"Double Olympic Designer" Li Xingang: Explaining Chinese culture through the Olympic venue

"Double Olympic Designer" Li Xingang: Explaining Chinese culture through the Olympic venue

Li Xinggang is in the Beijing Winter Olympics Yanqing Division. Reviewer, Li Xingang: Total Architects, China Architectural Design and Research Institute, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Yanqing Division, Total Planner and Design Union Designers, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Main Stadium "Bird’s Nest" China Chief Designer " Overlooking the magnificent pavilion in Xiangshan Wanchun Pavilion, the tears were tears to flow. The great traditional architecture is so touched, and people are unforgettable for life.

"The shock of the soul is always in the memory of Li Xinggang, so that he is believed that the eternal will not be annihilated in the traditional Chinese architectural culture.

From the "Bird’s Nest" of the Beijing Xiaohui National Stadium, go to the Beijing Winter Olympics Yanqing District, conveyed the traditional and innovative, natural and artificial interacting. At present, Li Xinggang is busy with the "Bird’s Nest" Winter Olympics, and the Winter Olympics Yanqing District venue is busy. He hopes to make Beijing Winter Olympics once again win the world. Behind the radioper, the "Bird’s Nest" is like a Jack Peak to look at the flag, board the Great Wall, and the "Bird’s Nest" … After the Beijing Olympic Games closed, "Bird’s Nest" became a foreign tourist to Beijing "must play card" attractions. "Bird’s Nest" also allows Li Xing Gang known as the world.

Behind the head of the "Bird’s Nest" designer, Li Xinggang suffers from huge pressure that is unimaginable.

In December 2002, the famous architect Herzog, Demelon seeks a partner who is familiar with Chinese culture and international field of view, and completed the main venue of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, Li Xinggang stands out, and the "Bird’s Nest" will be completed. In Switzerland Basel, Li Xinggang listens to the design ideas of masters. He will give an idea from the perspective of Chinese architects.

Switzerland Beijing with a difference of seven hours, the time difference is his clever use: Every morning, Xing steel and Swiss colleagues to discuss, and then call to communicate with colleagues in Beijing, after sketching, after 12 hours the diagram returned home.

When colleagues in Beijing early in the morning to go to work, Xing steel sketches have greeted colleagues immediately drawn back to Switzerland electronic drawings, there turn the sun rises.

Xing steel long distance communication the day stretched to more than 30 hours, day and night of Chinese and foreign designers finally got paid off: In April 2003, a world standard also contains the stadium plan to win China’s culture from international competition, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Stadium smooth start construction.

How will "nest" international design concepts into China’s domestic construction technology, as China’s Xing steel engineering host of unprecedented challenges. He wanted to multilateral coordination, but also with more than a dozen professional designers, engineers in different countries to communicate, there are nearly 4000 construction drawings are required to sign Xing steel, pressure great responsibility in this 34-year-old young adults. "Every day I would wake up at two or three in the morning, this work is not yet complete, there is a risk that the links are still some technical problems still to be solved contents …… work come to mind, grew more and more excited, could not sleep, almost two on time is spent this way. "Xing Gang said.

After the Beijing Paralympics closing ceremony, "Bird’s Nest" finish outside the audience voices, Xing steel sitting alone in the stands, facing the empty stadium and the runway, there is a relaxed and relieved.

" ‘Bird’s Nest’ to complete its mission, held a session of exciting Olympic event, but also to pass the Chinese culture to the world.

For me, I climbed up a Mount Everest, the most difficult done, after feeling no matter what can be coped.

"Complete design" bird’s nest "of steel Xing establish full confidence artificial quietly dialogue with nature, spread Division Yanqing Yanqing landscape painting, ancient Xia Yang Chuan, too, said Gui Chuan, famous scenic mountains and water, pregnant with beauty. Summer Yanqing, a Bi hills, verdant everywhere.

Small sea Tuo Peak, flowers, beautiful. Is different from the city to build a "nest" as the landmark venue, the Winter Olympics in Yanqing Division, the biggest landmark is this side of the mountains. "Walking in nature, feel better, it will be treated with care and enhanced in this beautiful design; feel the steep, it is necessary to predict the future implementation of the measures proposed to deal with the difficulties and challenges.

"Xing Gang said. 2,000 meters above sea small sea Tuo mountain, Xing steel trek, stop, looking, spread sketchbook drawing composition, recording thoughts and dreams.

Numerous field reconnaissance, countless sketches, a picture of Olympic venues nestled in among the mountains started slowly in front of Xing steel. Yanqing Division core area needs to concentrate on building two competition venues – the National Alpine Ski Center, the National Center for snowmobile skis, as well as two non-competition venues – Yanqing Winter Games Village, Mountain News, and the division is the native nature, good ecology of the forest , and how to build artificial interference with the natural environment to a minimum, Xing steel took out the key to unlock the contradictions – "attraction geometric" concept.

After the "Bird’s Nest" project, Xing steel summarizes think, again combined with the traditional culture of contemporary technology, resulting in a "scenic geometric" concept. Traditional Chinese culture emphasizes that people are not against nature, to the achievements of each other. Xing steel explained, "attraction geometry" Simply put, is the pursuit of "technical guidance artistic conception" and "human interactive nature" – that is, the pursuit of harmony with nature and manmade, reaching a beautiful symbiosis of state and context.

"Attraction geometric" concept used in Yanqing Division, turned into "mountain venues, ecology Winter Olympics," the overall planning and design concepts, technology and ingenuity, you can manually quietly dialogue with nature, the basis of meeting the requirements of the wonderful Olympic Games, and strive to build a financial natural green mountains Winter Olympics Division. Xing Gang said: "I want to fight a large stadium Yanqing field Landscape volume perspective, it is not a native of Forest Park, nor is it a large number of venues after the construction is over changed artificial nature, but an artificial and echo the natural landscape volumes. "Yanqing planning and design Division continued focus on maintaining local and unique geological heritage, historical and cultural resources and ecological environment. Winter Games Village, Yanqing whole "village" With layers of top of the hill, platforms and semi-open courtyard tour around the dialogue Yamagata water potential, forming a natural landscape, historical sites harmony China Yanqing beautiful mountain village picture. Winter Olympics village center is a small village of Caux village sites, "village site was discovered during reconnaissance we live, it is a 1940s war destroyed village, located in the mountain forests, never found before, there is no mark. I decided on the spot on the topographic map, the site should be retained to become a public space ‘Winter Games village’ in, which is a kind of Chinese traditional culture and heritage show. "Xing Gang said.

Repairs to save a small Village Branch Village Heritage Park, "indigenous people" in the West Village Branch Village, and the "new residents" of Yanqing Winter Olympics Village echoes, representing Yanqing village’s past, present and future, tradition and modernity each other between the sea Tuo landscape , athletes and officials from around the world in the game while you can experience the beauty of traditional Chinese landscape, cultural and historical monuments of the village. Rooted in the traditional world, the Olympic stage by passing Chinese culture is the culture of urban design, architectural design of the "root" and "soul." Xing Gang said: "China Building to embark on the world stage, there must be two things, first, to international standards in terms of modernization, and second, must have China’s own thing.

"This is his business for nearly 30 years of constant pursuit of the goal.