Collection Exhibition, gathering the immunity positive energy; planning the online theme publicity activities such as "Mother’s Hand", and promotes the true and beautiful in the whole society.

The Internet is from hundreds of millions of people. The network is developed, and must implement the people-oriented thinking.

 On September 26, 2021, the volunteers in Fuyang District, Hangzhou, were carrying out safety knowledge such as anti-pornography, anti-telecom fraud, and sweeping and evil.

Xinhua News Agency, Xu Wei, aimed at the highlights of the people, the Central News Network Office, the Ministry of Public Security, the national "sweeping yellow and playing" work group office, etc., continued to carry out network special rectification actions, resolutely crack down on all kinds of online criminal activities, concentrate on rectification Online various illegal and bad information, focusing on negative content on the negative impact of minors, network ecological governance has achieved remarkable results.

From "Qinglan" special action to carry out "big cleaning" in the whole network, it is a solid foundation for the construction of the long-term mechanism of the network. In order to build a solid foundation for the construction of the Qinglan network space; to "protect the seedlings" special action resolutely clean up the bad health of young people’s physical and mental health Content, effectively improve the self-protection awareness of primary and secondary school students and network security; then go to "net network" special action to strictly crack down on illegal crimes such as online hackers and telecommunications network fraud … Focus on key issues, respond to the people concerned, and work together in all parties Next, hundreds of millions of people enjoy more, happy, and safe in cyberspace.

Building a shared network civilization new style September 1 this year, the CPC Office illegal and bad information reporting center, China Civilization Network, China Internet Development Foundation and China Internet jointly released "" boycott network rumors to build network civilization "Proposal", advocating the whole society to reach the network rumors and build a shared network civilization. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party, the relevant departments have actively pioneered innovation, cultivating the new style of network culture, expanding the new space of moral construction, building a new order of network behavior, and building a new brand of civilization, widely condense the social consensus of network civilization. Let the network civilization concept deep into the heart, strive to be in-depth implementation of China’s good netizens, guide hundreds of millions of netizens to promote the spirit of patriotism, enhance the concept of network rule of law, cultivate civilized network habits, and improve network security skills.

Communicate the concept of integrity, practice integrity and regulation, China Network Integrity Conference continued to hold 4 times, actively create trustworthy and mutual trust and coexidate a good social atmosphere.

Innovation Socialist Core Values ??Publicity and Education, "China Good People" online review and release activities form a good demonstration drive effect, effectively promote network civilization and purify the network environment.

Remember the hero martyrs, inheriting the spirit of hero, since the implementation of the Heroes Martyrs Protection Law in 2018, all localities launched a "online sacrifice" activity, guiding the majority of netizens to advocate heroes and defend the hero.

 On April 3, 2019, students from the Elimatus of Normal University, Hunan, participated in the online sacrifice.

Xinhua News Agency (Peng Yu) helps youth health growth, organize "Youth Network Civilization Volunteer Action", build a series of brand products such as "China Good Youth" "Youth Network Open Class", producing a good response in the vast number of young netizens.

… Comprehensive promotion of civilized network, civilized network, civilized internet, civilized network, in November, Beijing Beijing will usher in the first China Network Civilization Assembly "brought together to good strength and work together to build a network civilization". Anti-thinking, aggregation consensus. The event in this network civilization will achieve a strong spiritual force for the second hundred years of struggle for the comprehensively building socialist modernization countries. .

Veel rendement verhogen versnelling van het oogsten van de provincie meer dan 40% van de herfstkorrels hebben deeltjes teruggevoerd

Veel rendement verhogen versnelling van het oogsten van de provincie meer dan 40% van de herfstkorrels hebben deeltjes teruggevoerd

  Na de zomer is de herfstreceptie volledig geopend.

Vanaf 30 augustus heeft de provincie het totale gebied van de herfstkorrels geoogst om 33 miljoen MU te bedragen, die 40% van het ontvangende gebied overschrijdt.

Dit is de verslaggever die is geleerd van de provinciale landbouwplichtige landelijke zaal op 30 augustus. Vanuit het perspectief is de herfstkorreloogst de veegfase ingevoerd. Chengdu Plain, Sichuan en andere plaatsen zullen de piekuren in de volgende helft per maand betreden. Van het soort gewassoorten heeft de provincie meer dan 1950.000 MO van ma?s geoogst, goed voor meer dan 70% van het totale plantengebied van ma?s.

