Planting the soil in the city’s social governance soil stimulates the civil power

Planting the soil in the city’s social governance soil stimulates the civil power

Liaoning Benxi: Planting the city’s social governance soil to stimulate the civil force. Release time: 2022-05-0916: 26 Monday Source: rule of law Daily-Law of the rule of law □ rule of law daily reporter Zhang Guoqiang Dong Fanchao Provincial Benxi City will lead the political leadership throughout the city’s social governance, adhere to the people -centered development idea, and use politics to gather people’s hearts, warm the hearts, and build concentric, and the people’s sense of security continues to improve.

Politics leads to strengthen political leadership to strengthen political leadership, and it is necessary to clearly talk about politics. Since the launch of the pilot, Benxi has played the unique political advantage of the party’s leadership to ensure the correct political direction and the implementation of the political policy of the municipal social governance. In terms of overall layout, the municipal social governance modernization pilot is included in the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan", integrating departmental forces, centralized optimization of resources, and promoting key difficulties such as shantytowns’ transformation. In terms of giving play to the role of party branches, the establishment of the "Street Party Committee -Community Party Organization -Grid Party Branch -Lou Dong Party Group -Party Member Center Household" pattern to build a "street party organization -community party organization -party member center household" to achieve house maintenance, public security defense, sanitary cleaning, and beautifying greening. To do practical things for the masses.

In accordance with the principle of maximizing the participation of residents, improve the mechanism of residents’ reception day, party members actively participate, organize the negotiation meeting to listen to opinions, and solve problems such as road construction and infrastructure support. Political leadership enhances grass -roots governance to give the heartpower in order to give play to the political advantages of grass -roots party organizations and organizational advantages, and Benxi City condenses the "contract" co -construction of party organizations, functional departments, and social organizations in Benxi City to form a joint force. Implement the streets and community party committees, and select a part -time party committee member of the party organization of the district units.

Deepen the joint management of the functional departments, integrate the joint demolition construction of comprehensive law enforcement, public security and other departments.

Movement of the district units and non -public enterprises and social organizations solve the problem of garbage clearance. At the same time, adhere to the people’s own affairs, and make the masses a active participant in modernization of social governance in the city. Relying on the "Three Love Board", the two representatives and one member and residents negotiated to solve problems such as parking difficulties.

The red industry committee that establishes communities+industry committees+property companies to achieve self -service property management models with public security prevention and control, cleaning, greening, and property maintenance.

Public security activists and five veterans formed group defense teams such as "Little Red Riding Hoods". Through the mobile mediation rooms and village residents on the fingertips, they talked about the conflict and disputes in a timely manner.

Politics has stimulated the participation of the masses in recent years. In recent years, Benxi has actively constructed a variety of participation, common governance, and dynamic grass -roots governance system under the party leadership. ——Len reliance on prevention and control to improve satisfaction. We will improve the social security prevention and control system, carry out the business environment and series of safe establishment of the rule of law, and normalize the anti -crime struggle, continue to deepen the rectification of hidden dangers, risk prevention, and net environmental industries. —— Relying on service improvement recognition.

Carry out activities such as cultural stations, youth volunteers enter the community, and accurately assist special trapped groups and lonely and disabled, and provide community residents with high -quality services such as cultural education, medical care, and legal aid.

—— Relying on activities to enhance participation. Implement the "Party Member Points Management", set up a community interest activity team, carry out "outdoor scenario interactive party lessons", organize moral lectures, fitness and dance exhibitions, etc., and stimulate the enthusiasm of the masses.

Editor in charge: Zhang Meixin.