The front line of Hong Kong: the police "blue vein"

The front line of Hong Kong: the police "blue vein"

"The reporter on the spot, please give the police to make some work distance, please calmly, now it is not the time to answer questions.

"Recently, in the Qingfang action of Mong Kok, in the face of malicious enlarge, some journalists, Hong Kong police public relations, police divisions, have always maintained restraint, calmly and professional prime front line police and report reporters.

As a deputy authority of the Hong Kong police media contact, high Zhenbang has been in many coordinated media events in front of the front line.

Since June, the wind wave in Hong Kong has continued, and many parade demonstrates often accompanied by extreme violence, and the scene is more dangerous.

In a field storm center, you can often see the "Blue Wind" Hong Kong police figure. They shuttle in the first-line confrontation and conflict scenes, guarding reporters report safety, coordinate a reasonable work space for police and journalists.

The professional name of "Blue Rest" is the Hong Kong Police Media. Guardian reporter reported on July 28th, in the illegal rally of the West Ring, due to the violent impact, the police were forced to release the tear-playing mob, a reporter dressed in fluorescent vests was accidentally used in the scene, the eyes Stinging, difficulty breathing.

After the policeman of the police media contact team, he immediately took the reporter to the nearby building to find a water source and flush in time. "This is our work. If there is a reporter being surrounded by violent molecules, or in danger, we will take them away from the scene to help them leave safely." As a "blue vest", I originally engaged in paperwork Police workers have participated in many media contact work in front.

The Hong Kong Police Media Federation was established in 2015. It is merged by two independent media contacts. In addition to the public relations department of the police headquarters, the part-time work of the police officers, including civilian police officers, traffic police, First-line police officers, etc., they continue to work in front of the first line after completing this job during the day. In many cases of violent impact, extreme violent molecules use gasoline bullets, bricks, iron bars, steel bars, etc., which makes the police and reporters in the first line and the journalists in a very dangerous danger.

Gao Zhenbang said that "our work is to replace the front line police and the media to communicate, let the police and reporters open a reasonable, safe work space, on the one hand, ensure that the police’s law enforcement is unabsmured, and on the other hand provides the on-site reporter. A relatively safe working environment.

"However, guardian reporters are safe and equipped.

They usually do a normal "blue vest", "loud public" (Cantonese, means speaker) is their unique "weapon". "Whether to the police or reporters, the scene is very dangerous. Many times, the mobs thrown into the gasoline bomb, just fall in front. On the evening of August 3, high Zhenbang was hit by bricks near Tsim Sha Tsui. Be sent to hospital treatment.

The warning work is the most charm of the Hong Kong Police Media. The headache is mixed in the conflict, and more and more fake reporters are mixed. They are somewhat for the mutual holiday, "wearing a vest as a reporter, take off the vete. When they often disseminate the obscurity, they block even the police, hinder the police law enforcement to help the thug escaping.

They displaced the police, destroy the warning relationship, and even hurt the police and real reporters. "On August 5th, in Tai Po, the reporter gathered in the direction of the cluster to suddenly flew the beads, hit my helmet, but we couldn’t determine that the reporter or misconduct is." Yi police official said. The police officer pointed out that "the real reporter has professional literacy, generally cooperating with the police’s law enforcement work, after using the persuasion method, can successfully open the work distance between the reporter and the police, and those who stick to the dangerous zone, Most people who don’t listen to persuasion are fake reporters. At this time, we will go to see his reporter certificate, confirm its identity, take a warning, dispel, etc. Next measures.

"Hong Kong police have seized a large number of fake reporters at different live sites." Social sports people and people who don’t have interested people will be mixed in the reporter, but only how they conduct demonstrations or obviously not the behavior that the reporter should do, we can find it.

Real reporter I believe it is very professional. "Gao Zhenbang said. In addition to fake reporters, some political figures appear in dispersing the site, often attracting a large number of reporters to aggregate, and some reporters have a tendency to shoot and interview, and more problems can be brought to communication.

Gao Zhenbang believes that whether the other party is friendly, the police officers of the Media Contact team must always maintain professional and restraints, maintain on-site security, and avoid conflicts.

Professional restraint guard Hong Kong "Our police officers are now working more than 13 hours a day, 7 days a week, there is no life, there is no time to accompany her family.

The summer vacation has passed, unfortunately, we have no time to accompany your family during the summer vacation.

"Gao Zhen Bang said. In addition to the heavy working task, the unprecedented pressure of the Hong Kong police comes from the side. It has been unreasonable, and the family is harassed. There is a police dormitory that has sprayed" the mother and children ", as well as the child’s children To bullying. On August 22, Hong Kong police revealed at the press conference that a total of 1614 police officers and their families were released online, including name, ID card, residential address, photo, etc. These police officers and their families have suffered. The nuisance and intimidation of all aspects. Gao Zhenbang wrote in social media, "Hong Kong, my home."

"I am a Hong Kong police, just selfless, professionalism, and care.

Regardless of race, age or responsibilities, everyone will continue to maintain social security and share safety cities with citizens.

"Despite the heavy pressure, the" blue vest "in the center of the storm is still full of confidence," Every police officer is working in the attitude of serving Hong Kong people, Hong Kong police is a professional police, we believe in Hong Kong. The peace and stability will be returned.

"Subsequently, the police officers who have received the interview have rushed away and continue to devote them into the work of Hong Kong. (Yan Yilai faults Xue Yuqi).