Onder hen is de lente ma?s geoogst. Nog een Herfst Grain Main Crop Rice, er zijn 13,3 miljoen MU geweest om deeltjesretour te bereiken, goed voor ongeveer 40% van de totale rijstzaailingen.

  Over het algemeen is de huidige Sichuan Qiu-graanoogst in feite vlak. In de nabije toekomst is er echter veel verrassingen in het regenachtige weer in de nabije toekomst. De relevante persoon die de leiding heeft over de provinciale landbouwplichtige bewoners eraan herinnerd dat de meeste van de provincie naar verwachting in de komende periode het zonnige weer in de komende tijd heeft ingediend, en overal zou het oogstwerk moeten regelen volgens de rectificatie van de groei van de herfstkorrel.

  In termen van productie, rijst, ma?s en ma?s in de provincie Sichuan, die beter zijn dan in voorgaande jaren, met minder dan vele jaren. Terwijl het versnellen van oogst in Tianqiu vol, breidt de provincie Sichuan ook de productie van regeneratieve rijst en andere late voedselproductie in Sichuan, Yibin, enz. Het is duidelijk dat Sichuan Resteration Rice (na rijstoogst, met behulp van rijststapels, langgroei, en gerehabiliteerd) het gebied is ongeveer 5 miljoen mu, die het gemiddelde van vele jaren overschrijdt. Volgens de huidige groei kan het dit jaar rijst 100 kg per mu in de provincie Sichuan produceren. Herfst graan verwijst naar het voedsel gewas-uitzending in de grote lente, Sichuan is voornamelijk gebaseerd op rijst, ma?s, enz., Omdat de volwassenheid herfst is, vandaar. In de loop der jaren vertegenwoordigden de herfstkorrels meer dan 80% van de totale voedselproductie van Sichuan, die de hoofdkracht van Sichuan is om de veiligheid van "rijstzak" te waarborgen.

(Reporter Wang Chengdong) [Verwezenlijk Editor: Xu Meida].

Shanghai has added 3 new championships, which are secondary diagnosed cases in Pudong Airport yesterday.

Shanghai has added 3 new championships, which are secondary diagnosed cases in Pudong Airport yesterday.

Yan Jingley introduced that On August 20th, it was 0-24 yesterday. This city reported 2 cases of local neoplacton diagnosis (case 1, case 2), this 2 cases are currently isolated in municipal public health clinical center, stable condition . For close contacts that have been concentrated in 2 cases have been implemented yesterday, we investigate in a night, and 3 cases were found to detect positive for new coronary pneumonia virus nucleic acids.

After the city expert group consultation, combined with epidemiological history, clinical symptoms, imaging performance and laboratory nucleic acid test results, 3 cases were diagnosed as new crown pneumonia confirmed cases (light), currently transferred to Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center Isolated treat.

That is, a total of 5 cases reported in yesterday and today’s diagnosed cases involved in Pudong Airport have been treated in the municipal public health clinical center. Today, three cases of cases are as follows: case 3. For Pudong Airport overseas cargo workers, men, 45 years old, lived in Jinjiang Star, No. 798, Yanchao Road, Pudong New Area, is August 20th diagnosis 2 colleague. This case has been vaccinated in a new crown vaccine.

Case 4, for Pudong Airport overseas cargo workers, male, 45 years old, home address for the 280 Millennium Huiyuan, Qianhui Road, Zhuqiao Town, Pudong New Area; Pudong New Area Salt Dynasty Highway No. 798 Jinjiang Star (Donghai The town store) is a colleague who confirmed the case 2 on August 20th. This case has been vaccinated in a new crown vaccine. Case 5, for Pudong Airport overseas cargo workers, men, 45 years old, residential address for the 1000 Huihui Road in Zhuqiao Town, Pudong New Area, is a close contact person of diagnosed cases 4. This case has been vaccinated in a new crown vaccine. The relevant departments of the city and districts immediately act, and the above case residential land and related places and personnel have fully carried out epidemiological surveys, personnel investigations, sampling detection, and isolation controls.

(Editor: Gong Sha, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.

