Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology "and make camp" to obtain "win cooperation."

Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology "and make camp" to obtain "win cooperation."

  Xinhua Shanghai November 16 (Reporter either Long) Shanghai University of Engineering Science by building "and make camp" design innovative Internet services platform, the real project situations into the classroom, based on the actual needs of the problem, open up the discipline barriers, the creation of hybrid design a new model of teaching practice, teaching and social benefits achieved "win-win." "And make camp" design innovative Internet service platform is the Shanghai University of Engineering Technology Associates, 28 domestic and foreign universities to build innovative design and management platform operators, is the founder of the Shanghai Wen, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai lead the financial support of cultural industry projects . Platform includes online orders, online game development, design cutting-edge information, online courses and other sections, has a designer and expert database. College teachers and students can be in the platform project orders, interdisciplinary collaboration for the exhibition tournament participation, online learning, achievement and the conversion and other activities.

  By "and make camp" network platform, Shanghai University of Engineering to build a bridge between the university and social needs, social programs into the classroom, allowing students to actively participate in online bidding platform projects, competitions, online courses in project the real situation in practice, accumulation and growth, the floor design, product optimization.

"And make camp" platform since its establishment, has started to hatch and winning the "wild kiwifruit wine packaging system design mu Park" "pilot Q5 coffee machine design" "Ngawang Finnish special Shanghai exhibition design," "personnel positioning terminal Product Design" and other projects. "Design is the design Tempered" design study an academic leader Shanghai University of Engineering Science, Professor GAO Zhu Dean of the School of Art and Design this sentence, fully embodies the concept design education Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology.

Binding "and make camp" design practice online service platform, Shanghai University of Engineering Science also created under various forms of design practice line art workshop, media workshop, master studio, school-enterprise collaborative innovation centers, teaching centers overseas design platform explore the hybrid design practices online and offline teaching mode, teachers and students widely praised. Thanks to the practice of science education concept design, design development of Shanghai University School of Engineering and fast.

Design science disciplines, first entered China in 2018 ranked the best discipline, in 2021 ranked No. 54.

Industrial Design and the Arts and Sciences have been selected for Shanghai two professional undergraduate class professional construction. In 2021 Chinese University Rankings, the design specialty was rated Class A professional one, B + class professional three, three professional class B, located in the first phalanx of similar municipal university. Future, Shanghai University of Engineering students will focus on artistic creativity and intercultural training of professional integration and innovation capability of discipline, practice constantly explore, develop more innovative design talent for the future of social transformation. (over).