Liao Haiying, a representative of the National People’s Congress of Taiwan Province: Adhering to the integration of cross -strait integration of the people’s hearts is the foundation of the unity of t

Liao Haiying, a representative of the National People’s Congress of Taiwan Province: Adhering to the integration of cross -strait integration of the people’s hearts is the foundation of the unity of the country.

Liao Haiying, a representative of the National People’s Congress of Taiwan Province. The picture is provided by the National Taiwan Federation to provide Huaxia March 9th: (Reporter Li Xin) "Some people say that engage in ‘de -Chinaization’, which can separate Taiwan from China. I think this is unrealistic, not only against history It also violates the background of Chinese culture. The cross -strait unification in the morning and evening party will be realized. Therefore, cross -strait integration must always adhere to the communication of the people and insist on starting from the grassroots level. "Recently, Liao Haiying, representative of the Taiwan National People’s Congress, accepted the connection interview by reporters. Essence

  "Taiwan Group represents the voices and demands of folks on the island", as a representative of the National People’s Congress of the National People’s Congress, this year is the tenth year of Liao Haiying’s performance.

He said that although the Taiwan group representatives lived in the mainland because of the problems of cross -strait relations and political systems, the representatives of Taiwan who lived in the mainland, but the representatives of the Taiwanese groups had unanimously called for the welfare and demands of Taiwan’s folks. He said that compared with ten years ago, cross -strait exchanges have changed a lot. Previously, Taiwanese businessmen were the main changes. Now the biggest change is that the number of people studying in school has increased. Give them hope. "

The changes in cross -strait exchanges will also bring a lot of new needs and new problems. The obligation of the representatives is to listen to their voices and voices and transform them into suggestions.

Because of the suggestions of these representatives, various departments of the country will introduce a variety of policy -benefit Taiwan policy on this basis to provide greater convenience for their lives in the mainland.

  In addition, the hometown representatives of each Taiwan group are in Taiwan. For example, all my relatives are also in Taiwan, then all the demands of Taiwanese folks are also in our hearts. The expectation represents their hope and sustenance. "" The low tide of cross -strait exchanges will definitely pass ". In addition to focusing on issues such as people’s livelihood education, one of the suggestions he put forward is" Everyone is the integration of cross -strait integration for cross -strait integration Develop to work hard and make good correspondences.

"He believes that in order to truly understand the situation of the mainland, every Taiwan folks need to come to the mainland to walk and take a look. It is best to live for a while.

"But for some of the reasons, there are only a small part of Taiwanese folks who can come to the mainland, and more Taiwanese folks have no chance to come to the mainland.

"My loved ones came to the mainland and felt different every time.

Maybe this is the hope and confidence of our reform and opening up.

"So we need our cross -strait integration and development, and we should start from the grassroots level.

"" The integration of cross -strait integration needs to start from the grassroots level, starting from everyone. Let everyone feel the integration and development of the two sides of the strait, and the two sides of the strait are one. From cultural identity to the connection of people’s hearts, this is the foundation of the unity of the country.

"Liao Haiying believes that from a historical point of view, Taiwan has suffered aggression colonials in the Netherlands and Japan. It has a gap with the mainland in the long -term isolation.

Taiwan said that it has been separated from the mainland for too long. Although there were "big three links" on both sides of the strait, and now they have been communicating less and less. Due to the obstruction of political parties, a low tide for cross -strait exchanges has formed. This is a political issue, "I think this low tide is going to pass sooner or later."

  "The spring of the cross -strait deep integration will come sooner or later" "The two sides of the strait have been separated for a long time, but we can see that the language of Taiwan has not changed, the text has not changed, and the customs and habits have not changed. That is to say, the foundation of our Chinese culture has not changed.

"The separation of Taiwan from China not only violates history, but also abandoned the background of the Chinese national culture. The unity of cross -strait unification is the inevitable process of historical process, because the integrated development of cross -strait sides of the strait is to start with the integration of people’s hearts and exchanges." Medical workers, Liao Haiying said that some people prevent and control the epidemic and use the epidemic to hype. This is inappropriate. The anti -epidemic is scientifically dominated, not political leadership. Cross -strait medical exchanges have been ongoing. The background of cross -strait medical education has different backgrounds. There are different interpretation perspectives. It can exert its respective advantages to complement each other. It is only affected by human factors and interference. The training background and academic studies of Taiwanese doctors are very high. The higher advantage of doctors in mainland China is that there are a large number of medical data patients’ resources, which makes mainland doctors clinical experience. Mainland doctors have even seen clinical discussions that cross -strait medical exchanges are complementary and beneficial. "If you can build a better communication platform, I believe that the spring of deep integration on both sides of the strait will come soon.