The 60th Anniversary of China and Old Job Party in a Line Photography Exhibition

The 60th Anniversary of China and Old Job Party in a Line Photography Exhibition

Original title: One online photography exhibition, "60th anniversary" event poster event, the organizer of the map, the Thai River, the Mekong River, starting from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, all the way, flowing through Laos. The people of China and the people are in the same river, and the fate is tightly connected. On November 10th, the old photographic work exhibition was officially launched in the "Landscape between Mountains and Water".

This event is one of the important links between the 60th anniversary of China and Industry.

Affected by the epidemic of the new coronary pneumonia, the exhibition is held in the line, and 60 photos are selected, and China is settled with the magnificent mountains and colorful people in Laos.

As the only province in China, the Active Service and the National Development Strategy of Laos, and promoted the multi-level and wide sectors of the old and old-fate community in the actual actions, and continued to contribute to the construction of the old and old fate community. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of China and Old, the Yunnan Provincial People’s Government Information Office officially launched the "60th Anniversary Cultural Exchange Activity of China and Old Elderly" on October 28, 2021.

The person in charge of Taiwan public opinion borrowed the "Taiwan independence" department: lost the basic ideas

The person in charge of Taiwan public opinion borrowed the "Taiwan independence" department: lost the basic ideas

People’s Network Beijing February 14th National Taiwan Affairs Office Spokesman Ma Xiaoguang published "Taiwan independence" error speech on February 14Destroy cross-strait relations, once again exposed the very few people "to seek alone".Ma Xiaoguang pointed out that in front of the epidemic, these people don’t think about how to maintain the live safety and common interests of both sides of the strait, reverse the political virus, manufacture two-strand confrontation, hinder the love of compatriots on both sides of the strait, have lost the basic ideas, no teeth.I want to emphasize that "Taiwan independence" is a dead road that is unlike, the road will only bring deep disasters to Taiwan people.Some politicians are self-expanding, and they are stupid, and they will take care of the well-being of the majority of Taiwan. They will only meet the blood flow.

(Editor: Liu Jie, Jia Wenting) Share more people to see.

Talent Housing Vakantiewoning nieuwe burgers en jongeren

Talent Housing Vakantiewoning nieuwe burgers en jongeren

Shenzhen Special Zone Nieuws (Reporter Yang Liping Correspondent Wang Yao Yuxi Fu ging) Onlangs Shenzhen DAPENG Talents Anju Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Dopeng Talent & Co., Ltd. Organiseer de openbare behuizing te huur in het schiereiland Handan Bay, 511 Openbare behuizing zal nieuwe burgers en jongeren in de nieuwe wijk pre-toewijzen. De live-opname, VR-bekeken kamer, enz. In deze wedstrijdsite, en de aanvrager kan het kamersysteem zien om het vermeldingssysteem op elk moment te zien zonder de noodzaak om de kamer op het terrein te zien, zodat woningservice warmer is. Het schiereiland Anju East Bay ligt aan de oostkant van Jindai East Road, Dopeng New District. Het is een openbaar huisvestingsproject dat DaPeng Talent Habitan Co., Ltd. op het punt staat te worden voltooid in 2021, met in totaal 1190 openbare behuizing . Deze eerste keer, de nieuwe burger in Dopeng New District, de toonaangevende huur van jongeren, de eerste batch van 511 sets, waarvan de 38 vierkante meter, 82 vierkante meter, 92-99 vierkante meter, twee kamers, drie kamers zo’n verscheidenheid aan Appartement, kan volledig voldoen aan de feitelijke behoeften van verschillende groepen. De huurprijs is 50% van de marktprijs en de huur is gebaseerd op de huur per vierkante meter per maand.

Het is duidelijk dat de nieuwe burgers, jongeren aanvragers in deze ori?ntatie zijn, geen rekening- en academische beperkingen, alleen om aan de volgende voorwaarden te voldoen: aanvragers zijn geregistreerd bij bedrijfsregistratie of belastingregistratie in het nieuwe districtsragcontract , en het is normaal; als de aanvrager en de echtgenoten van toepassing zijn, is er geen vorm van huisvestingsbeveiliging in deze stad, waaronder een low-to-huurwoningen, openbare huurwoningen, verhuur monetaire subsidies zoals preferenti?le woningbeleid. Aanvragers en hun echtgenoten, minderjarigen Heb geen enkele vorm van eigen huisvesting in deze stad (inclusief landbouwgrond).

