Ramper E-commerce released the rules of creators to clear the responsibility obligation of the goods

Ramper E-commerce released the rules of creators to clear the responsibility obligation of the goods

[] June 25th, the hanging e-commerce announced the "General Administration of E-commerce Creation" (hereinafter referred to as "General Speakers") stage governance results, there are 78,176 goods to be sentenced to the platform for violations, of which millions of fans There are 2223 people.

  The general line is on May 6, it officially entered into force on May 20, the role of e-commerce creators (with the goods), the qualification, content creation, behavioral norm, and its e-commerce trading chain throughout the content The responsibilities and obligations in the road have given a clear definition in the form of platform rules.

  It is reported that traditional e-commerce and content platforms are usually "merchants" or "community users" for positioning of the resident.

E-commerce content creators between "merchants" and pure "community users", the corresponding definition and management, has always been a blurred zone of the industry, and consumer rights have been influenced by the increasing events of consumer rights. Compared to traditional shelf e-commerce, content e-commerce’s illegal scene is more diverse, how consumers have effective rights, and have always been the painful problem of the industry.

  Tophbus is based on platform rules, clearing the e-commerce creator as a new type of content marketing body, and pioneering "should know the knowledge", that is, the e-commerce creator must be responsible for the authenticity of its propaganda content. Knowing the real situation of the product is still falsely publicized, or there is no obligation to have the responsibility.

  The general principle is clearer by defining the responsibility and obligations in the trading link of the "Content Order – Consumer Purchase – Business Director", making the consumer’s rights path more clear, and further improve the content of the content electric mall. The consumer transaction guarantee mechanism.

  In addition to the overall normative control principles and directions, the general rules have complement the content, new or unique violations of the content, new or unique violations, which have developed detailed rules in the access qualification, content creation and behavioral norms.

  In terms of admission, the general rule stipulates that the personal account opens the product sharing function (ie the goods permission), must be real-name authentication. For users submitting false identity, use users of others, the platform has the right to reject the application, or stop the account that has been opened. For the protection of minors, the general rules will prohibit minors from using commodity sharing.

  In terms of content creation, some creators swords take the front, and use the blind-eye of the eye to promote transformation, use "family or team contradiction", "seriously sick fundraising", promote wonderful values, etc., to sell live broadcast And emotional marketing, serious interference users’ consumption decision.

  Such content is flooding, hurting the rights and interests of consumers, also brings a bad social impact, and hanging e-commerce has made full illegal pre-recognition, and after the incident. The general request requires that the goods must follow 9 general principles, strictly prohibit 13 violations of marketing scenes such as "performing the performance of public order", 5 content infringement, 2 kinds of non-qualified issues, and 7 other illegal contents . In terms of behavioral norms, due to the strong interactive attributes, the live broadcast scene is easy to promote transaction transformation, some of the goods passes through false commitments, such as "Point to send mobile phones", "Comment 666 can be 1 yuan second refrigerator", induce users, and their interaction, Serious violations have caused consumer rights.

In this regard, hanging e-commerce has been targeted to enhance its control strategy. This general prohibits "induced five kinds of cheating behaviors such as deceiving consumers, collect, share, and pay attention to", two kinds of garbage content, three guidance illegal trading behaviors, and 4 other violations. The above content or behavioral violation will be strictly punished by the hanging e-commerce platform. The relevant person in charge of the e-commerce e-commerce emphasized that the belonging must face his responsibilities and the obligation that should be fulfilled.

The legitimate rights and consumer experience of consumers is the red line of the platform, which is inspired by anyone.

  Domestic E-commerce Research Institute, Guangzhou Live E-commerce Research Institute, President of Guangzhou Live E-commerce Research Institute, Professor, Sun Yat-sen University, believes that jam e-commerce issues the basis of creation management, reflecting the awareness of "Social Responsibility" in the process of e-commerce business, Actively in accordance with the national relevant supervision situation, clarify the responsibility boundary of the e-commerce operator on the platform, "" It is also conducive to strengthening the self-standardized awareness of the goods, and is also conducive to promoting the healthy development of the live e-commerce industry. The demonstration value of its industry is worthy of affirmation. ".

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