[Evaluation Line] "Smoke -free Environment" helps to move towards a better life

[Evaluation Line] "Smoke -free Environment" helps to move towards a better life

  May 31, 2022 is the 35th World of Tobacco, with the theme "Tobacco Threat Environment".

The World Smokeless Day was founded by the World Health Organization in 1987. The last day of May each year is set as a world smokeless day.

The significance of the World Tobacco -free day is to preach the concept of non -smoking. Since its establishment, there is a central theme every year. It states that it is particularly worthy of attention in terms of tobacco and non -smoking, and organizes different types of publicity activities around the theme.

  Tobacco harm is one of the most serious public health issues in the world today. The number of smokers in my country exceeds 300 million, and the number of deaths caused by smoking -related diseases exceeds 1 million each year. There is sufficient evidence that smoking can cause respiratory tract, malignant tumors, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular and other diseases. In addition, the results of the World Health Organization’s research show that among the people affected by the new crown virus, smokers have developed to be severe and risk of death.

It can be said that smoking and smoking control off the health of each of us and jointly building a smoke -free environment can make our lives healthier and beautiful. Strengthen publicity and advocate the concept of smokeless life.

At present, the public’s understanding of the exposure of smoking and second -hand smoke is seriously insufficient. According to relevant data, Chinese people above 3/4 cannot fully understand the harm of smoking to health. Chinese people who are 2/3 or more do not understand the harm of second -hand smoke exposure. Essence

Insufficient awareness of the public about smoking harm is one of the important factors that hinder our country’s control of smoking.

On the one hand, vigorously carry out regular publicity and node publicity, promote a smoke -free culture, and raise awareness of public smokelessness. Using banner, publicity and reporting, electronic screens, etc., call for staying away from traditional tobacco products and electronic cigarettes, advocating a good health concept and civilized lifestyle, striving to create a smoke -free working environment, and firmly establish "everyone is the first person in charge of his health. "The concept. On the other hand, the popular science propaganda of tobacco hazards is carried out, starting from the bit by bit around us, starting from the small things around us.

Encourage the "Guardian" who are forbidden to smoke, so that the concept of smoking is harmful to health, and then advocate the concept of smokeless life, and build a civilized city together.

  The public participates in the public, so that the smoke control is "not discounted." Healthy breathing is the right of everyone.

Smoking in public places is not only endangered and others’ health, it is a very uncivilized behavior, but also incompatible with the construction of a better life.

At present, my country has fully implemented smoke control and smoke in public places. It has enhanced the environmental awareness of smokers through the labeling of smoking ban in public places and equipped with outdoor smoking areas. However, these measures have not curbed public places smoking. The reason is that on the one hand, it is caused by the poor self -control ability of the smokers and lack of awareness of smoking.

On the other hand, it is also related to the failed to persuade the merchants. These reasons cause smoking forbidden smoking in public places only in the sign and slogan.

To crack the current smoke -controlling embarrassment, the citizens, merchants, and law enforcers need to work together. Citizens must first smoke in public places and persuade people around them to ban smoking in public places. Secondly The most important thing is that smoking -proof law enforcement work must be carried out substantially, effectively implement management punishment work through manual and monitoring, and stop smoking and chaos in public places.

  Form a long -term mechanism and jointly build a beautiful home. Health is an inevitable requirement for promoting the comprehensive development of people, the basic condition of economic and social development, and the common wish of the people. However, it should be understood that tobacco control and smoking ban are not overnight. While purifying the environment of public places, the tobacco control operation needs to be further extended to form a joint force of handling tobacco control, and then promote the formation of a long -term mechanism.

On the one hand, the "Advertising Law of the People’s Republic of China" was comprehensively implemented, and the illegal acts of publishing tobacco advertisements in public communication media, public places, public transportation, and outdoor tobacco advertisements were severely investigated. The merchants and businesses that violate relevant laws and regulations to sell tobacco to minors, and publish tobacco advertisements illegally include the "blacklist" of the social integrity system, and implement joint disciplinary in accordance with laws and regulations.

On the other hand, increase the enforcement of tobacco control supervision.

Focus on key places such as catering, entertainment venues, business buildings, etc., regularly carry out special law enforcement and centralized law enforcement, improve the frequency of joint law enforcement, guide citizens to develop the habit of smoking without smoking, form a good atmosphere of public opinion in the whole society, and help build a full coverage Service Network.

  The air without smoke will be more fresh, and the life without tobacco will be more gorgeous. Let us build a smoke -free barrier together, create a better world, actively practice civilized, healthy green environmental protection lifestyle, and build a beautiful life together! Editor of Sun Cimi:.