Het project wordt geleverd voor levering en deze selectieverhuuractiviteit. Het is een van de prestaties van DAPENG Talents Anju Co., Ltd. effectief om nieuwe burgers te verlichten, de behuizing van jongeren en "ik doe praktische dingen voor de massa’s". Verder Verminder de huurkosten van de aanvrager, helpen effectief enkele nieuwe burgers en jongeren om het probleem van huisvesting op te lossen, hun identiteit te versterken, behorenlijk en gevoel van Shenzhen, en nieuwe districten helpen om talenten beter te introduceren, te waarborgen en te behouden.

Na het einde van deze ori?ntatie zullen de resterende aanbiedingen een genormaliseerde manier nemen volgens de feitelijke behoeften van het nieuwe district en voert u voortdurend de huur uit. Het is gemeld dat Sinds de oprichting, DAPENG Talents Anju Co., Ltd. is voorbereid voor meer dan 8.000 sets talentbehuizing. Het levert meer dan 800 sets huizen en serveert meer dan 3.000 talenten in de nieuwe wijk. Positieve effecten .


The fourth episode: "Old Tree New Branch opened a happy flower"

The fourth episode: "Old Tree New Branch opened a happy flower"

Jilin Bai Mountain is the main battlefield of Northeast Anti-United Northeast, and is also the supply line of the big camp and anti-US Aid Diseases.

In order to struggle for the future of the country and the nation, it is passed down on this land.

In December 2015, the Central Economic Work Conference will eliminate backward production capacity as an important work of the "13th Five-Year" period.As a border city, Bai Mountain became the "main battlefield" of the elimination of backward production capacity in Jilin Province.

In the hard battle of the production of energy transfer employment, the Baishan City Human Resources and Social Security Department inherited and carried forward the "Siki", "Sikao Linjiang Spirit", explored in the difficult, and finally killed the resilience.(Editor: Hao Mengjia, Qinhua) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology "and make camp" to obtain "win cooperation."

Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology "and make camp" to obtain "win cooperation."

  Xinhua Shanghai November 16 (Reporter either Long) Shanghai University of Engineering Science by building "and make camp" design innovative Internet services platform, the real project situations into the classroom, based on the actual needs of the problem, open up the discipline barriers, the creation of hybrid design a new model of teaching practice, teaching and social benefits achieved "win-win." "And make camp" design innovative Internet service platform is the Shanghai University of Engineering Technology Associates, 28 domestic and foreign universities to build innovative design and management platform operators, is the founder of the Shanghai Wen, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai lead the financial support of cultural industry projects . Platform includes online orders, online game development, design cutting-edge information, online courses and other sections, has a designer and expert database. College teachers and students can be in the platform project orders, interdisciplinary collaboration for the exhibition tournament participation, online learning, achievement and the conversion and other activities.

  By "and make camp" network platform, Shanghai University of Engineering to build a bridge between the university and social needs, social programs into the classroom, allowing students to actively participate in online bidding platform projects, competitions, online courses in project the real situation in practice, accumulation and growth, the floor design, product optimization.

"And make camp" platform since its establishment, has started to hatch and winning the "wild kiwifruit wine packaging system design mu Park" "pilot Q5 coffee machine design" "Ngawang Finnish special Shanghai exhibition design," "personnel positioning terminal Product Design" and other projects. "Design is the design Tempered" design study an academic leader Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Professor GAO Zhu Dean of the School of Art and Design this sentence, fully embodies the concept design education Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology.

Binding "and make camp" design practice online service platform, Shanghai University of Engineering Science also created under various forms of design practice line art workshop, media workshop, master studio, school-enterprise collaborative innovation centers, teaching centers overseas design platform explore the hybrid design practices online and offline teaching mode, teachers and students widely praised. Thanks to the practice of science education concept design, design development of Shanghai University School of Engineering and fast.

Design science disciplines, first entered China in 2018 ranked the best discipline, in 2021 ranked No. 54.

Industrial Design and the Arts and Sciences have been selected for Shanghai two professional undergraduate class professional construction. In 2021 Chinese University Rankings, the design specialty was rated Class A professional one, B + class professional three, three professional class B, located in the first phalanx of similar municipal university. Future, Shanghai University of Engineering students will focus on artistic creativity and intercultural training of professional integration and innovation capability of discipline, practice constantly explore, develop more innovative design talent for the future of social transformation. (over).