This year, "Double 11" Fuzhou highlights frequently

This year, "Double 11" Fuzhou highlights frequently

Fuzhou News Network November 13 (Fuzhou Evening News reporter Jianghai) 12-day zero, the annual consumption feast "Double 11" came to an end.

Tmall "Double 11" total transaction quota is fixed at 54.3 billion yuan, Jingdong "big promotion" accumulated orders over 349.1 billion yuan, and then innovate records.

The reporter learned from major e-commerce platforms that this "Double 11", Fuzhou’s performance is the winner as always, buy, and sell.

Our province’s consumption is "Double 11" nationwide, and Fuzhou consumers are one of the leadership of the leader. This year is the same. In Tmall "Double 11 Consumers Favorites Best Buy" list, Fujian is only in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing and Jiangsu, ranking 5th nationwide, and Fuzhou consumption power is the first place.

In Jingdong, on the 11th, the province’s turnover increased by 63% from the other day. Before the ranking, Fuzhou Minhou County became one of the "two strong" in the province. Data from Jingdong show that Fuzhou consumers tend to be young and energetic. In terms of logistics, Jingdong hours purchase, Jingdong to home data shows that this "double 11", "mobile phone order, store delivery, commodity hours and even minutes" instant retail methods have become the daily situation of shopping in Fuzhou, Fuzhou has Enter the instance of the instant consumption. Fuzhou good goods sell to the seller from Fuzhou through "Double 11" to sell "Fuzhou" to the country or even global.

This year, "Double 11", overseas consumers in Taobao, Tmall home 3D model room "bought", driving Fuzhou furniture home industry with overseas sales increased by more than 100% year-on-year.

The reporter learned that the product sales cover more than 150 countries around the world during the Fuzhou home manufacturing industry zone, "Double 11", which covers Wanjia manufacturing enterprises.

It has more than 660 crafts companies, the annual turnover of more than 7 billion yuan, is the top of the country’s largest domestic decorative crafts production land, production and processing and export volumes. With 1677 shoes, the sales of injection molded slippers industry, the sales volume is the same.