Different Children’s Day: Guarding "Full Sky Starlight" with love

Different Children’s Day: Guarding "Full Sky Starlight" with love

  On Children’s Day, when most children were immersed in the joy of festivals and the surprise of gifts, a group of special children longed for more understanding and care. They are autistic children and are also known as "children from the stars." In recent years, under the continuous care of relevant departments and all sectors of society, more and more power has joined the team of "Guardian Starlight".

They use love and warmth, goodwill and blessings to give autistic children a "special" holiday gift. On June 1, a social integration activity with the theme of "Star World · Star Hope -Our Golden Childhood" was held in the hall of Children’s Rehabilitation District, Dexin Hospital, Yancheng Hospital, Jiangsu Province. The event site also became the stage of the "Stars". The dance "Givenia Bird", gymnastic "Happy You", three and a half -sentence performances, etc., showed their innocence and cuteness in front of the audience.

A song "Looking up at the Starry Sky" by the teacher of the art group, which caused strong resonance. Jin Ling, director of the Children’s Rehabilitation Center of Yancheng Dexin Hospital, said: "The core content of the" Social Integration Education "of children with autism is to improve their social functions, improve their social adaptation ability, and make children become social people In the end, the integration of autism children and society.

"In Nanjing, the" Benevolence Youth "volunteer service team of the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital entered the rehabilitation center of the moss and rice children to understand the life and rehabilitation of children with self -closed children.

Volunteers brought the popular science lectures and healthy free clinics for the family of autistic children and the rehabilitation teachers. They also carried out succulent plant cultivation and dance activities with children with autism at the scene. Children’s Day gifts such as color mud, oil painting sticks, seals. In order to call on everyone to pay attention to, understand and help the "Stars" dream, on May 29, "Star’s God Painting -20122 Caring for Auto Children’s Art Public Welfare Exhibition" was held in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, and exhibited "Xing’er "Created artistic paintings. The organizer Kakou Company said that he hopes that everyone can see the children’s colorful world in their hearts and deeply appreciate their loneliness, sensitivity and artistic talents.

  On the wish wall next to the booth, there are countless blessings written by the "Stars", "I wish you healthy growth", "You are the brightest stars in the night sky" … a simple sentence, pass them on to them bona fide.

    Autism, also known as autism, is a type of developmental disorder. At present, children’s autism is still a world medicine problem. It is the misfortune of children and the pain of family and society.

According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 10 million patients with autism nationwide. In recent years, my country has introduced many policies in education, employment, and rehabilitation in the autism populations and gradually implemented. Although there is still room for development, it has achieved significant results. At present, "general education priority" has become a new concept and practice of special education in China. Among them, the quality of quality with quality is the most common form of promoting integration education.

This can have a positive effect on reducing the social obstacles of autistic children and laying the foundation for their future employment and life in the future.

  Since 2018, my country has gradually established a system of rehabilitation for children with disabilities. Basic rehabilitation training for autistic children has also been included in the scope of rescue, and families of autistic children have received different degrees of economic support. my country has also introduced multiple policy documents to guarantee and encourage people with disabled people, including autism, and illuminate the future growth path of children with autism.

In particular, the work of "employment counselors of the disabled" and "professional ability appraisal of the disabled" has been added. After employment counselors evaluate and train employment objects, they will conduct job development, matching and supervision in accordance with corporate needs, and provide follow -up support for follow -up support , Let their future life have more possibilities. Not only that, the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan" plan and the long -view target outline of 2035 must be proposed to improve the protection and development capabilities of disabled people, improve the quality of special education, and improve the employment support system of disabled people.

The protection of children with autism during the new development stage will move towards higher steps. Caring for children with autism need to work together in all sectors of society. At present, people still have a lot of misunderstandings about autistic patients. The degree of acceptance of autism groups is generally at a lower level. It also needs to further gather the strength of all parties to create a better for autism groups and families Tomorrow.

    For a long time, Card You has been paying attention to the growth of the "Stars". As early as 2020, the Card Tour officially launched the "Warm Star Action" to donate one million yuan to the Shanghai Charity Foundation to support the "Caring for Blue Ribbon Lonely Family Support Project" carried out by the Shanghai Tourism Children’s Rehabilitation Training Center. Through multiple tissue asthma decompression activities, helping home -closed families leave the closed -end life model, encourage them to actively go out of the house, accompany children to grow in a better state, and feel the warmth from society.

  In Nanjing, the Flying Horse International Equestrian Club, located in Nanjing Valley, has gradually been well known to families with autism children in recent years.

"Through contact with Maer and their intervention training, the overall situation has improved significantly.

"Experts said that at present, the treatment of autism in China is basically based on various types of intervention training. Among them, sports training is considered one of the more effective means.

  In recent years, the Nanjing Institute of Physical Education Institute of Sports Training has also been committed to the rehabilitation of children with autism. They set up a team to try to use games such as paper aircraft, cushion jumping and throwing balls to coordinate aerobic activity, resistance training and neuromuscular muscle coordination Exercise and other contents are integrated into systemic autism children’s "sports intervention" schemes. … Moisturize loneliness with love, try to embrace every unique.

With the convergence of power, more people will see the light that "Stars" strive to emit.

(Sun Yanying).