The new era is new as a new chapter | Building a good spirit of spiritual home – my country strengthens the achievement of network civilization construction

The new era is new as a new chapter | Building a good spirit of spiritual home – my country strengthens the achievement of network civilization construction

Network civilization is a new civilization form generated by the development of the Internet and is an important indicator of modern social civilization. Strengthen the construction of network civilization, become an important task accelerated to build a strong country, comprehensively build socialist modern countries. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of Xi Jinping, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important thinking of online strong countries, under the guidance of the important discussion on the construction of spiritual civilization, my country has plentifully promoted network civilization construction, and the positive energy of network space is more powerful, and the rule of law is more powerful. The ecological environment is more Qing dynasty, civilized fashion is more demonstrated, and the new pattern of the whole society to build a shared online beautiful spiritual home is being formed. Constantly consolidating network civilization, rule of law, fundamental network space is a common spirit of hundreds of millions of people. The cyberspace is clear, and the ecology is good, it is in line with the benefits of the people.

The network space is smoke, the ecology is deteriorating, and it does not meet the benefits of the people. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen network ethics, network civilization construction, play the role of moral education, and use the excellent results of human civilization to trifuce network space, and repair network ecology.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of my country The Party’s 19th Central Committee made an important deployment of "strengthening network civilization construction, development and healthy network culture", building a system framework for network civilization construction during the 14th Five-Year Plan; September 25, 2021 " The Light of the Internet "Exterior Expo. Xinhua News Agency, Huang Zongji, "Opinions on Strengthening Network Civilization" issued, further clarifying the overall requirements, work objectives, main tasks, security measures to strengthen network civilization, and provide strong guidance for the construction of network civilization in the new era; network security law Laws and regulations such as data security, personal information protection law, "network information content Ecological governance regulations" and other laws and regulations have been introduced to ensure that the Internet is healthy on the rule of law; Guidance of regulating management work "Internet Group Information Service Management Regulations" and other network governance series policies and regulations, promote the formation of a good network public opinion ecology, "Internet is not a legal land" concept deep into the hearts of people.

The online ecological environment is more clear in August 2018. After the Chinese Internet jointly rumors, it is widely concerned by netizens.

This multi-ministerial guidance, local and main website participation, authoritative experts support, the network linkage mechanism of the masses report supervision, became the main front of my country’s Internet, and has played an important role in the comprehensive governance network rumors and building Qinglan network space.

Adhere to the "positive energy is the total requirements, the tube is hard, it is really true", the relevant departments are closely matched, together, to implement the network content construction project, enrich the online content supply, condense in hundreds of millions of people Powerful spiritual power.

In-depth promotion of the new media communication project, continuously hold the "five one hundred" network positive energy boutique selection activities, and set off the positive energy in the network space, sing the wave of the main melody of the new era.

Launch "Write Youth Huazhang in the Motherland" network theme publicity and interactive guidance activities, driving more quality thinking resources to pass the young generation, and heaman dreams.

Introducing the "Sunshine Follow the Sunshine Announcement" Excellent Video Works Collection Exhibition, gathering the immunity positive energy; planning the online theme publicity activities such as "Mother’s Hand", and promotes the true and beautiful in the whole society.

The Internet is from hundreds of millions of people. The network is developed, and must implement the people-oriented thinking.

 On September 26, 2021, the volunteers in Fuyang District, Hangzhou, were carrying out safety knowledge such as anti-pornography, anti-telecom fraud, and sweeping and evil.

Xinhua News Agency, Xu Wei, aimed at the highlights of the people, the Central News Network Office, the Ministry of Public Security, the national "sweeping yellow and playing" work group office, etc., continued to carry out network special rectification actions, resolutely crack down on all kinds of online criminal activities, concentrate on rectification Online various illegal and bad information, focusing on negative content on the negative impact of minors, network ecological governance has achieved remarkable results.

From "Qinglan" special action to carry out "big cleaning" in the whole network, it is a solid foundation for the construction of the long-term mechanism of the network. In order to build a solid foundation for the construction of the Qinglan network space; to "protect the seedlings" special action resolutely clean up the bad health of young people’s physical and mental health Content, effectively improve the self-protection awareness of primary and secondary school students and network security; then go to "net network" special action to strictly crack down on illegal crimes such as online hackers and telecommunications network fraud … Focus on key issues, respond to the people concerned, and work together in all parties Next, hundreds of millions of people enjoy more, happy, and safe in cyberspace.

Building a shared network civilization new style September 1 this year, the CPC Office illegal and bad information reporting center, China Civilization Network, China Internet Development Foundation and China Internet jointly released "" boycott network rumors to build network civilization "Proposal", advocating the whole society to reach the network rumors and build a shared network civilization. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party, the relevant departments have actively pioneered innovation, cultivating the new style of network culture, expanding the new space of moral construction, building a new order of network behavior, and building a new brand of civilization, widely condense the social consensus of network civilization. Let the network civilization concept deep into the heart, strive to be in-depth implementation of China’s good netizens, guide hundreds of millions of netizens to promote the spirit of patriotism, enhance the concept of network rule of law, cultivate civilized network habits, and improve network security skills.

Communicate the concept of integrity, practice integrity and regulation, China Network Integrity Conference continued to hold 4 times, actively create trustworthy and mutual trust and coexidate a good social atmosphere.

Innovation Socialist Core Values ??Publicity and Education, "China Good People" online review and release activities form a good demonstration drive effect, effectively promote network civilization and purify the network environment.

Remember the hero martyrs, inheriting the spirit of hero, since the implementation of the Heroes Martyrs Protection Law in 2018, all localities launched a "online sacrifice" activity, guiding the majority of netizens to advocate heroes and defend the hero.

 On April 3, 2019, students from the Elimatus of Normal University, Hunan, participated in the online sacrifice.

Xinhua News Agency (Peng Yu) helps youth health growth, organize "Youth Network Civilization Volunteer Action", build a series of brand products such as "China Good Youth" "Youth Network Open Class", producing a good response in the vast number of young netizens.

… Comprehensive promotion of civilized network, civilized network, civilized internet, civilized network, in November, Beijing Beijing will usher in the first China Network Civilization Assembly "brought together to good strength and work together to build a network civilization". Anti-thinking, aggregation consensus. The event in this network civilization will achieve a strong spiritual force for the second hundred years of struggle for the comprehensively building socialist modernization countries. .