There are more playgrounds for the children of 8 major parks in Zhangzhou City.

There are more playgrounds for the children of 8 major parks in Zhangzhou City.

The football field of the private park, Zhangzhou parents are more played to the city park.

The reporter learned from the Zhangzhou Scenic Landscape Center, and the micro-departments of the 8 major parks such as Jiangbin Park, Xixi Water Water Park, Siji Huahai Xiangqiao Park, Four Seasons Lake Ecological Park have been completed. Amusement area, sand pit, football field, etc. provide more playgrounds for children.

On the afternoon of the 9th, the reporter came to Zhangzhou City’s longest park – Zhongshan Park, which has added a lot of play facilities.

It is a children’s play sand pool that is about 40 square meters, and there is a painted wall on the edge of Sha Pine.

Subsequently, the reporter went to the Jiangbin Park on the Kowloon River, and the rubber floor here is particularly eye-catching. According to reports, the park uses landscape geographic information flowing through the Kowloon Central City River Basin. It uses blue, yellow, orange and other bright colors to lay rubber floor mats and colored grille view walls. In the urban victory park, the reporter saw a 30-square-meter children’s play sand pool and a rich animal world painting wall next to the park fitness area. In addition, Zhishan Park has built a 120-square-meter natural children’s sand pit; the western bed lake ecological park built a 280-square-meter children’s play area, also set up a leisure seat under the original big tree, convenient for parents to care for children; The four quarters of the four quarter flowers have built a 400-square-meter children’s play area and the fitness area. At the same time, the people can work out on the side; Xiangqiao Lake Ecological Park has built a 550-square-meter amusement park and two seats. Color shade to avoid rain booth. The Cola Park, located on the Kowloon River, transforms the original 300 square meters of underwriting anti-corrosion square into Linjiang children’s sand pit, for children to play.

Under the Zhangzhou Bridge, it also take advantage of the city’s idle land, built a 500 square meter children’s playground and fitness area to meet the demand for surrounding citizens.

It is worth mentioning that the Western Water Water Park located in Longwen District has built a children’s cage football field and sand pit, adjacent to the park’s fitness area, pirate boat, and the children can be able to fit. play. (Reporter Lai Ya Honglin Xiaqi Intern Huang Lu Yao Wen / Map Correspondence Lin Houheng Lin Conghua) (Editor: Chen Chuchu, Chen Lanyan) Sharing Let more people see client downloads.